Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
49 Chapter 49: Do You Think I“m a Saint?
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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49 Chapter 49: Do You Think I“m a Saint?

Meanwhile at the police station

Yu Qi had been escorted by two policemen from the school. She was told to wait in the waiting room until she has been called. After 15 minutes waiting, a policewoman came and brought her to the person in charge in the case.

She had been asked to tell the whole of the incident. It also included the threat from the gangster early morning yesterday. The policeman that recorded all detail asked her whether she knew or not about the real culprit. Without lying, she answered yes. At the same moment, they heard some shouting from the main door of the police station.

"Please Sir, my husband did not do this. That kidnapper must lie to you." Madam Wang begged the policemen that detained Mr. Wang.

The policemen ignored Madam Wang and brought Mr. Wang to the person in charge. The two of them were shocked seeing Yu Qi there. Yu Qi not making any change of expression at all. She looked straight at two of them.

The first who losing the calm was Madam Wang. She shouted at Yu Qi. "You, bitch. It must you that framed my husband. Why would you don't leave us alone?" Madam Wang wanted to grab Yu Qi's hair but been prevented by a policewoman.

"Madam, behave. This is the police station." The policeman that in charge of the case said in a stern tone.

Madam Wang felt scared with that person. She became quiet but still threw some glare to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at her like she was nothing. She did not want to waste her time talking with this woman.

"Sir, is it over? I want to leave if my part is over." Yu Qi was asking to leave. She already said everything that she knew.

The policemen admired her courage and did not want to make thing harder to her.

"Yes, you can leave now. I will handle this case properly. Si Nan, Ah Jeng, escort Miss Yu Qi back to school." He called his subordinates and gave order to them.

"Thank you, Sir." Yu Qi bowed to that policeman.

"Wait, why is she leaving? She is one who framed my husband. Bitch, don't you dare go anywhere." Once again, Madam Wang wanted to grab her hair.

The other policemen did not have time to stop her. Madam Wang was smiling inside. She will make this bitch will hurt by her. However, her dream shattered when she felt a sharp pain at her stomach. Then she really that bitch was kicking her.

"You kick me? How dare you?" Madam Wang screamed. It was hurt badly.

Yu Qi was looking down on Madam Wang. She narrowed her eyes. She unconsciously released the murderous aura. " Then let me ask you something. How dare you ask someone to kidnap and hurt my boss? How dare you want my money? How dare you want to sell me to prostitution?"

All of the people in the police station heard her voice. They knew about her circumstances with Wang Family. But they never knew Wang Family have a wicked plan about her.

"Again and again you plotted such evil plan to me? Use innocent people to plot against me? Do you think I'm a saint?" Yu Qi hurriedly left the police station. She afraid if the longer she's there, she might kill that woman.


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