Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
64 Chapter 64: Attract Business Tycoon
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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64 Chapter 64: Attract Business Tycoon

Old Man Feng was staring at Long Hui. He could not believe what he just heard. Did he just say he was flirting with Yu Qi? This cold man had shown interest in the opposite gender. This is a piece of good news. He had to tell the Long Fei Yi. Wait, but this girl was only 16 years old and still in the school. She was still very young compared to Long Hui which in his 22 years old. Wait, it was just a six years difference. It was acceptable.

While Old Man Feng felt happy with this, Grandpa Tang felt a different way. He did not like this brat. He felt this brat would take Yu Qi from him. He just got this granddaughter. And he thought he could found another amazing man to her granddaughter if he wanted to in the future. But not now.

"Nice, Brother Hui. Yu Qi might be my sister sooner or later." Feng Yue joined the group after finished taking the bath.

"Humph." Grandpa Tang made a sound.

Feng Yue laughed when she saw a reaction from Grandpa Tang. She knew that Grandpa Tang only hated this idea because he only getting Yu Qi and Yu Qi was still young. She knew that Grandpa Tang will agree when the time is coming because her Brother Hui is an amazing man. He managed to climb to Major rank only when he was 22 years old. He was the youngest major in history and he will climb further higher.

Yu Qi just silently all the time. She stole a glance at Long Hui. And she was caught by himself. Long Hui just smiled charmingly. Yu Qi quickly turned her view to another direction. 'How come I been caught stole a glance to him? How embarrassing.' Then she coughed adjusting her voice.

"Grandpa Feng, I came here to meet you." Yu Qi was back to her original aim coming here.

Old Man Feng automatically sat straightly when he heard Yu Qi's tone. "What is it?"

"I come here after grandfather told me that you have a large contact from the construction contractor. I would like to ask you a favor."

"What's kind of favor?" Old Man Feng asked.

"Actually, I just brought the land nearby mountain. I want to build a hotel. A Japanese hotel actually. So, I want to open the tender to invite the contract to bid. I don't have any contact in the industry. So, I hope that you can help me with this." Yu Qi made a humble request.

"Owh...I see. I can help you. But I would like to see some documents like the proposal, design of the hotel and the what's related to it. So, I can attract the contractor." Old Man Feng responded professionally. He was kind of interested in the project itself.

"Okay, I will show to you if I'm done preparing those documents." Yu Qi felt happy. In her brain, she already drafted her proposal. As for the design, she already had the idea. In her past life, she went to Japan for business and for holiday. Mostly the hotel she went to were traditional hotels known as Ryokan. She also enjoyed the outdoor hot spring. So, she was planning to build the ryokan and outdoor hot spring.

"Yu Qi, did you said you brought the lands?" Old Man Feng just realized that Yu Qi said that she brought the lands.

"Yes, I did. I brought three of them." She said innocently.

"Three of them?" Now Old Man Feng's jaw dropped.

'What is this girl plan to do when she brought those lands? This girl's mind was very mature.' Old Man Feng's eyes were shining when he looked Yu Qi. This girl also seemed to have knowledge in business. He was thinking to pull this girl to his side.

"Old Man Feng, don't think about that. This is my disciple. She will become a doctor." Grandpa Tang said to Old Man Feng. He knew that Old Man Feng wanted to pull his precious granddaughter to study business.

"Old Man Tang, she has talent in the business. If I sharpen her, she might be a legend, you know." Old Man Feng smirked.

"She also very talented in medicine. I will not give her to you." Old Man Tang retorted.

Then, the mouth fighting between the two old men began.

"Grandpas, I have something to say." Yu Qi came between those two old men.

The two of them turned to her. One was looking at her with 'come to me' look. One was looking at her with 'don't abandon me' look. She chucked.

"For the time being, I want to study medicine. I do like business though. I will come and looking for Grandpa Feng if necessary." She calmed those two men.

Grandpa Tang and Old Man Feng were staring each other. Finally, both of them gave up and said one word.

Grandpa Tang "Humph"

Old Man Feng "Humph"

Feng Yue and Yu Qi laughed when they saw the same reaction came from their grandfathers. Long Hui who also there made a small smile. Looking at Yu Qi, he also thought this girl had a brain for business. She managed to get acknowledge from the most strict doctor. Now Old Man Feng was known as a business tycoon wanted to pull her to his side. He wondered what would his grandfather do when he met this genius marksmanship.


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