Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
11 Chapter 11 : Move Ou
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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11 Chapter 11 : Move Ou

Wang Fu Ya was standing near the door fearing that Yu Qi might injure her. If Yu Qi attacked her, she will run out first. Meanwhile, Yu Qi did not pay any attention to her. She did not want to hurt and injure her. She knew if she injured Wang Fu Ya, the teacher might start to believe Wang Fu Ya. After all, Wang Fu Ya was a white lotus.

Wang Fu Ya might not know this room has two CCTV cameras located at, one on the framed picture and another one was behind the vase. She also knew that other teachers were watching inside the room. She took a glance towards the two cameras and flashed a smile.

The other teachers that watching this shocked. They clearly saw one of the students inside that room smile towards them. All the student should not know about this, whether the room has a CCTV camera or its location. Maybe, it just a coincidence.

Teacher Guan entered the room. Seeing Wang Fu Ya standing near the door, she asked her to sit on the sofa beside Yu Qi. She began to talk.

"Miss Wang Fu Ya, did you admitted doing this?" The same question has been asked to Wang Fu Ya.

"Yes." She admitted with a slow voice. She had to admit it. Just Yu Qi and Teacher Guan here. No one will know it. "Please Teacher Guan, forgave me. Yu Qi, please forgave me." She began her white lotus act.

Yu Qi only smiling. She knew why would Wang Fu Ya confessed here instead of in front of their classmates. Wang Fu Ya thought if she confessed here and reflected the mistake, Teacher Guan might not persuasive this matter. The matter would end here, in this room. She really never thought there were some teachers watching her and her act.

"Yu Qi, what are you thought about this matter?" Teacher Guan turned her view to Yu Qi.

"It's best if we ended this matter here. Miss Wang already apologized to me. Moreover, this matter is not really big." She mentioned about Wang Fu Ya apologized to her because she knew that Wang Fu Ya really looked down on her. She always thought that Yu Qi was nothing but an orphan. So, Wang Fu Ya apologized to her might been a blow to her.

Wang Fu Ya made a small smile. She would deal with this slut later. Wait until Yu Qi was going home, no one could help her anymore. Teacher Guan released two of them. They walked through the corridor.

"Just wait until you're at home. You will not keep that arrogant look anymore." Wang Fu Ya said before she entered their classroom.

Sigh. Yu Qi only smiles. 'What? Wait for me at home. You will never that opportunity.' She never plans to go back to that house again. She already packed her personal belonging and put together in her space after confirming it with Bo Ya.

'Oh, Master. That is why you put your things in the space before leaving the house."Bo Ya was excited watching her master dealing with that white lotus.

'Yes. Now we have to find temporary shelter. I will have to ask my boss whether she can help us with that.' Yu Qi entered the classroom.

The classroom became silent when she entered it. Without paying attention to it, she sat at her seat and looked out the window. She felt dazed until someone came at her seat. She looked up and saw Shen Mei with the angry expression looking at her.

"What?" She asked.

"Why did you do it?" Shen Mei asked the same question as Wang Fu Ya. Really boring with this question.

"Do what?" She decided to play with her.

"You know what's I'm talking about." Shen Mei increases her volume.

"So, what?"

"Why Fu Ya would steal your essay when she can do it better than you?" Yu Qi really wanted to laugh when she heard that question.

"You should ask your best friend about that. I am really curious about that. Why she stole my essay." She paused a little bit and looked at Wang Fu Ya and continue, " Miss Wang, why you do it? Your best friend said you could do better than me? So you, why did you it?" Now, she asked Wang Fu Ya who sitting not far from them with a firm voice making everyone participated in this matter.

Wang Fu Ya's body is frozen when she heard Yu Qi was asking her that. "You..." Shen Mei who want to confront her felt anxious. It was her decision to talk to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was staring at them in a lazy manner. The matter had stopped when another teacher entered the classroom. The school session ended. Yu Qi prepared to leave. Suddenly she felt some hatred towards her. She knew that it was Wang Fu Ya. Wang Fu Ya was glaring at her with hatred expression. After a few second, she turned and started to leave the classroom.


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