Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
73 Chapter 73: Doctor and Businesswoman
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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73 Chapter 73: Doctor and Businesswoman

She sat down together with Old Man Feng in his study room. The room was silent. Only could be heard was the sound of paper. Old Man Feng currently reviewing the proposal written by Yu Qi. Old Man nodded several times during reading her proposal with the blank expression.

Seeing this, Yu Qi remembered her real grandfather in her past life. He always read the documents in this blank expression especially the proposal from the clients.

"Show not emotion when reading the proposal. Go through the whole document. Then after you finished read them, ask questions regarding the proposal. Don't directly give the final confirmation. Took your time on judging the proposal."

That what her grandfather taught her when she working in his grandfather company. She missed her grandfather even she forgot his look like.

"Yu Qi, I read this proposal. There are 4 buildings that you want to build, is this it?" Old Man Feng closed the proposal and put it on the table in front of him.

"Yes. I want to build a Japanese hotel which is Ryokan on the land near the mountain, the closed market on the land behind the current market. Lastly the mansion and the greenhouse on the land near the lake." Yu Qi explained and continue, "I hope Grandpa Feng can attract the contractors to bid this project. I already attach the blueprint of the four buildings."

"Okay. I will definitely help you. If not that evil old man will stab me with his knife." Old Man Feng joked around.

Yu Qi laughed when she heard that. 'Evil doctor? What did her grandfather do until he got that nickname?'

"Yu Qi did you already select the university for further study?" Old Man Feng asked.

"Yes, Starlight University." Yu Qi quickly answered that.


"It has the best facilities for the doctor and ranking 2 in the country."

"So, you already decide to be a doctor?"

"Yes, and a businesswoman." Yu Qi smiled when she spoke that.

"Huh? Businesswoman?"

"Yeah. That was also my ambition besides being a doctor."

"Fantastic. That brain of your will not be a waste then." Old Man Feng laughed harder.

Feng Yue who outside the study room waiting for Yu Qi to come out sneak a peek when she heard her grandfather laughed. She cannot enter this study room unless it had something to do with his business. She accidentally entered that study room two weeks ago faced her grandfather anger. That why she had to wait outside until Yu Qi went out.

After 15 minutes of waiting, Yu Qi merged from that room. Feng Yue jumped in front of her.

"Is it okay? Did my grandfather agree to help you?"

"Don't worry my dear. I can handle it myself."

"Owh, Yu Qi, I hear some story about the Wang Family. That Madam Wang was not throw in jail. She was released after spending a night at the police station. Madam Jiang did not sue her after she destroyed the farm. Weird, is this it?"

"Anything weird about that. It must Wang Fu Ya slow talked to her. Begging Madam Jiang to not sue her mother. Madam Jiang maybe did not want to complicate the situation. Instead of sue, she wants compensation. Because with that money, she can repair the farm. If she insists to sue Madam Wang, she will lose money due to the fee of the sue itself." Yu Qi gave her analysis.

"Owh, I never thought of that."

"Woof." They heard the dog barking, well not the dog more like a puppy outside the house so they went out to take a look for it.

Seeing his master, Aoi ran to Yu Qi and looked up to his master.

"Aoi, what are you doing here? Did I tell you to stay in my room?" Yu Qi kneeled down and picked up Aoi.

Aoi licked his master face. 'Master, I finally can talk to you. I can wait to tell you, so here I'm.'

Yu Qi stunned when she heard a voice like a kid in the mind. Just like Bo Ya talking to her outside the space.

'Master, did you hear me? Why don't you answer me?' Aoi whined like a normal kid when Yu Qi did not answer him.

'Aoi? How can you talk?' Yu Qi finally talked after a while.

'This morning. I was excited to tell Master so I walked out to find Master but seemed Master don't like it.' Aoi sulked in her arms.

Yu Qi hugged Aoi. 'No. I like when you can talk like this. It was fantastic. It's easy when you can talk like this.'

'Hah, I know Master will like it.'

'But how did you find me here?'

'Master, we are bound with our blood. I can find you wherever you are.'

'Owh, I forgot about that.'

"Yu Qi, do you know this dog?" Feng Yue finally asked when seeing Yu Qi forgot about her here.

"Yue, this is my dog. Cute, is this it?" Yu Qi answered her. Yes, like Feng Yue thought she actually forgot about her friend here.

"Your dog? Where did you pick it up?"

"In the mountain where I was collecting the mushroom. I saw him and fall in love with him. Look, his eyes are blue in color. That why I named him as Aoi." Yu Qi showed Aoi's eyes to Feng Yue.

When Feng Yue saw that eyes, she also fell in love with the dog. "Yes, the eyes are cool. It looks cute. Is this dog male or female?"


"Hah, how cute. I want to stroke his fur."

"Go on. His fur was very smooth."

The two girls were playing the puppy when the evening came to end. Yu Qi excused herself to Feng Yue and Old Man Feng. She walked home with Aoi in her arms.


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