Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
17 Chapter 17: The Falling of A White Lotus
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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17 Chapter 17: The Falling of A White Lotus

She greeted Madam Sheng in the morning. Like a warm mother, she prepared breakfast for two of them. Yeah, Yu Qi really felt touched with Madam Sheng.

"Eat. You can go to school after you finish it."

"Okay." Having warmly breakfast, Yu Qi headed to school by walking. Fortunately, the school was nearby. She can save a lot of money on transportation fee. She walked into the classroom with a good mood.

Entering the classroom, she saw something was shocking enough to make her run away from this classroom.

The things she saw was the overwhelming situation. Her classmates greeted her with a happy look and some of them gave a pitiful look to her. She felt confused. She still did not get the clue. 'What's happened to these people? Are they crazy or what?'

"I never thought you were an adopted daughter. Moreover, the adopted sister of Wang Fu Ya. Wang Fu Ya never told us about it. She acted like you are a stranger to her even though you were her sister." Someone spoke. She was the one who been bullied Yu Qi.

"To tell you the truth, she was the one who told me that you seduced my boyfriend and told me to give you a lesson. We were sorry about it." The second girl of the bully trio confessed too.

Hearing the bully trio spoke, the situation was heated up. Yu Qi finally understand. The fact that she was an adopted daughter of Wang Family was revealed. 'Someone from school or their family might be there, in the restaurant last night. Well, I don't really care about that. It is better everyone knows about this.' Yu Qi nodded responding to her own thought.

"It's okay. Your apology has been accepted." She was smiling at the three girls. She then looked at her classmates and spoke, "It's true I was an adopted daughter of Wang Family but I already cut off the ties with them."

"Ungrateful bitch. It's should be the Wang Family who cut off the ties with you. The Wang Family should not adopt you back then." A voice screamed loudly making everyone shocked. Yeah, she was Shen Mei, Wang Fu Ya best friend. Wang Fu Ya was standing behind her acting pitiful totally as a white lotus.

"Then, you can try become an adopted daughter of Wang Family, become their slave and get beaten by them." Yu Qi coldly sounds Shen Mei. "If you can endure that, I will personally kowtow to you." After that, she went to her seat.

Her classmate became speechless. After a few moments, they laughed at her response. 'We never thought that she could make a funny joke like this.' Now her classmate revised her.

Wang Fu Ya grasped her finger until she felt pain. She could see some mocking look that her classmate gave to her. 'Yeah, this was caused by her, that bitch. Bitch, bitch, bitch. 'She cursed Yu Qi many times.

Yu Qi who sat on the back row and saw that Wang Fu Ya was grasping her finger. She also predicted that Wang Fu Ya was cursing at her now. She sneered.

"Yu Qi, can I talk to you?" Wang Fu Ya approached her seat and asked with a pitiful look.

"Please speak." Yu Qi was not giving her some face at all.

"Can we speak alone?"

Yu Qi took a look at Wang Fu Ya. 'What are you trying to do? Well, let's agree with her request and see what's plan you have right now.' She stands up and walked from the class. They went to the school garden.

"Now, talk. No one can hear what are we going to talk. 10 minute, start now." She crossed her arms.

Wang Fu Ya bite her lips. She was getting more and more arrogant. What is her right to act so arrogantly in front of her?

"9 minutes. The time is clocking. Don't waste your time." Yu Qi's voice warned her.

"You can't cut off the ties with us like that Yuki. Even though we wronged you, we are still your family. We still can change. We promise to treat you a lot better than before. You are a girl. It is not wise for you to stay outside." Wang Fu Ya made a smile trying to hide the hatred in her heart. She never cared where this bitch lives anyway but it was for her own protection. Her mother told her the reason why this bitch has been adopted into her family. Before Wang Fu Ya was born, Madam Wang went to see a shaman ask about her child. The shaman told her to adopt a baby and take care of the baby until she was 20 years old, Madam Wang's child will be safe.

Madam Wang followed that instruction. That baby was Yu Qi. Mr. Wang did not agree with this suggestion because of lack of money. Yu Qi was a baby as well as Wang Fu Ya. It cost a lot of money to take care of them. So they decided to throw away Yu Qi at an abandoned house. The day after Yu Qi being throw, Wang Fu Ya having a high fever. That time seeing a doctor was very expensive, so Madam Wang brought Wang Fu Ya to that shaman.

That shaman said, "Just bring back that adopted baby. Your baby will be safe. You should pray that the baby is alive. If not, you can say goodbye to your own child."

After that, the couple quickly went to find Yu Qi. Luckily that Yu Qi did not die yet. The couple did felt a bit strange about Yu Qi not been died after not getting food for one day but the moment they took back Yu Qi, Wang Fu Ya was getting better. They just forgot about that matter.

"Yu Qi can you please forgive us and come back home with me?" She has to endure for 4 years only. After 4 years, she will personally take care of her.

"No. I don't want." Yu Qi rejected her straightforward.

"What?" Wang Fu Ya did not expect her rejection.

"Are you deaf? I don't want to. Why should I go back to that place after I try so hard to leave?" She sneered. She went near Wang Fu Ya and whispered at Wang Fu Ya's ear. "Don't think that I don't aware about the reason why your family adopted me in the first place. Hope you can stay safe within these 4 years." She evilly smirked at Wang Fu Ya and walked away.


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