Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
19 Chapter 19: 1000 Years Old Ginseng
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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19 Chapter 19: 1000 Years Old Ginseng

Yu Qi only could learn the martial art for 2 hours. Her stamina could not catch up anymore. Next time, she will train her body first. She opened her bag and took out the bottle. Felt really refreshed.

"Now is time to collect the goods." She happily walked to the farm.

She already prepared the plastics bag to bring the goods from the space. She took some basil, spinach and bitter melon. She took each of them only a small portion. She explored the farm. Then she spotted something. Ginseng. She knew that was ginseng because, in her past life, she learned a lot about ginseng.

She dug carefully afraid she would damage the ginseng. She took out the ginseng from the soil. It was very big and there were two of them. She took a close look at the ginseng. She could not determine what age of this ginseng.

"Bo Ya did you know what age this ginseng is?" Yu Qi asked.

"Actually I do not know. It was a long time ago. 100 years? Maybe longer from that." Bo Ya really forgot about it.

"Well, it is okay. I will ask the buyer about it. I have to go out now. Goodbye Bo Ya." She patted his head and closed her eyes.

Yu Qi was at the same place where she entered her space. Judging from the sky, it may be 5 pm already. 'I will give some vegetables to Boss and sell some of them to the market tomorrow.'

Her school life was getting better. Wang Fu Ya did not bother her. Her relationship with her classmate was improved. After school, she quickly went home. Changing her attire to the comfort one, she headed off to the market.

She sold the wild vegetables to one shop there. She then asked the lady where the shop that willing to buy ginseng. She got the direction and headed there. She read the signboard. It said 'Godly Herb'. She walked into the shop. No one was there. She looked around. There were many types of herbs. She recognized some of them from her lesson.

"Chinese foxglove, Reishi, this one is Fo-ti."

"What do you want, child?" She heard a deep voice.

She turned and saw an old man with a white beard. She greeted the old man politely. "Sir, I want to sell some ginseng. Can you take a look and determine its age and price?" She looked straight into the old man eyes.

The old man slightly narrowed his eyes. 'This girl is smart and brave.' No one dares to look at him like that.

"Come in." The old man invited her into a room. "Where is the ginseng?"

Yu Qi brought out the ginseng that wrapped with the newspaper. She opened it.

The old man shocked by what he seeing. It was very big. He assumed the weight one kilogram. He then picked it up. He became excited. 'This is a miracle. This ginseng....'

"Sir..." Yu Qi called the old man.

The old man looked up at her face with excited eyes. " Girl, this ginseng is 1000 years old."

Yu Qi also shocked hearing this. 1000 years old ginseng. The old man was still excited touching that ginseng.

"Girl, sell to me. I will buy it with 5 million." The old man made his decision

'5 million. Hm...Well, it can help me pay my school fees and daily life. I will find a way to double the remaining money." She was in serious thought.

The old man studied the girl in front of him. He noticed that the girl did not even surprised when he said he would buy this ginseng with 5 million. This made him like her more.

"Okay, Sir. But I don't have an account bank. I can't simply take cash." She realized about that.

"Okay, let go open an account. Girl, what's your name?"

"Sir you can call me Yu Qi."

"Then you can call me Grandpa Tang."


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