Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
13 Chapter 13: Take a Look at the Pagoda
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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13 Chapter 13: Take a Look at the Pagoda

Madam Sheng showed the room. Then she left Yu Qi alone.

'Bo Ya, can I enter the space?' She asked.

'Master, you don't need to ask. You can enter as you want. It's your space anyway.'

'I want to ask you something. When I enter the space, is that only my consciousness or all my body?' That was bugged her. If all her body enters the space, Madam Sheng would think she went missing if she entered this room and found out she was missing.

'Master, don't worry. You can choose whatever you want. Space allows whether you want to enter your body or only your consciousness. Well, if you want to improve your body, better enter it with your body. In here, we have a lot of books to improve your body. If you only want to study, you may enter with your consciousness." Bo Ya explained.

'Ok." She quickly climbed onto the bed and positioning herself like she was sleeping. She only wants to enter her space with her consciousness. This might help her if Madam Sheng came into the room and saw her like this and thought she was only sleeping. Then, she closed her eyes.

The next moment she opened her eyes, she saw Bo Ya was running towards her and slammed her body. He then hugged her legs because he was a short boy. Yu Qi felt dizzy with over warming situations.

"Master, I miss you." Bo Ya looked up with cute expression.

"Miss me? Did I talked to you just now?" She patted his head.

"That does not count because I can not see your face." Bo Ya's face changed his expression from excited to sad. He continued, "I feel afraid if you do not want to see me. It's been a long time since I have a master."

Yu Qi was smiling warmly. This boy was feeling unsecured. Yu Qi picked him up. "Don't worry, we will always be together. If you miss me, tell me. I will come to see you." She talked with a soft voice.

"Master, thank you."

"Let enter the pagoda. I am really curious about what's in there." She walked with Bo Ya in her hugs.

"Master, let me down. This is embarrassing to me." Yu Qi laughed. She put Bo Ya down.

Bo Ya walked in front of her and said, "Master, let me guide you." He really wanted to hear the greatness of this pagoda.

Yu Qi entered the pagoda. It was very big when they entered it. It also had a vintage Chinese smell. She really liked it when first time looked at it. She remembered in her previous life, she visited the famous pagoda at Myanmar, The Shwedagon Pagoda. The unique and beautiful of the Shwedagon Pagoda made her dug all about it.

However, this pagoda was not lost in its uniqueness. This pagoda was built with eight shaped edges. She could not guess how many floors this pagoda has. But the weirdest thing, this pagoda seemed to have a lift.

"Bo Ya, you told me that this pagoda was here for a long time ago, right?" She asked.

"Yes." Bo Ya was looking at her master waiting for the true question from Yu Qi.

"Then, why this lift existed here?" She lifted the finger and pointed at the lift.

"Well, master. I actually don't know about this. It was there since I remembered it." Bo Ya felt weird about his master question.

"Well, okay. If I think logically, this space alone is not a normal thing. What's weird if there was a lift in a pagoda?" She laughed when she thought about it.

"Master, this pagoda has unlimited knowledge. You just have to find it in the right place only. Let me teaches you." Bo Ya pulled her hand, leading her to something like a big mirror.

Bo Ya asked her to stand in front of the mirror. Then the mirror started to awake. Yeah, something like that.

"Master, what do you want to find?" The mirror seemed to talk to her.

Feeling lost, she turned to Bo Ya was standing beside her for help.

Bo Ya understood about her master look. "Master, this is Mary. She takes care of this pagoda. Well, her job is more like a librarian in your world. Just say one thing that you want to learn about, she will take you to the floor that has things you want to learn. Master, you can try it yourself. The only master of this space can use it which means you."

'This space really has an advanced system.' She thought about it and felt impressed whoever built this pagoda. "I want to learn about medicine." She spoke to Mary.

" Medicine. Confirmation...Medicine. Master, please enter the lift. I will directly send you to the medicinal floor." The lift was opened.


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