Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
37 Chapter 37: Unexpected Encounter
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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37 Chapter 37: Unexpected Encounter

Yu Qi and Feng Yue went into a restaurant nearby for lunch. They took a table a little hidden from anyone. They did not want to be disturbed by some crazy girls.

"Who are they?" Yu Qi began to ask while her hand was playing with the straw.

"My ex-classmate. Those girls always like that. They like to find a problem with me. A group of arrogant girls. They think they can do whatever they want because of their parent." Feng Yue explained to Yu Qi.

"Do you have a plan after lunch?" Yu Qi asked another question closing that unpleasant topic.

"No. What? Do you want to go somewhere?"

"Yes. I needed some money. Do you knew where is the nearest bank here?"

"Yes, it was around the corner. I will lead you there after this. But why? Do you want to buy something?" Feng Yue inquired about that.

"Yes, I want to buy something. But let eat first." Yu Qi saw the waiter already brought their order.

After a pleasant lunch, they were headed to the nearest bank. They arrived at the bank after walking for about 15 minutes. There was a little number of people in the bank. So Yu Qi assumed the process to withdraw the money might faster than she thought.

She picked out the number and waited for a while. Her number was called and she went to the counter to proceed with her purpose. After the process was settled, she walked to Feng Yue that was waiting for her.

"Yue, I want to go the ladies first. Wait for a moment."


Yu Qi went to a bank officer and ask the direction to the ladies. The bank officer gave the direction to her, so she went that way. After about 15 minutes, she headed back to where Feng Yue was.

'Something was weird.' Yu Qi saw the iron bars that indicated that the bank was closed was moving down covering the main entrance of the bank.

"Don't do anything stupid. I will shoot you if you dare to do so." A loud shout from some man made Yu Qi became alert to her surrounding.

She quickly scanned around. She could see three men were wearing all black clothes and also covering their faces with the black mask. They also were equipped with the gun.

'Beretta M800, Cougar type F, each magazine holds 15 +1(1 in the barrel) 180 mm bullets, armed with a standby function.' That what was come to her mind when she was scanning the gun.

'Bo Ya, are you there?' Yu Qi called for Bo Ya.

'Yes, master. I'm here.' Bo Ya's sweet voice answered her master.

'I just to ask you one thing. Can I take out a gun from my space?'

'Technically yes. But Master, it might be the problem later.'

'What's the problem?'

'Master, you might be questioning about the gun by the authorities. How are you to answer? You can't just tell them about your space.'

'Owh... Yeah. Never thought about that.'

'If you want to handle this situation, find the nearest person that you think from the robbery group, knock him out and take his gun.'


Bang. The sound from the gunshot could be heard.

"Dare to play a trick in front of me? That what's you would get. Hurry up. Put the money in the bag quickly." They already shot one man. Seemed that man was the bank manager.

Yu Qi had to do something. She saw that one man from that robbery group move and standing near to her place that she hiding right now. She remembered what's the instructor that taught her about martial arts. To knock out a person, apply a strong force straight to the neck. Clear and sharp.

Yu Qi took a deep breath. Concentrate. Have to find the opportunity. At the moment, she saw the two other men turned their back to the man that she was trying to aim. She quickly took the action. The man fell to the ground. Fortunately, there were tables that cover Yu Qi. She quickly hides.

The other two men turned to their friend when they heard something fell down. When they saw their friend was not there, they aimed randomly in the direction of their friend last standing.

Yu Qi took the gun. Now she stands up and aimed at one of the man's wrist. She shot the gun. The bullet straight through her target. The man screamed. Next, she aimed at the second man. Found out, that man had already been taken down by one man. They tied the three men together.

"Call the police and medic, quickly." The man who helped her gave order to the bank officer.

"Yu Qi." Feng Yue went to Yu Qi.

"Are you okay?"


"Wait here, I want to look at the man." Yu Qi went to see the bank officer that been shot. "Give me first aid box." She screamed loudly.

One bank officer took the action. Scanned the wound that he got from the gunshot was not threaten his life. Luckily, maybe due to bad aim, the bullet passed through her thigh.

"Don't worry. You will be just fine." She said encouraging word to the man while her hand was busy cleaning and bandaging that wound.

The police and the medic arrived. Yu Qi explained the condition of the man to the medic officer.

"Yu Qi." Feng Yue called Yu Qi after she saw Yu Qi was done with her job.

"Scary?" Yu Qi took Feng Yue's hand and hold it.

"Yes but I become more afraid when I see you take the action. And that gun. How do you know how to shot?" Feng Yue asked her.

"It's just a coincidence. I just take the gun and randomly aimed to that guys. Never thought it would hit his wrist." Yu Qi made a lie.

"Really?" A man joined their conversation. The same man helping her earlier.

"Yes..." Yu Qi answered.

That man was a very handsome man with hazel eyes. He was watching at Yu Qi. Yu Qi in her alert mood. 'This guy is a dangerous man.' She could felt it.

"Owh, Yu Qi. Let me introduce to you. This is my maternal cousin, Long Hui. Brother Hui, this is my friend. Call her Yu Qi." Feng Yue introduced Yu Qi to that man.


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