Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
57 Chapter 57: Been Released.
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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57 Chapter 57: Been Released.

The monthly test began. She was well prepared for this monthly test. She used her space to study. To be honest, she forgot many of her studies because it was a long time since she left them. So, she spent an hour equal three hours in the space to catch up.

The monthly test ended after two days. Some of the students showed happy expression and some of them became gloomy. One of them became gloomy was Feng Yue.

"Yu Qi, my test..." Feng Yue made a sad expression.

"Don't worry my dear. Next month make sure you strike the test okay." Yu Qi soothing Feng Yue.

"You are a bad sister." A childish voice screamed at them.

They turned to the direction of the voice. Wang Yu Jin.

"Yu Qi did you know him?" Feng Yue turned and asked Yu Qi.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes slightly. "This is Wang Yu Jin, Wang Fu Ya's younger brother."

"Owh..." Feng Yue looked at Wang Yu Jin coldly. She already hated the Wang Family. So, of course, the member of Wang Family made her sick.

"What do you want?" Yu Qi asked Wang Yu Jin.

Wang Yu Jin began to scare. This is not Yu Qi that he knew anymore. The Yu Qi that he knew would never talk to him like that.

"Yu Qi, don't you dare hurt my brother." Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na pop up and shielding him.

"Which eye that you see me hurting him? He was the one who came close to me." Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

"Yu Qi, it was my parent who hurt you. Please don't hurt my brother. He is still young." Wang Ha Na said in loud voice in order to make sure everyone around heard that. She wanted to make Yu Qi appeared as a person that wanted to hurt an innocent person.

"Wow, I know that older sister is a white lotus. Never thought that the younger sister is a good actress." Feng Yue also said in a loud voice.

The two sister's expression changed. Everyone around them threw a weird look at them. Wang Ha Na wanted to retort back but been prevented by Wang Fu Ya.

"Yu Qi, we are sorry for that thing our parent does to you. But don't be happy because my mum was released from detained by the police." Wang Fu Ya whispered the last sentence to Yu Qi.

"I don't care that. I just hope that she would never think of crossing with me again. Or I will make sure that she never left that place again." Yu Qi gave warning to the Wang Siblings.

Yu Qi turned and walked away followed by Feng Yue.


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