Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
44 Chapter 44: Silent Kill
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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44 Chapter 44: Silent Kill

"Bring that woman here." The leader ordered her underlings to bring out Madam Sheng.

The underlings went to pick Madam Sheng in the room. Madam Sheng was placed on the trolley. She was still unconscious.

"If you want her to be free, you have to join my gang." The leader smirked evilly. He already plotted their evil plan. He will make this girl his. That way, he will get her body and her money. After he got all of her money, he will sell this girl to prostitution and get the money.

Yu Qi was chuckled when she heard that man's suggestion. 'Is he think I'm a stupid girl?' From the smirk on his face, she already predicted the plan.

"Come, my dear." The leader said.

Sigh...Yu Qi felt tired. She did not want to prolong this conversation anymore. She had to secured Madam Sheng's safety first. Only then she could fight back. She pulled two acupuncture needles. She threw that two needles straight to the men that guarded Madam Sheng. Unknown what happened to them, they fell on the ground unconsciously. She quickly runs to the Madam Sheng and pushed her back into the room. She had to do that because there was a possibility the leader of the gang might pull the trigger of the gun to Madam Sheng to threat her.

The gang was surprised by her action. Some of them run to check their unconscious brothers.

"Bitch, what are you doing to our brothers?" One of the gang asked her in anger.

"I just using acupuncture needles to make them unconscious." Yu Qi casually gave them an explanation.

Well, it was not just only the normal acupuncture needles but it was coated by her handmade poison. It could kill a human. After the poison getting inside the body, it will make the victim unconscious. During this time, the poison will flow through the blood vessel and enter the heart. It will freeze the blood flow and it will cause death. Then the poison will vanish. It will not leave any evidence. Totally perfect to silent kill.

"You bitch. Guys, catch this bitch. We will teach her." The leader ordered his man.

The men use logs as their weapon. Yu Qi made a small laugh when she saw this. They attacked her without any plan. Yu Qi who learned about martial arts could easily dodge their attack. They got tired from attacking Yu Qi after a while.

The leader began to angry when he saw his men could not catch one girl. "What are you doing? It just a girl. Catch her quickly." He screamed angrily to his men.

"Boss, we can't catch her." The men said. Yes, they tried much time to grab that girl but she managed to dodge.

"YOU BITCH. STOP RIGHT NOW. OR I WILL SHOT YOU." The leader screamed to Yu Qi.

All of them stopped. Yu Qi also stopped but her expression did not change at all when she saw the leader lifted the gun and aimed to her.

"You can try to shoot me if you want." Yu Qi provoked the leader.

"Bitch, you ask for it." The leader pulled the trigger. BANG. The sound of a gunshot can be heard.

Yu Qi quickly dodged the bullet. The gun training that she learns in the space also included the training for dodging the bullet. After dodging the bullet, she approached the leader. Knock the hand that holding the gun and seized the gun. She kicked the leader onto the ground. She runs back to in front of the room where Madam Sheng was.


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