Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
68 Chapter 68: Accused For Being A Thief
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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68 Chapter 68: Accused For Being A Thief

Yu Qi in the middle of preparing the Chinese herbs into the tonic. Grandpa Tang silently sat there and supervised what Yu Qi was doing. He gave the test Yu Qi to see whether she remembered or not what had she learned before.

After thirty minutes later, Yu Qi presented the tonic to Grandpa Tang. Grandpa Tang seriously inspected the tonic. Its smell, color and lastly taste. In part of preparing the tonic, Yu Qi already passed his test.

"You passed. Remember what I taught you before. There will be many tests like this in the future." Grandpa Tang said.

"Yes, master. I will remember that."

"Then the class ended." He said serious tone and paused for a moment then continued in doting grandfather tone. "I'm proud you are my disciple."

Yu Qi sighed. Her grandfather could change his character as fast as an actor.

"Let go and have evening tea." Grandpa Tang dragged Yu Qi along with him.

Yu Qi just followed her grandfather quietly. The maid made the Puer Tea. This tea had medicinal properties and had an earthly favor. As expected as a master in Chinese herbs, Grandpa Tang liked to drink this tea.

"Doctor Tang, there are police officers want to meet Miss Yu Qi outside the shop." Uncle Song Nan came and delivered the news.

"Come to see me?" Yu Qi felt confused.

"Did they tell why they come and want to see my granddaughter?" Grandpa Tang asked.

"No." Uncle Song Nan answered.

"Grandfather, I will meet them." Yu Qi stands up from her seat.

"I will go with you."

Yu Qi knew her grandfather would definitely want to follow her. The three of them went to see the police officers.

"Hello, Sir. I'm Yu Qi. May I know why you want to see me?" Yu Qi politely greeted the police officers.

The police officers saw the girl politely greeted them and felt her respect toward them. Normally when the police officer wants to meet someone, the person will be suspicious and guard toward the police officer but this Yu Qi was anything like that.

"Miss Yu Qi, I received the report from Madam Jiang about a theft came to her farm and stealing the corps. Two days before, she was away from this town. When she was back this morning, she noticed that some of her crops were missing and been destroyed. I hope you can help us investigate this case." The police officer gave a rough explanation.

"Owh...Then tell me, why did you come and find me?" The question from Yu Qi made the police officers hesitated to answer that.

"Er...Actually, when we investigate this case, we found out that Miss Yu Qi sold some of the vegetables to a shop in the market yesterday. It leads us here." The police officer spoke the truth.

" Owh...Then I'm a suspect."Yu Qi calmly stated that.

"Suspect? How can my..." Grandpa Tang wanted to retort being held back by Yu Qi.

"Okay, let go then." Yu Qi smiled at the police officers who in the dumbfounded state.

Police officers who came and saw Yu Qi felt this girl was calm when she was being told as the suspect. Not panic and hesitated when she offered herself and wanted to go to the police station.

Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang went to the police station. Madam Jiang also there. When she saw Yu Qi, she stands up and accused Yu Qi for being a thief.

"How dare you steal and sell my crops? And you also destroy most of my plant." Madam Jiang shouted to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes slightly. The police officers who knew her before felt shivered again when they saw Yu Qi narrowing her eyes. They remembered this girl was a devil before.

Yu Qi remembered this woman was Madam Wang's best friend. She wondered if this was a play directed by Wang Family. The timing was very good. The thief went to her farm, stole and destroyed the farm. And she sold the vegetables to Aunt Chang's shop yesterday. Seemed like a coincidence, right? She smiled coldly when she looked at Madam Jiang.

"You bitch, why are you looking at me like that? Hmph! Bastard child. No wonder your parent throw you before." Madam Jiang said.

After Madam Jiang finished her sentence, the surrounding became chill. This aura was emitted by Yu Qi. Bastard child? That word triggered her emotion.

"Woman, mind your language. She is my granddaughter. I can sue you." Grandpa Tang stepped in front of Yu Qi and shielding her from Madam Jiang.

"Madam Jiang, you cannot speak like that to Miss Yu Qi. This case had been investigated. Without the evidence, you cannot accuse her like that." A police officer spoke.

Madam Jiang suddenly became quiet. It was not when the Grandpa Tang and the police officer spoke up but when she was looking at Yu Qi right after she finished that sentences. The fear she felt was terrified her so badly. If that old man did not block Yu Qi from her, maybe she would die.


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