Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
74 Chapter 74: Seeing Live Surgery
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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74 Chapter 74: Seeing Live Surgery

The project to build the ryokan was in progress thanks to Old Man Feng instruction. The contractor hired by Old Man Feng was so efficient. She went to the site construction of the ryokan with Old Man Feng and Feng Yue. Grandpa Tang also tagged along with them.

The first phase work would be clearing the place. The land covered by weeds and small trees. Three days, the land was clear from anything. Now, they entered the second phase. According to the worker that Old Man Feng spoke before, they will make the foundation as a base to make sure the ryokan strong.

Yu Qi smiled when she was looking at the worker that working hard on building her hotel. In her past life, everything was given by her grandfather. Nothing was her. Now, she will build her empire. Her own empire.


The library was full of the students that were preparing for the final examination. Only 2 months for the final exam. Feng Yue asked Yu Qi to study together at her house. Yu Qi agreed. Yu Qi would not hold back anything. She would give her best on the exam. And she also had the cheating chips. Her space. Every night she spent her time in her space studied. She stopped all her usual routine for the time being.

Finally, the exam was coming. Yu Qi was confident with her capability. As she said to Old Man Feng, she was aiming at Starlight University. In this life, she wants to become a doctor. She made up her choice when she becomes a disciple of Tang Jiang Man.

One week struggled with the exam, it was finished. Feng Yue jumped to Yu Qi and hugged her.

"Yu Qi, the horrible time had passed. Time to enjoy life has come. What are you planning to do?" Feng Yue asked.

"I have to make up the lesson that I missed during these two months for my study." Yu Qi answered.

"Huh? What's kind of lesson?" Feng Yue felt weird. The exam was finally ended. So, what is the lesson for?

"Lesson with Grandpa Tang. You know right, I'm studied under him for medical knowledge. I took a break for about two months. So I want to make it up."

"I want to ask you to go on holiday with you." She whined.

"Sorry. Next time okay. Let celebrate after we get our result, okay?" Yu Qi pacified Feng Yue.

"Promise, okay?" Feng Yue lifted her hand and make a pinky promise.



"Yu Qi, you are back. Pack your bag. We are going to FIN City this evening." Grandpa Tang greeted her.

"Huh? Why?"

"Something's up." Grandpa Tang did not explain much.

"Okay." She hurried up and went to her room.

Aoi who lazily laid on the floor stand up and greeted his master.

'Master, you are back.'

"Aoi." She picked up Aoi and kiss him. Then she put him down and started to pack her clothes.

'Master, where are you going?' Aoi asked when he saw her master packed some clothes.

"Yes, I'm going to another city."

'Can I tagged along?'

"I will bring you too. Just whether it is openly or secretly. That's it." She smiled.

'What do you mean by that, Master?'

"I will ask grandfather first. If he agrees, I will bring you together openly. But if he doesn't agree, I will put you into my space."

'I see. Nice idea, Master.' He hopes his master grandfather will agree with it.

After packing, she went down with her luggage. Aoi also followed her from behind. She saw her grandfather was waiting for her.

"Grandfather, can I bring Aoi too?" Yu Qi asked.

Grandpa Tang looked at Aoi. He could see that the puppy was clever sometimes. More likely he was very obedient.

"You can bring if you want too." Grandpa Tang answered.

"Woof." Aoi barked. More like he was thanking Grandpa Tang for allowing him to tag along.

Then Aoi looked up to Yu Qi. Yu Qi picked up Aoi into the car. The car finally started to move and traveled to FIN City. Aoi behaved himself, he just lay down quietly on Yu Qi's lap. Grandpa Tang smiled when he saw the puppy behaved like that. He knew that this puppy was very clever. Th puppy can understand what human surrounding him want.

Three hours driving, they arrived at FIN City. The car driving toward the Tang Hospital and stopped in front of it.

"Yu Qi, you will follow me. The puppy will stay here. Bo Han will take care of him." Grandpa Tang ordered when he got off of the car.

"Aoi, stay here okay. Don't be naughty. I will back soon. Uncle Bo Han, please take care of him." Yu Qi requested.

"Woof, " Aoi spoke.

"Don't worry, Miss Yu Qi. I will take care of him." Bo Han, the driver said.

Yu Qi quickly followed Grandpa Tang.

"Grandfather, where are we going?"

"We going to the surgery room. I will conduct surgery and you will follow me and learn about the surgery." Grandpa Tang replied seriously.

Yu Qi changed her tone. "Is that okay for me to follow you, master?"

"You are my disciple." That sentence stated other meaning which is 'who dare said something to my disciple.'

So, they prepared themselves to enter the surgery room. There were some doctors and nurses that already inside the surgery room. A doctor wanted to ask Yu Qi to get out of the surgery room but Grandpa Tang spoke for her.

"She is my disciple and she will stay here." That made doctors shut down themselves.

Who dared to throw Yu Qi outside when knowing she was Doctor Tang's disciple. Doing that may make your job lose forever. Everyone knew about Doctor Tang personality. Very very protective to his own people.

Then the surgery started. It was cholecystectomy surgery which removes the gallbladder. It was pretty normal surgery. Yu Qi wondered why Grandpa Tang needed to perform himself. Then, it hit her. Maybe this patient was a very important or rich person.

After two hours, the surgery was over. Grandpa Tang hand over the patient to another doctor as he went outside. Yu Qi followed him.

"Did you learn something?" Grandpa Tang asked.

"Yes. It was a very precious experience. Thank you, master." Yu Qi smiled.

"Okay, let go out before that person appears." Grandpa Tang now turned to her grandfather from her master.

"Huh, who?"


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