Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
9 Chapter 9 : Counterattack
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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9 Chapter 9 : Counterattack

The second lesson was the language. The essay that Wang Fu Ya wanted to be was for this subject. The teacher wanted to collect the essay first before started the class. The teacher counted the paper that she received. "Someone did not hand out his or her homework. Please confess." The teacher asked her students.

As expected, no one confessed. "Then, please stand up. When I called your name, you can sit down.' The teacher slowly called the names. Until everyone excepts Yu Qi.

Yu Qi knew this would happen if she gave her essay to Wang Fu Ya. It was something in her plan. The teacher expected her to give an explanation. She walked in front of the teacher.

"I already submitted the essay." Her voice was not loud or slow. Everybody could hear her voice clearly.

"But I could not found your name among this paper." The teacher said.

"Of course, you will not find it. Someone had stolen my essay and wrote her name on my paper." The fact that came out from her mouth made everyone shocked.

"What? Do you know who's the name?" The teacher could not tolerate this kind of student quickly asked.

"Yes, I knew. It's Wang Fu Ya." After that, everyone stared at Wang Fu Ya with a surprised look.

"Yu Qi, you can't accuse Fu Ya like this. If you said she was the one, gave us the evidence." Shen Mei, best friend of Wang Fu Ya spoke out defending her best friend.

"Then, can I ask Miss Wang to tell us what's kind of essay that she wrote in her essay?" Yu Qi asked with a smile but not exactly a smile.

Wang Fu Ya speechless. She did not read the essay. After getting the essay, she put it away until the teacher asked to submit it. So, she really did not know what had been writing in that essay. She remembered the main topic was about the drug.

"I wrote about the dangers of drug abuse." Wang Fu Ya answered with confidently.

"Oh, drug abuse. You should be remembered what you wrote in that essay. Can you tell us about the content?"Yu Qi asked again.

"Yu Qi, don't get yourself over. Then let I ask you, do you have evidence to say that is your essay." Shen Mei voiced her anger.

"Unfortunately for you, I have it. I know about the contents. For the first paragraph, I wrote about the use of the drug in our medical. Even though it widely use in the medical, but it was been used in small dosage. For the second and third paragraph, I wrote about drug abuse factors. For the fourth, fifth, and sixth paragraph, I wrote about the effects of drug abuse on ourselves, on society and on our country. Last but not least, in the last paragraph, I wrote the conclusion for the essay. That was my evidence. Is that right, Teacher Guan?" At first, she was facing her classmates, now she turned to the Teacher Guan for confirmation.

"Yes, she was right. This essay was written exactly what she spoke just now." Teacher Guan nodded while reading the essay.

"If Miss Shen doesn't believe me, I can recite word by word to you." Yu Qi made the suggestion. She really could recite those what's written on that essay. She gave a slim smile to everyone.


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