Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
46 Chapter 46: You Can Find Me
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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46 Chapter 46: You Can Find Me

The gang was safety reported to the police about their crime. Madam Sheng was sent to the hospital for medical check up. The team that saved Yu Qi and Madam Sheng already gone. Leaving Yu Qi alone with Long Hui. Long Hui asked Yu Qi followed him into the car. She followed his order quietly.

Look like Long Hui could see through her.

"Why you did not call the police?" A question from Long Hui ended the eternal silent.

"How do you know about this incident?" Yu Qi did not answer his question but throw a question for him.

"I went to the restaurant with Yue and saw that note." Long Hui answered that question.

"Then, you should know why you don't call the police."

"Sigh...You are a girl and 16 years old."

"I know I'm 16 years old." Yu Qi pouted.

"Remember if something like this happen again, report to the authority or you can find me."

Yu Qi turned her view to Long Hui. 'He looked so handsome.' Yu Qi shaked her hand. What are she think?

"Find you?" She asked.

"Yes, I will help you."

Yu Qi turned to the window car and made a small smile.

"Now, let talk about the shot." Long Hui's voice became serious.

Yu Qi's body became stiffed. What kind of explanation she has to give to Long Hui so that he would satisfy with her explanation? The excuse that she gave before about random aimed could not be use anymore. Random aimed and the bullet went to straight to the middle of the forehead and it happened twice? Who would believe such a thing? She thought very hard about this.

"Hmm...You can't explain about that?"

"Er...Actually, I have been practice about shooting." Yu Qi hesitated to tell him. She did not know whether this man could accept her excuse.

"Oh...Then, can you know where did you find the gun to practice?"

"I found it."


"In the mountain nearby."

"Then, you are holding it? You should report it to the police."

Yu Qi keep quiet.

"Sigh...Give me the gun."

"It was not with me anymore. I already threw it."

"Huh? Threw it? Where did you threw it?"

"After the bullet was run out, I threw it at the same place I found it. The day after that, the gun was already gone. I don't know who took it." Yu Qi hope Long Hui would accept this. This way, the evidence about the gun was completely gone.

Long Hui seemed to think about that explanation. He was doubtful about this but only this girl know the truth. For now, he will accept it.

Yu Qi noticed that the car was not going toward the restaurant. "Where do you want to take me? This is not way to the restaurant." She turned quickly to Long Hui. She began to panic.

Long Hui noticed that this girl began to panic. He seemed wanted to tease her a little bit.

"Yes, I'm going to bring you somewhere else." Long Hui answered with rounded explanation.

"I want to go home. Please send me to the restaurant."

"It not safe there."

"I can protect myself. You know that too."

"We already arrived." The car stopped in front of a house. Long Hui got out of the car and got Yu Qi out from the car.

"YU QI!!!" Yu Qi heard someone screamed calling her name. She was hugged by someone. Then she noticed it was Feng Yue.

"I'm so glad you are safe. I'm was scared when Brother Hui and I saw that note." She hugged Yu Qi tightly.


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