Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
72 Chapter 72: Jealous
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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72 Chapter 72: Jealous

"Yu Qi!!!" A scream and body hug was presented to Yu Qi this morning when she met Feng Yue on the way to school. She did not manage to dodge so she eventually letting Feng Yue hugged her.

"Yu Qi, I heard about what had happened yesterday from my grandfather. That Wang Family really could not leave you alone, is this it?" Feng Yue released Yu Qi from her hug.

"I'm okay. I'm not hurt anyway." Yu Qi smiled. "I just hope they realized they are stupid. They cannot hurt me anymore."

The last sentences she spoke in a loud voice so that Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na who were nearby them heard what she had said.

Wang Ha Na was getting angry and she wanted to approach Yu Qi but Wang Fu Ya held her hand. Everyone nearby them was thrown a mocking look to them. The thing happened in the police station was spreading through the town. Everyone was talking about that. Even the thing about their father was exposed.

Hence, Wang Fu Ya could not afford Wang Ha Na to face Yu Qi in front of everyone. The thing would get worse if Wang Ha Na could not control her mouth and speak something out of line.

"Let go in." Yu Qi pulled Feng Yue enter the school.

"My dear students, remember. You will take the biggest exam in education this year. The exam that determined your future. So, remember to study hard." The teacher ended the lesson.

"Yue, is your grandfather at home now?" Yu Qi asked.

"No, he is out of the town. He went to his company this morning. He only going to back here within two or three days later. Why?"

"I'm finished writing my proposal about the hotel that I want to build. So, I want to show to him and asked his opinion about that."

"Then you have to wait."

"I guess so."

They prepared to leave. When they passed the school gate, they saw someone. Someone that made all the girls throw a look at him. A look that devoured him. However, he was relaxed lend on the vehicles, did not mind the look thrown by the girls.

"Brother Hui." Feng Yue greeted Long Hui.

All the girls looked at Feng Yue. Feeling jealous because she knew that handsome man.

Long Hui patted her cousin's head while his eyes were looking at the girl behind Yu Qi.

Yu Qi hurriedly greeted Long Hui. "Hello."

Long Hui smiled and greeted Yu Qi too. "Hi. How are you?"

When Long Hui smiled, some of the girls stunned. This handsome man became more and more handsome when he was smiling.

"Don't smile." Yu Qi became annoyed when she saw the girls particularly eyeing his smile. Then she realized something.

Long Hui in his blank expression after Yu Qi said that. This girl annoyed when he was smiling. But he did not angry. He somehow knew she said that because of other girls saw his smile when he saw her was eyeing the surrounding when he was smiling.

Feng Yue once more being ignored by her best friend and cousin.

"Guys, I'm here." Feng Yue waves her hand.

Yu Qi and Long Hui in the blank expression when Feng Yue spoke. However, Yu Qi was in her best not making her face blushing when Feng Yue said that.

"Brother Hui, what are you doing here? Should you in the camp?" Feng Yue asked.

"I heard about what happened yesterday. Are you okay?" Long Hui came closer to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi flustered. Her heart began to beat faster. However, she managed to answer Long Hui's question.

"Don't worry. I'm okay."

"Then, it's good."

"You came just to ask her that?" Feng Yue asked. She could not believe what had happened in front of her.

"Yes. Is it any problem with that?" Long Hui did not cover a little bit when came to Yu Qi.

"Okay, fine. I will not ask again." Feng Yue gave up asking.

Her cousin really wanted to woo Yu Qi. 'I will not ask anymore. I will feed a dog food once I ask about that.'

"Come, girls. I will drive you home." Long Hui offered them.

The girls were eyeing three of them felt envy to Yu Qi and Feng Yue for getting close to that handsome man. They wondered what was the relationship between them. Some of them hoping to ask Feng Yue and Yu Qi tomorrow about that handsome man.

As usual, Feng Yue would take a seat behind. Leaving the front seat to Yu Qi. Yu Qi did not have any choice but to take that seat.

Long Hui silently thanked her cousin for paving the way to him to woo her best friend.


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