Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
78 Chapter 78: Shocked The Doctors
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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78 Chapter 78: Shocked The Doctors

Yu Qi followed Grandpa Tang entering the main entrance of the Tang Hospital together with all of the male members of Tang Family except Tang Qin Hao.

She received many curious looks from the people inside the hospital, mostly were envious look from the female doctors and nurses.

The two Tang brothers spoke to her so intimately. They felt like crushing Yu Qi with just their glare, as those two brothers were well known as handsome doctors in the industry.

Not to mention Tang Qin Hao was also well loved by the female staffs even though he was kind of weird. Moreover, they were talking to her so intimately with a gentle look in their eyes. No wonder she received such an ugly envious glare.

"What are you doing?" Tang Qin Hao joined them.

Now Tang Qin Hao has completed the whole family.

"You are here too, little sis?" Tang Qin Hao greeted her, with a friendly tone.

"How are you, Brother Qin?" Yu Qi exchanged words with Tang Qin Hao, she was delighted to see this brother of hers.

The word 'little sis' reached the ear of the people surrounding them. So, she was their little sister? But from the information and what they have heard had stated that the Tang Family did not have a girl in their younger generation.

"Go to work. Yu Qi will stay with me, I will teach her." Grandpa Tang told them to go to work.

"Can I stay with little sis?" Tang Jin Wei asked with a sad face, looking at her intently hoping she would agree with him. But clearly, he was digging a hole for himself.

"Jin Wei, if you take a lesson with me, you can stay with Yu Qi." Grandpa Tang said while smiling slyly.

"Huh? What's the lesson about?" Tang Jin Wei did not notice the slyly smile on his grandfather's face, he asked curiously.

"Chinese herbs." Grandpa Tang said.

"I have to go to work now, bye little sis, see you soon" Tang Jin Wei particularly ran away from there, he would rather work then learn about Chinese herb.

"Why does he look so scared?" Yu Qi whispered to Tang Han Lee.

"A long time ago, he took a lesson about Chinese herb, but since he was unwilling to learn, Grandfather punished him by asking him to eat the bitter herbs. From that day on he is scared of Chinese herbs." Tang Han Lee whispered back answering her question.

"Ok, I will go first." Tang Han Lee excused himself as he was done responding to Yu Qi, but he didn't forget to mention. "Grandfather, don't torture Little Sis too much."

His grandfather can overdo sometimes. In addition to that, his little sister was a delicate little girl, he didn't want her to be over exhausted.

"Brat, what do you mean by torture?" Grandpa Tang shouted. He didn't appreciate how that brat described him as a tyrant, clearly, he was a gentle old man. Humph!!!

Tang Jung Wen and Tang Jang Qin went separately to their own workplace, not paying attention to the old man's tantrum.

As for Yu Qi, she followed Grandpa Tang. As they proceed few of doctors came and greeted Grandpa Tang.

"Chairman Tang, good morning." The leader of the doctors greeted Grandpa Tang, respectfully.

"What do you want?" Grandpa Tang asked straightforwardly without any politeness.

"We are doing some research right now, would like you to come and give us some of your opinions?" The leader politely asked. He didn't want to provoke this old man whose mood was the most unpredictable thing ever.

"What kind of research are you doing right now?" Yu Qi interrupted the conversation because she was kind of interested in the research they were talking about.

"Hmm...This is..." The leader hesitated, he turned to Grandpa Tang, as if asking who this young lady was.

"This is my granddaughter and disciple." Grandpa Tang told them her identity.

They heard some rumors about Grandpa Tang taking a disciple, it never crossed their mind that the disciple was his granddaughter. Wait! When did this great doctor have a granddaughter? That question popped in their mind, causing a whirlwind of chaos. However, no one had the incentive to ask who was this girl exactly.

"My granddaughter is asking you a question. Why are you not answering her?" Grandpa Tang asked impatiently.

"It about... Hmm..." The leader of the doctors seemed hesitated to tell her.

"What is it?" Grandpa Tang lost his patience.

"It is the Viagra pill." The leader's face became red when he said it, he was so embarrassed. He really wanted to dig a hole and hide.

"Owh, that pill." Yu Qi casually said it, not bothered by the doctor's embarrassment.

The doctors were speechless. Does this girl know what the Viagra pill is and its effects? How come she knows it?

"Yu Qi dear, do you know about this Viagra pill?" Grandpa Tang asked when he saw her seemed to know about that pill.

"Yeah, I heard about that pill somewhere. It was commonly used on men over the age of 40. It works to increase blood flow to assist men during intercourse."

She explained about the pill without realized the looks given by the doctors, who were dumbfounded when they listened to her explanation.

"Er...Miss Yu Qi, where did you hear about that?" The leader of the doctors asked since it hasn't been used or known by the public.

"I don't remember. Sorry." Yu Qi realized her mistake.

The Viagra pill would be commonly be used in the future. Damn her tongue slipped again. Being from the future was somewhat problematic, she seems like she became the know it all god.

"Hahaha...As expected of my disciple." Grandpa Tang was delighted hence he just ignored that part and sang praise to Yu Qi.

"What are you waiting for? Let go." Grandpa Tang urged the doctors to lead the way to the research lab.

Yu Qi silently followed them. She did not want to be more suspicious.

The doctors showed the research to Grandpa Tang, Grandpa Tang discussed some points to them. Sometimes, he asked his disciple about her opinions.

But, since Yu Qi did not want to show off her knowledge, she just said a little bit, as she did not want to arouse anymore suspicious look, she already has a lot.

She was getting a lot of skeptical look from the doctors ever since she mentioned the effect of the Viagra pill.


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