Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
91 Chapter 91: Unexpected Meeting
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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91 Chapter 91: Unexpected Meeting

Yu Qi walked back to her aunties. Her aunties still in the middle of choosing the clothes. Her aunties wanted to buy more clothes for her. This time, she firmly rejected that. She did not want her aunties to waste money for her.

They took a break off from their shopping at a nearby restaurant. Ming Yue suggested for them to eat their lunch since they were here. Yu Qi and Su Xiao agreed to it because they were already hungry.

Their choice of today lunch was Fujian cuisine. But Su Xiao said they needed something stimulated, so she ordered some of Szechuan chili chicken. Yu Qi did not mind because she liked to eat spicy food. The lunch was very funny.

After lunch, they continued to walk around. They just walked to digest their lunch before went back home. Then, they passed a jewelry shop. It seemed to have some jade in that shop.

Yu Qi was like a crazy fan when came to jade. She wanted to walk inside to see if whether there was a good jade that could get her attention.

"Aunties, can we walk inside and take a look?" Yu Qi pointed to the jewelry shop.

"Sure, why not?" Ming Yue said.

The three of them walked in. The sales girl came and greeted them.

"What can I help you, dear customers?" The sales girl keep her best smile and talked to them.

"We just want to look around. If something caught our attention to buy them, we will call you, okay?" Ming Yue said.

"Okay, dear customer. Take your time to browse your jewelry." The sales girl said and step a little further from them. Her eyes still glued to three of them.

They did not angry. It is understandable because the jewelry was not cheap. If something was missing, the first to blame was the sales girl because it was her job.

Yu Qi was browsing the jade section. Jade was her favorite especially blood jade. Her aunties were browsing some jewelry like earring and necklace.

While she surveyed the jade, some commotion happened in the store. There were some women whispered about something. She looked up at the commotion. Then she stunned.

The reason was an Adonis walked into the store. He walked straight to the counter. The woman at the counter was smiling sweetly to the man.

"Yes, sir. What can I help you?" With that smile, she asked the man.

"I want to see Gen Tao. Tell him its about the blood jade earring that I ordered some him last month." The man maintained his cold face while talking to the girl.

"Yes, sir. Please wait for a moment. I will inform him about this." The girl seemed to disappoint that the man ignored her beauty.

"Long Hui?" A woman called his name.

Yes. It was our Long Hui. He turned to the woman who called him. He saw her. He tried to remember this woman. He seemed to know her but did not remember her.

"I'm from Tang Family, Ming Yue. You knew right?" Min Yue said to remind him.

Long Hui nodded to her question. Of course, he remembered the Tang Family. His beloved is a Tang now. He scanned around.

"She is here with us. There she is." Ming Yue laughed. She knew why Long Hui looked around. It was to find Yu Qi. She wanted to help Long Hui. So she pointed out where Yu Qi was.

Yu Qi was like ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) when she saw her aunties pointed out her to Long Hui.

Meanwhile, Long Hui was like ヽ(^Д^)ノ when he saw Yu Qi was here too.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao were excited to see Long Hui and Yu Qi together. It was clear as water that Long Hui liked Yu Qi. From their eyes, Yu Qi seemed to like him unconsciously. She just did not realize it yet.

The girls who in the store was amused as the cold man began to smile handsomely. They wondered why the man changed like this. Then they were disappointed because they could see the reason for the man's change.

"Hi, Yu Qi." Long Hui smiled handsomely to Yu Qi.

"Hi." She greeted Long Hui.

"What are you doing here?" Long Hui asked.

"We came here to do some shopping. I just browsing around." Now she could speak a little bit normal with Long Hui.

"I see." Long Hui scanned her surrounding. Jade section. His beloved really liked jade.

"So, what are you doing here?" Yu Qi was also curious about Long Hui being here.

"I had ordered something with this store. So, I came to collect it." Long Hui did not explain much detail about what he had ordered. It was to be a surprise to his beloved. So, he would not tell her yet.

When Long Hui said like that, she became curious about what he had ordered. But to ask more, she was afraid. She could not just ask him like that. It was embarrassing.

"I see." So that was just she could say.

"Sir, Mr. Gen asked you to enter th VVIP room." A girl came and disturbed their conversation.

Long Hui turned to the girl angrily. She just disturbed his moment with his beloved. The girl became scared when she saw the expression on the handsome man's face.

"Yu Qi, can you wait here for a moment? I will finish my matter as soon as possible." Long Hui asked Yu Qi to wait for him.

He could not let this chance passed. The chance of going date with Yu Qi. This was his off day. The off day was not easy to obtain.

"O...kay." Yu Qi just made a promise to wait for him.


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