Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
45 Chapter 45: Clean Sho
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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45 Chapter 45: Clean Sho

"Now you can attack me if you want. But don't blame me if your body gets bloody later." Yu Qi gave a warning to the gang. The light illuminated her beautiful face that accompanied by a smile. The smile that looks so beautiful but yet sinister.

The fear began to approach those men including the leader. The girl who looked like a normal girl and have a sinister smile. She might kill them using the gun if they attacked her. However, the leader still thinks about the money that he might get when he controlled this girl.

Maybe this is the first time this girl hold the gun. The leader pulled one man and whispered to him. The man nodded. Then the man started to run to Yu Qi's direction.

Yu Qi smirked. She steady lifted the gun and aimed at the man. BANG. The man fell onto the ground. The gang was startled. They could see the bullet in the middle of the man forehead. Clean shot. BANG. She shot again. Again one man fell. The bullet in the same position.

"I'm not a naive girl. This gun has enough bullets to kill you. Don't make me do that." Yu Qi's finger playing with the gun.

The gang was frightened. This was not a girl but a devil. The leader regretted when he provoked the devil-girl.

"Please forgive us. It was not our intention. It was the Wang family. They said you had a lot of money and you are just an orphan. So, we made a deal. I will sell you and get the money. They will get 50% of the money. Please don't kill us." The leader kowtows again and again. The two of reminding man also did the kowtow.

"So, that Wang Family really want to destroy me..." The gang now afraid heard her voice. That voice sounded like the voice from hell.

"FREEZE. Put your weapon down." A voice surprised Yu Qi and the gang.

Yu Qi saw the person that shouted. Long Hui. 'What is he doing here?'

An armed men groud surrounding Yu Qi and the gang.

"Miss put the gun down. You are safe now." Another man from that team said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi obeyed the order and put down the gun onto the ground. One man seized the gun away.

"Thank you, sir. Yeah, we safe. We are safe." The leader of the gang and the two followers suddenly kowtow to that team.

Yu Qi and the others were flabbergasted. Long Hui looked at Yu Qi. Yu Qi made an innocent look on her face.

"Bring them to the police station. Charge them on kidnap crime." Long Hui gave an order to the team.

"Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir." The leader and the two followers kowtow again and said thank.

The other men on the team checked the unconscious men. All of them died.

"The clean shot killed the two men. The other two men also died but we can't determine the cause. However, we did find two acupuncture needles attached to their hand." One man explained to Long Hui.

"Owh...That was my needles. I stick those needles to them to make them unconscious. Wait, you tell me they died? Impossible." Yu Qi was acting.

"Ah...I forget about my boss." Yu Qi quickly runs to the room where Madam Sheng was. Long Hui and two of the team followed her.

"I will get the medic." One of the team said when he saw Madam Sheng.

Yu Qi approached Madam Sheng. She brought out the acupuncture bag. Taking the acupuncture needles, she quickly sticks those needles to parts of Madam Sheng's wrist.

Madam Sheng began to wake up. The moment she saw Yu Qi, she grabs Yu Qi.

"Yu Qi, are you okay?"

"I'm okay, boss. Don't worry." She was smiling. "You are the one who not okay."

The team that saw the way Yu Qi waking up Madam Sheng was fascinated with it. He saw this girl was young but possessed outstanding knowledge in medicine. She was also a beautiful girl. No wonder their leader was worried when he found out some men tried to abduct her.


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