Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
15 Chapter 15: Cutting the Ties
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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15 Chapter 15: Cutting the Ties

Yu Qi ate the fruits happily. Even Bo Ya who did not eat joining her to eat. She went through the garden. Well, it was big. Let's call it as field or farm. Not only the fruits and daily vegetable, but wild vegetables that only survive in the mountain were also here.

"Bo Ya, are you sure I can take all of this?"

"Like I said, Master. If you don't take it, it will stay here. You can make and sell. It will become your income. The world outside the space is very harsh. Without money, you can't survive." Bo Ya began to talk like an adult.

Yu Qi felt warm. It was also like this in her previous world. This only can feel when she was together with her grandfather. She was lowering her ground and poking Bo Ya cheeks.

"Master, what are you doing?" Bo Ya felt her master was getting weird right now.

"Nothing." She laughed off when she saw Bo Ya was giving her a weird look. "I will take them, Bo Ya."

"Master, take as many as you want."

"Well, I can not suddenly take out that many out of nowhere. People will suspicious and curious about me. I don't want that attention. I will think about how to get out these fruits and vegetables without getting suspicion from anyone. I better get out of this space now. I will come again tomorrow." She hurriedly kissed Bo Ya's cheek and close her eyes.

Bo Ya who getting the kiss felt like an idiot standing there. Then his cheek starting to red.

Meanwhile, at Wang Family house, the Wang Family have been waiting for Yu Qi to come home but even the day getting late, they did not saw even her shadow.

"Where's that bitch go? Humiliated my daughter is one thing, now is dinner's time. That's bitch supposed to cook for us." Madam Wang bangs the table in front of her.

"Mum, I think she deliberately humiliated at school. She did not scared at all. I think she will not come home either."

"Mum, I'm hungry. Who will cook for us now?" Wang Yu Jin started to act spoil with her mother.

Madam Wang who really loves his son started to coax her son. " Let go and eat outside for today, okay? When we see that bitch, I will beat her up for making my little hungry, okay?"


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