Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
5 Chapter 5: Memory Loss
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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5 Chapter 5: Memory Loss

She changed her clothes again to go out. Today was the weekend day. She normally spent her weekend at her part-time job. She had to pay her own school's fees. Her adopted mother said they did not have money to pay for her school's fees. If she wanted to go to school, she had to pay herself.

But today she decided to take a leave from her part-time job. She wanted to take a stroll around this small city. It had been a long time from her previous life. The scene of this city was never changing. After left this city, she never came back.

The smell of the wind entered her nose making her realized that she really came back to the past. God had pitied her and gave her a second chance. She would use it wisely. She would get her revenge on people who dared to scheme and ruin her and her grandfather's life.

Especially the bitch and the bastard couple. Those two were the one who killed her. Feeding her poison, cutting off her hands and legs, leaving her alive to make sure that she can saw her flesh been eaten by animals and insects.

Her heart hurt when that couple told her that her family also poisoned her grandfather. It was her fault. Because of her, her grandfather died. Now she would try to avoid that happen.

She would try to find her lost family first. Searching in her memory, something felt wrong. She could not find anything about her real family. She did not know her real family. 'Why this happen? Why can't I remember that?' Holding her head, she tried to find a place to sit. 'I remember everything happened in my past life. Then I couldn't remember my real family?'

Everything about the real family was missing. She remembered that she came from a rich family. But information about that family was missing. It was almost like the memory had been wiped out from her memory.

Well, she really did not care about that. She could depend on herself. After all, her mental age was already 26 years old.


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