Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
70 Chapter 70: True Culprits
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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70 Chapter 70: True Culprits

"I have some information about this case." This sentence caused everyone to look at the direction of the unexpected person, who voiced out this sentence.

That unexpected person walked inside the police station, while Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang who wanted to leave stopped, looking at that person.

The unexpected person was none other than, a middle age man, Mr. Liam, a neighbor of Madam Jiang. Mr. Liam slowly approached Madam Jiang and Sir Man Pao Ting.

"Sung Wa, Sir, I saw someone entering your farm yesterday evening," Mr. Liam said, while, he looked seriously at Madam Jiang.

"What? Did you saw that incident? Do you know who the culprits are?" Madam Jiang stood up anxiously, hurriedly grabbed Mr. Liam.

"Yes, I know them, you also know them. She has been entering your farm for 3 days now. I thought you gave permission to her to enter and take your vegetables since their actions were very natural." Mr. Liam, slowly replied to Madan Jiang, explaining what he has witnessed.

"Who were them?" Sir Man Pao Ting, this case has caused so much trouble, and now there was a real eye witness, he asked Mr. Liam with a little urgency.

"It was the Wang Family. The ones who entered your farm were Wang Shi Xen and her daughters." Mr. Liam said, but he didn't realize that his statement was like an atom bomb to Madam Jiang.

Madam Jiang was grinding her teeth hard. How dare they? The Wang Family were very good at framing other people while stealing other people's goods.

She totally believed the Wang Family, when they told her about their ex- adopted daughter stealing her vegetables and selling them.

The way they told her the story was very convincing. Wang family! Very good, ah, very good, Madam Jiang was fuming.

"How do you know about this case?" Sir Man Pao Ting asked Mr. Liam, he didn't want another baseless claim, he was already having a headache when thought about what happened just before.

Hence, he wanted to clarify things before this mess got more complicated.

"He was in my shop buying some vegetables when the police officers came and asked me about this case." Aunty Chang answered on behalf of Mr. Liam when she heard Sir Man Pao Ting question him.

"Bring that Wang Family to the police station immediately." Sir Man Pao Ting ordered his subordinates, he really didn't know what to say, this case was more ridiculous than he thought it would be.

Sir Man Pao Ting knew about Wang Family, he already heard the previous case regarding Wang Family from his senior, the Wang Family held grudges against Miss Yu Qi. The Wang Family planned the kidnapping of Miss Yu Qi's boss to lure her out, as they planned to sell her into prostitution.

But, that wasn't enough, they even wanted to take her money and now they wanted to frame Miss Yu Qi for committed a theft. This Wang family was truly something. The more he thought about it, the more speechless he was.

Meanwhile in the Wang Family house.

The Wang Family were currently in the middle of eating, eating the stolen vegetables without any consciousness. The four members of the family were eating and complaining about the dish, especially the youngest son, Wang Yu Jin was the one who complained the most about the dish.

"Mum, can we eat meat? We have eaten vegetables for the past three days straight. I am already bored with this."

Wang Yu Jin threw a tantrum, he really wanted to it meat, the vegetables tasted like grass.

"My dear, it's not like I don't want to give you meat but we are in a tight budget. Our money is barely enough to support us for two months, without your father here, we have to save some money. I promise we will eat some meat soon, okay?"

Madam Wang coaxes her youngest son and tried to feed him the stir fry vegetables, while hatred was building up for the girl who caused this misery.

Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na rolled their eyes when they saw their mother coaxing their younger brother, Madam Wang was biased to her younger son, their mother pampered their younger brother to no end heavily spoiling him.

Each of them finished eating with their inner complains, Madam Wang offered some watermelon to her children. Wang Yu Jin ate some and ran to his room leaving Madam Wang and her daughters.

"After this, we cannot get free food anymore." Madam Wang sighed, feeling worried.

Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na were staring at each other. They understood what was Madam Wang meant by that.

"Mum, do you think Aunty Jiang will know that we were the ones who stole her vegetables?" Wang Ha Na asked.

"Don't worry. She would never know about it. No one saw us." Madam Wang assured Wang Ha Na, feeling very confident.

"After all, she already suspected someone else." Wang Fu Ya smirked, she felt delighted when she thought about how someone was going to be spending time in jail.

This morning, when Madam Jiang returned to her home, she found her farm was destroyed. Hence, Madam Wang sent Wang Ha Na to speak with Madam Jiang, Wang Ha Na told Madam Jiang that she saw Yu Qi selling vegetables to Chang Moon Ju's shop, this made Madam Jiang suspicious of Yu Qi.

Actually, Madam Wang did not plan to frame Yu Qi in this matter, she had a different plan. Her plan was where she would tell Madam Jiang that she accidentally saw someone entering Madam Jiang's farm, and stealing her vegetables. Unfortunately, her plans were ruined, as Madam Wang did not mean to destroy Madam Jiang's farm.

This happened because when Wang Ha Na came to see her, while she was collecting some vegetables for their dinner, she mentioned that she saw Yu Qi was selling some vegetables. Madam Wang ended up venting her anger on the vegetables, almost all of the plants were destroyed.

But it was too late, when she realized what she had done, she became petrified of the situation she was in.

When Wang Ha Na saw what had happened, she ran to their house looking for her sister, Wang Fu Ya, to help their mother, Wang Fu Ya immediately went to her mother.

Thus, Wang Fu Ya made a plan to frame Yu Qi on the spot, and this was how everything happened.

The Wang Family did not realize their plan had failed until the police officers came and knocked on their door. Wang Fu Ya who was the one receiving the guests was shocked when she saw the police officer in front of their door, she couldn't utter a word.

"Fu Ya, who is it?" Madam Wang came to see who it was?

"Madam Wang, we are from the police station. We hope you and your family can come and follow us to the police station."

Wang Fu Ya and Madam Wang paled when they heard that order from the police officers, petrified of what was coming for them.


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