Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
89 Chapter 89: Hang Ou
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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89 Chapter 89: Hang Ou

As planned, Ming Yue, Su Xiao, and Yu Qi went outside to hang out. The driver drove them to a mall. The two aunties wanted to buy some clothes for Yu Qi.

They dragged Yu Qi into a boutique. The clothes in the boutique were very beautiful. They already made the plan to let Yu Qi tried many clothes. They sat onto the sofa that prepared for the guest after selecting the clothes for Yu Qi to try.

Yu Qi was looking down at the clothes that her aunties wanted her to try. She wanted to cry right now. 'Can I run away now?' She thought about ran away. But she had to think about her aunties first. They just wanted to spend their time with her. It would be rude for her to run away like that. After a second thought, she just gave up. Entering the fitting room, she changed her clothes.

Meanwhile, Ming Yue and Su Xiao were chatting while waiting for Yu Qi. They could not wait to see Yu Qi on the clothes that they choose just now.

"Aunty Ming Yue, Aunty Su Xiao, nice to meet you here." A girl came and greeted two of them.

Ming Yu and Su Xiao turned to the voice direction. A delicate girl appeared to their eyes. Behind her, there were two other girls. They were just smiling faintly to Ming Yue and Su Xiao.

"Are you also want to buy clothes today?" A girl asked.

"Sorry, I don't remember you." Ming Yue politely said that.

The girl's face changed a little bit. A few seconds later, she went back to smile. "Auntie, I'm Ling Zhu Yao. Granddaughter of Ling Man." She explained.

"Owh, I see. That's you. Sorry for not recognizing you." Ming Yue apologized.

"It's okay. Behind me, this is my friends, Su Heng, and Baili Huang." She introduced her friends to them.

"Hello, there." Ming Yue greeted them.

"Hello." The girls greeted.

"So, are you buying clothes too?" Ling Zhu Yao smiled sweetly to Ming Yue and Su Xiao.

"Sort of." Ming Yue replied shortly.

Only Ming Yue just talked with Ling Zhu Yao. Su Xiao did not pay any attention to them. Su Xiao really did not like to talk with someone that she does not know and does not wish to know. In the Tang Family, she was the one who firmly acted like this. She did not sweet talk to other madams.

Ling Zhu Yao felt trouble when Ming Yue did not speak more than that. She wanted to enter the Tang Family as Tang Han Lee or Tang Jin Wei wife so she had to be nice to Ming Yue since Ming Yue is the mother of two of the men. However, seeing Ming Yue seemed did not wish to talk with her, troubling her.

The fitting door in front of them was opened. Yu Qi stepped out of the room. She was wearing the scarlet qipao. The contrast color between the qipao and her skin tone making her look stunning. Ming Yue and Su Xiao got up from their seats and approached Yu Qi.

"Oh, my dear, you are so beautiful." Su Xiao threw praise to Yu Qi.

"Agree with you, Su Xiao. This qipao really suited you." Ming Yue also smiled to Yu Qi.

Ling Zhu Yao felt angry when seeing the two women treated that girl so nicely while they were ignoring her. She wanted to know this girl. If this girl was close to the Ming Yue, she could use that girl as her card. So, she approached them with a smile.

"Aunty Ming Yue, Aunty Su Xiao, may I know this girl is?" Ling Zhu Yao interrupted them.

Ming Yue turned to her. "This is our niece." She did not want Yu Qi to be friends with this girl, so she did not introduce Yu Qi properly to Ling Zhu Yao.

Ming Yue knew Ling Zhu Yao's character. Ling Zhu Yao only wanted to be friends with something that can give her benefit. Ming Yue did not want Yu Qi been used by someone like that.

Yu Qi looked at that girl talking to Ming Yue. She did not wish to talk to that girl. That girl was smiling but her eyes not. Ming Yue put distance between her and that girl. While Su Xiao totally ignored her. So, from what she could conclude, her aunties did not like this girl.

Ling Zhu Yao was embarrassed. Ming Yue just told her that. 'Niece?' Suddenly she remembered what happened on Master Tang's birthday. Her grandfather told her that Master Tang had brought back an unknown girl from the village to Tang House and acknowledged her as his granddaughter. This might be that granddaughter.

Ling Zhu Yao felt hated to this girl. This girl just ruined her opportunity to become the favorite granddaughter of Master Tang. Looking at this scene, Ming Yue like this girl. Ming Yue probably had an intention for this girl to become her daughter in law. Maybe if this girl becomes her daughter in law, Ling Zhu Yao knew Ming Yue will like this girl the most, even if she managed to become Ming Yue's daughter in law.


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