Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
39 Chapter 39: Spirit Energy
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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39 Chapter 39: Spirit Energy

"Eh, this is the jade shop, right?" Feng Yue looked at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi just smiling while she entered that shop. The sales girl in that shop recognized this girl. The girl who did not like trouble, she just left because of the three rude girls.

"Hi, miss. Welcome again to our shop." The sales girl greeted her with a nice smile.

"Yeah, I came again. Sorry for the inconvenience that caused by us this afternoon. They did not troubling you after we left?"

"Well, miss don't worry. We can handle it. Now, how can I help you?"

"I want to buy that blood jade necklace." Yu Qi pointed her finger to a direction.

"Owh...Please follow me." The sales girl requested Yu Qi to follow her.

The sale girl carefully took out the blood jade necklace from the display place. Yu Qi really likes this blood jade necklace.

"Can I touch it?" Yu Qi was eager to touch this blood jade necklace.


Hearing the answer from that sales girl, she touched that blood jade. When she touched that blood jade, she could something flow through the touch.

'Master, this blood jade come from your space.' Like a call pass through by mobile phone, Bo Ya spoke out.

'What? Really? How you do know about that?'

'Master, you felt something right, when you touch it?'

'Yeah, something flow. I don't know how to describe that.'

'Everything in your space has spirit energy. This blood jade has your space spirit energy. That why I knew it.'

'How this blood jade is here instead of my space?'

'Well, I don't really know about that. Maybe the previous master take it out?'

'You don't remember?'

'Yes, I remember about having masters but I could not remember who they are, their personalities, how they look like even what were they done in the space also unknown to me.'

'So, your memory has been erased by something?'

Yes. Anything Master. You must buy this blood jade. It has spirit energy and can protect you from harm.'

'Don't worry. I already intend to buy it.'

"Yu Qi, you want to buy this jade?" Feng Yue approached Yu Qi making her conversation between Bo Ya ended.

"Yes, it is beautiful. Please wrap this to me." Yu Qi gave that blood jade necklace to the sales girl to proceed the purchase.

The sales girl received happily. Who's did not happy with this? 'This girl decides to buy the jade which is the most expensive jade in this shop without blinking of eyes.' She is happy when she is polite to that girl even after she heard that three rude girls humiliate that girl by calling that girl bumpkin country. 'This girl is not a bumpkin country.'

Yu Qi paid the purchase with the credit card that she received earlier when she wanted to withdraw the money. The bank officer offered her to apply for the credit card. She did not think about that. Agreeing with the bank officer offer, she applied for it.


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