Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
16 Chapter 16: Cutting the Ties 2
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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16 Chapter 16: Cutting the Ties 2

Yu Qi already out from the space cleaned herself and headed down to the restaurant. She decided to help Madam Sheng around. She felt restless when she was upstairs knowing the busy time will coming later. When she arrived there, the restaurant already had people inside but still not full. She greeted Madam Sheng when Madam Sheng saw her. She went to Madam Sheng.

With a worried look on Madam Sheng, she spoke to Yu Qi. "Child, why are you here? Want to eat something? What are you want to eat? I still not busy right now. I can make you something."

"It's okay, boss. We can eat later. It's getting busy now. Let me help you." She already took out her apron and worn it.

Madam Sheng sighed. She had to give up. She knew that this child would not change her mind. The customers came into the restaurant. Yu Qi helping around.

"Yu Qi, help me carry this dish out to table 10." One of the waiters asked her.

"Sure. Let me help me." She picked and brought out the dish out of the kitchen. She knew where the table 10. She skillfully dodged the customer that walked around.

"Your dish arrives. Enjoy it." She put the dish onto the table.

"Yu Qi." She heard someone called her name. She looked up and saw the customer. That was the Wang Family.

"What are you doing here?" Madam Wang asked with an angry tone but in a slow voice.

"I'm part-time here."

"I know you have a part-time job. But it was dinner time. Why did you come home and prepare the dinner?" Madam Wang felt very angry when she saw an unchanging expression on Yu Qi's face.

"Why don't you ask your beloved daughter to cook?" Yu Qi started to speak in a normal volume. People started to look at them when they felt something's going on here.

"How can I ask her? She only a small girl."

"Yeah, right. Your small girl is already 16 years old now. Same with me. Why you always ask me to cook when I'm also a small girl?" Yu Qi began to twist Madam Wang' words.

"Sister, what are you talking about? Did I always help you with cooking?" Wang Fu Ya interrupted them when you felt everyone was looking at them.

"Yeah, you always help me by just looking and sometimes ordering me to hurry."Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

"She was not ordering you. She just asked you to hurry because your brother has gastric. He has to eat on time." Madam Wang softened her tone acting like a good mother explaining some to her child.

"Then, why you always ask to do the housework? You only ask me to do it. Why don't you let my siblings help me?" Yu Qi asked with a sarcastic tone. "When I'm cooked something not tasty, you order me to do it again. When I broke your bowl, you asked me to pick up the broken bowl pieces by pieces until I hurt my finger. When I did not finish something that you want me to do, all of you beat me up." She pulled the shirt around her arms.

The audience felt shocked when they saw the bruises and scars at that arms. They bet even that girl's body had many scars on it.

"Tell me why is that?" This time Yu Qi asked her in normal expression but with a mocking face.

Madam Wang's angry finally exploded. She spoke with a loud and clear voice. "Because you are not my daughter. You are just an adopted child in my family. You should grateful. I brought you into my family. I gave you food and education."

"Grateful? I started to cook for your family when I was 4 years old. I always help around the house while you were spoiling your children. My food is always leftover. School? I paid for it with my scholarship and from my part-time job. Not to mention that your beloved daughter schemes against me today. Should I tell everyone about this?" Yu Qi narrowed her eyes making her face look scary to Wang Fu Ya.

"Don't." Wang Fu Ya screamed.

Once again, they felt shocked. Seemed what's that girl talked about was true. She did scheme her adopted sister. Everyone gave the Wang Family many looks. Hated, disgust something like that.

"I'm cutting off our ties. From now on, we are nothing. You can take care of your own family and I will take care of myself." Yu Qi made a small smile.

Madam Wang wanted to speak but Mr. Wang who been quiet the whole time spoke for the first time. "How can you do this, Yu Qi? This is your family. What's cutting off ties? You can't do that." Mr. Wang tries to reason with Yu Qi.

"I don't want to stay with your family anymore. I don't want to get beat up anymore." Yu Qi shows no difference in her expression.

"Right, just let her go and take care of your own child." One from the onlookers spoke. Then everyone voiced their opinions about the matter.

The Wang Family left in shame and anger. Yu Qi finally smiling to her eyes. She never thought she could get rid of those family. Heaven was helping me.


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