Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
77 Chapter 77: Meeting The Tang Family 3
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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77 Chapter 77: Meeting The Tang Family 3

A few minutes before 8 o'clock in the morning, Yu Qi came out of her room together with Aoi, she went to the dining room where she could see Grandpa Tang, Tang Han Lee, Tang Jin Wei, and other two men and women sitting in the dining room, hence she approached them and greeted Grandpa Tang.

"You are here. Sit down first." Grandpa Tang said delightfully.

"This is the granddaughter I have adopted and she is also my disciple, Yu Qi. I hope you can treat her as our family member."

Grandpa Tang introduced her to everyone, there was mirth in his eyes when he introduced Yu Qi to his family, he has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Yu Qi, nice to meet you." Yu Qi bows a little bit, feeling a little nervous.

"It's you! From this morning." Tang Jin Wei shouted he could never forget what happened earlier this morning. He was still mortified.

"Nice to meet you too, Brother Jin." Yu Qi smirked while looking at Tang Jin Wei. She did not feel any sense of guilt for what she did to him because she felt he deserved it.

"You have seen her before?" Grandpa Tang asked Tang Jin Wei, looking at both individuals curiously.

"Yes, she gave me a single back throw." Tang Jin Wei tried to gain sympathy from his family, after all, he was the biological grandson.


"Humph! It must be because you did something to her, right?" Grandpa Tang retorted, he had an absolute trust towards his granddaughter, unlike his lousy grandson.

"Grandfather, I'm your grandson. Why don't you trust me?"

"I trust her. She is my granddaughter."

Tang Jin Wei pouted when he saw Grandpa Tang was siding his new granddaughter. It was truly hoeing before bros but in this case granddaughters before grandsons. His grandfather was really biased. Humph!

The two men and women laughed witnessing such a spectacle.

"Yu Qi, I'm Tang Jung Wen, Han Lee, and Jin Wei's father. This is my wife, Ming Yue. You can call us whatever you prefer." Tang Jung Wen introduced himself and his wife.

"I'm Tang Jang Qin and this is my wife, Su Xiao. I heard you have meet Qin Hao. That is my son." Tang Jan Qin introduced himself and his family after his brother.

"Everyone, nice to meet you." Yu Qi greeted everyone again after their introduction.

"Okay, everyone. Let eat first." Grandpa Tang said.

Everyone was eating in silent. The two couples observed Yu Qi's table manners. They were surprised by how she looked very familiar with it.

Almost as if she was born in a noble family. Well, Yu Qi practiced her table manners from her previous life, when she first entered the family, she became a joke when she ate without any table manners.

It was an embarrassing moment. So her grandfather found her a teacher that taught her etiquette.

"Yu Qi, where is Aoi?" Grandpa Tang was very fond of Aoi.

"He's here." Yu Qi looked at her feet.

Aoi was laid lazily beside her feet.

"Ji Chang, give him food." Grandpa Tang ordered.

"Who is he?" Tang Jin Wei asked curiously looking at the new individual.

"Aoi, my puppy." Yu Qi answered.

Tang Jin Wei who already finished his breakfast went to look at the puppy.

"Wow, he is cute." He praised Aoi.

Hearing that, Aoi looked at him aloofly and turned his back at him, he did not like this shameless man at all.

"Why do I feel like he just looked at me aloofly?" Tan Jin was speechless.

Everyone laughed when they saw that scene, with a cute scene, they finished breakfast happily. The men of the Tang Family held a meeting, while the women sat in the living room together with Yu Qi. Their attitude towards Yu Qi was very friendly, it was because they did not have a daughter, the two of them gave birth to boys. So, they felt Yu Qi was a daughter they never had.

"We heard about your situation from father. Don't worry, my dear. Think of me as your mother. I really wanted a daughter but I gave birth to two boys. Then I had some complications, so I cannot get pregnant anymore." Ming Yue said, whilst signing.

"Same for me my dear. After I gave birth to Qin Hao, that brat, my body became weak." Su Xiao also sighed.

"Aunties, you should be proud as all of your sons are successful doctors." Yu Qi said.

"Yeah, we are proud but those three are not young anymore. They should be looking for a wife right now but you see, they are busy all the time. How can they find a wife? Not to mention Qin Hao. Even I as his mother did not see him for about 2 weeks."

Su Xiao released her burden in her heart.

"Aunties, they might find the right woman soon. We just have to wait for them patiently."

Yu Qi just could only say something like this because she also could not do anything about this matter.

"I want to match them with someone but I don't think it would be the best idea." Ming Yue sighed.

"Enough with those brats. Yu Qi, do you have a boyfriend?" Su Xiao changed the topic. Now their focus was on Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was flabbergasted when the topic was changed to her. The word boyfriend reminded her of a handsome man. She felt the heat rising up her face, making her face blush when the two aunties caught her blushing. They became excited.

"Owh…My...You already have someone in your mind? Great. How is he?" Su Xiao asked.

Yu Qi had trouble answering her question since she did not have a relationship with Long Hui except as a friend. She could not just say he is in the middle of wooing her, right? Looking at her auntie's reaction, it would be chaos.

"What are you guys talking about?" Tang Jung Wen asked when he looked at his excited wife and sister in law.

"Yu Qi has a boyfriend. We want to know who he is." Su Xiao was the one who replied.

"Oh, what kind of man he is?" Now Tang Jin Wei also joined the conversation.

"How come I don't know you have a boyfriend, Yu Qi? Huh, don't tell me that brat is your boyfriend?" Grandpa Tang looked at Yu Qi.

"Father, do you know her boyfriend? Tell me about him." Ming Yue inquiries.

"Everyone, listen to me, okay. I don't have a boyfriend." Yu Qi spoke loudly to get everyone attention, flustered by their ridiculous curiosity.

When everyone looked at her, they felt disappointed except Grandpa Tang. He nodded his head several times.

"Good, you are still young. No need to rush." Grandpa said because actually, he did not want a man take her from him just yet. She was also young so there was literally no need for a rush, unlike his grandsons.

It seems like his daughter in laws shared the same thought.

"Yes, you are still young. Unlike those brats here. Tang Han Lee, Tang Jin Wei, when are you going to get married? You are not young anymore." Ming Yue looked at her two sons.

Tang Han Lee who wanted to leave stopped at his track. While Tang Jin Wei who looked excited before as he wanted to know about Yu Qi's boyfriend now had an ignorant face.

Yu Qi secretly laughed when she saw her two new brothers' reactions, she felt blessed when she got to know Grandpa Tang. Now his family also accepted her, she couldn't really ask for more.


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