Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
22 Chapter 22: Anger Exploded
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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22 Chapter 22: Anger Exploded

Listening to his insult, she bangs the table in front of her. Teacher Shim and the other teacher who been seeing this through the CCTV camera were frightening with these situations.

"Enough. Did you call me here to insult me or what?" She narrowed her cold eyes and glare deadly to Teacher Shim.

Teacher Shim suddenly felt scary with this student. Her eyes look very scary. If a glare can kill, he might die already.

"It seems you already trust the rumor right?" She looked at Teacher Shim and turned to the CCTV camera.

The other teacher now believed that this student knew about this CCTV camera. How she knew about that, no one had the answer.

"Don't think I don't know about the law. You can be arrest by insult and slander me. So, what do you want to do? Hearing my explanation or we can settle this in front of policemen?" She already doesn't care about being rude. 'Dare to insult me and my master? Try it and you will face the consequence.' She already put Grandpa Tang in her heart.

Teacher Shim and other teacher were speechless. This girl is not simple. Very mature. Knew what the advantages that she can use. The room was silent. A few minutes later, Teacher Guan entered the room.

"Yu Qi, calm down. We just want to justify that rumor." She became a peacemaker in these situations.

"Okay." Yu Qi answered.

"Then, can you please tell about that." Teacher Guan asked politely.

"I'm selling ginseng that I found at the nearby mountain to a shop named Godly Herbs. That old man was the owner. He wants to take me as his disciple when he sees my talent in learning Chinese herb." Yu Qi stated the truth.

"We heard someone saw you at the bank."

"My master buy that ginseng at a very high price. I don't have an account bank. I'm afraid about the money might get stolen. So we went to the bank to open an account for me." She calmly explained this. "Well, if you don't believe me, you can call my master. He might be there at the Godly Herbs. That's the only shop that selling Chinese herbs in this town."

Teacher Shim and Teacher Guan looked at each other and nodded. They stand up. Teacher Guan turned to the Yu Qi.

"Thank you for your explanation. Wait here. If you want to go to the ladies, please go outside and tell the teacher there, okay." Teacher Guan smiling.

Teacher Shim did not say anything. He glanced to Yu Qi and went outside together with Teacher Guan. This was the first time she lost her calm since her reborn. Maybe because she could not stand hearing her master been insulted like that.

Yu Qi changed her posture. Now she was sitting like a CEO waiting for her partner to agree about her agreement. It was being a habit for her to sit like that. Well, she did become a CEO in her previous life. That's why people could not stand her and wanted to kill her. She smirked coldly.

When she was thinking about her previous life, her expression became darker. She remembered everything that happened but she forgot who was her real family. She really did not know why this happened. She just could wait. She has 4 years now to improve herself. If her real family did not find her, she will be the one who found them.

The teachers who were watching her through the CCTV camera found this student was not like other ordinary student. Her expression was very mature. It was not the expression that the teenager should have.


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