Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
61 Chapter 61: Wang Fu Ya Make Herself Look Stupid.
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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61 Chapter 61: Wang Fu Ya Make Herself Look Stupid.

The Staff Room door was opened from outside. Yu Qi was shocked. She was about to open that door. Wang Fu Ya appeared in front of her looking so confident. She never knew why this girl looked so confidently when she always lose against her.

Yu Qi stepped aside. Wang Fu Ya entered and approached Madam Tong. Yu Qi was not going outside. She decided to wait and see what was Wang Fu Ya planned to do.

"Madam Tong, I have something to tell you." Wang Fu Ya said politely to Madam Tong.

Madam Tong eyeing Wang Fu Ya. She began to like this girl because of her way to speak with the teacher was very polite. Unlike that girl earlier.

"Madam Tong, actually the answer sheet written by Yu Qi was mine. She forced me to write her name on my answer sheet and she wrote my name on her answer sheet." Wang Fu Ya told the 'truth' to Madam Tong.

Madam Tong and the teacher turned frowned when she spoke about that. When Wang Fu Ya saw the all of them frowned, she thought they were thinking about Yu Qi, she became happy. She did not know about Yu Qi taking some test earlier and proved her capability.

Yes, the teachers including Madam Tong thought about Yu Qi. Thinking why this Wang Fu Ya saying something like this. If they did not see Yu Qi's capability earlier, they might think like that too. However, after seeing that earlier, they suspected that this Wang Fu Ya was lying to slander Yu Qi.

Yu Qi who listening to the lie just smiling. She thought she did not has to deal with Wang Fu Ya this time. The teacher would. She just had to wait and see.

"Madam Tong, I suggest to let Student Wang Fu Ya answer the same question earlier like Yu Qi. But because of limited time, we can ask her to answer only one subject that she choose from. How about that?" A teacher whispered the suggestion to Madam Tong.

Madam Tong also thought it was a good suggestion. She nodded several times. Wang Fu Ya saw this thought Madam Tong would punish Yu Qi, she turned to Yu Qi who standing not far behind her provoked Yu Qi with a smile.

"Wang Fu Ya, can you tell me, what is your favorite subject?" A question from Madam Tong surprised Wang Fu Ya.

"Eh...What?" Wang Fu Ya was dumbfounded

"I ask you, what is the subject that you like and scored the most?" Madam Tong repeated her question.

"Chemistry." Wang Fu Ya answered.

"Okay, prepare the same question as before." Madam Tong ordered.

Wang Fu Ya did not know what happened. So, she just had to wait for Madam Tong to explain to her.

"Wang Fu Ya, please sit here and answers these questions." Madam Tong placed some paper on a table and asking Wang Fu Ya to sit and answers that.

"Madam Tong, can you explain to me what is this all about?" Wang Fu Ya asked for inquiry the situation.

"Please answers that first. You are given 20 minutes. We will explain to you later."

So, Wang Fu Ya did not has a choice but to answer those questions. She frowned when she looked at the questions. She thought that questions were pretty difficult. Of course, under the teachers staring at her, it was a lot of pressure to answer those questions. She tried to fill her answer sheet. She thought the given 20 minutes was not enough to answer all the question. So, when the given 20 minutes was finished, there were two questions that she was unable to finish them.

The teacher collected the answer sheet and marked that. After finished, he gave that to Madam Tong. Madam Tong frowned to see the result. She doubted when this student said that Yu Qi forced her to write Yu Qi's name on her answer sheet.

" Wang Fu Ya, tell us the truth. Is it true that Yu Qi was forcing you to write her name on your answer sheet?" Madam Tong verified again.

"Yes..." Wang Fu Ya confidently said yes but been cut by Madam Tong.

"I never thought you would lie to the teachers so openly. Look at this answer sheet." Madam Tong brought out Yu Qi answer sheet earlier. "This is the same questions given to Yu Qi. She answered it all and got the full mark. Not only this subject, Physics, Biology, Math, English, and Language, she got the full mark. Why did she ask you to write her name on your answer when she can perform well than you?"

Wang Fu Ya flabbergasted. She did not know that Yu Qi also answered this kind of questions and also five other subjects. She also scored full mark on all the subject. She thought Yu Qi was been held by the teacher because she did not admit that she was cheating. Who thought that time she had answered the questions prepared to her to prove the truth.

"Wang Fu Ya, you will be punished for 1-month cleaning the toilet for lied to teacher and also slandering your classmate. The janitor will instruct you starting for today. Go and see her after school hours." Madam Tong gave the final say for Wang Fu Ya.

Yu Qi felt she was seeing enough. She slowly exited the Staff Room going back to the classroom. Feng Yue quickly talked to Yu Qi.

"Are you okay?" Feng Yue hold Yu Qi's hand.

"I'm okay. The teacher will not punish me because I'm not guilty." Yu Qi spoke loudly so everyone heard that.

"Yu Qi did you saw Wang Fu Ya? I think she also went to the Staff room an hour ago." A student asked Yu Qi.

"Owh, I did saw her. She went to the staff room to tell the teacher an interesting fact. You can ask you later." Yu Qi gave an ambiguous smile.

The student who been asked Yu Qi felt weird when she saw Yu Qi smiled like that.


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