Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
94 Chapter 94: Fall In Love Again
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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94 Chapter 94: Fall In Love Again

Yu Qi spent 3 hours together with Long Hui exploring the greenhouse. She also brought many types of seeds. They left the greenhouse around 5 o'clock in the evening.

"Where are we going next?" Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

Obviously, Long Hui did not want to send Yu Qi home yet. The day was not over yet. He wanted to spend more time, just two of them.

"We have one more place to go. After that, I will send straight in front of the Tang House." Long Hui answered.

"Okay." Yu Qi nodded.

They were on the drive for about one and a half hours. Then they arrived at the destination. Yu Qi saw the sea. Long Hui brought her to the beach. The sky started to turn orange.

There was a restaurant nearby. Long Hui choose the perfect place to enjoy their dinner while waiting to see the sunset. The seawater turned to the golden color when the sun was decreasing. It was a lovely scene.

The breeze of the sea made Yu Qi's hair waves around. She was smiling.

Long Hui felt this scene was lovely than anything. Long Hui fell in love again with her.

The dinner was very delicious accompanied with the sound of the sea waves. Yu Qi became more and more comfortable with Long Hui. She responded to his conversation with a little shy. The date with Long Hui turned out to be a fun date.

"When are you going to be a university student?" Long Hui casually asked.

"I have about 2 to 3 months to prepare for it."

"I see. I'm going on a mission next week. So we might not be able to see each other during the time being." Long Hui explained.

"I see." There was a sad tone on her voice.

"I will visit you later if I have free time." Long Hui made a promise.

"Don't force yourself."

"Before I forget about it..." Long Hui searched something in his jacket. He took out a red small box and placed it in front of Yu Qi.

"Congratulation for success on entering your first choice of university. This is my gift. Hope you will like it."

"This is for me?" Yu Qi was kind of speechless when she received a gift from Long Hui.

"Yes, open it." Long Hui urgent her to open it. He wanted to see her reaction when she saw what kind of gift.

Yu Qi took a box and slowly opened it. She was surprised to see the gift. It was a pair of earring. What was more surprised about the earring, it was made from the blood jade. It looked very beautiful. The blood jade was craved with a small rectangular shape. Yu Qi was very happy with this gift.

"You like it?" Long Hui asked.

"Yes, very much. When did you prepare this? What's can I see, this is custom made."

"Right after you came to Yue's home. I had found the blood jade a long ago. Then I asked the jewelry designer to design this earring to you." Long Hui explained.

"How did you know that I like blood jade?" Yu Qi did not remember when she told Long Hui about her liking blood jade.

"From the first time we meet. You brought the blood jade pendant that time. From your expression, I knew that you like blood jade very much." Long Hui recalled their first meeting.

Yu Qi did not expect him to remember that. That was a long time. And that was their first meeting. Usually, people did not pay any attention to people they did not know about. Not to mention for the man handsome like him.

"Thank you. For today and also for this lovely gift. I will treasure it." Yu Qi was grateful for it.

"It was late already. Let me send you home."



"Here we are." They reached the Tang House already.

"Once again, thank you." Yu Qi said before she went out of the car.

"I hope we will go out again in the future." Long Hui smiled to Yu Qi.

"Yes." Yu Qi bowed a little to Long Hui. She went inside the house.

Long Hui stayed in the car for a while until Yu Qi completely out from his sight. After that, he left the house.

Yu Qi entered the house. Steward Hang Ji Chang was there greeted her.

"Welcome home, Young Miss. Do you like some dinner?" Steward Hang Ji Chang asked politely.

"Thank Grandpa Chang. But I already eat dinner. May I know where is everyone?" Yu Qi inquired.

"Everyone was in the living room except Young Master Jin Wei. He is on duty tonight." Steward Hang Ji Chang informed her.

"Okay, thank you." Yu Qi thanked him.

Then she went to the living room. The moment she stepped into the living room, her two aunties, Ming Yue, and Su Xiao came and pulled her hand making her sitting between two of them.

"How it's going?" Ming Yue asked with the tone of excitement.

Su Xiao also looked excited to hear from Yu Qi.

"What?" Yu Qi tried to play the fool.

"Just tell us about your date. It was your first date, right?" Su Xiao smiled.

Yu Qi's face suddenly turned to the tiny red when she hearing the word 'first date'.

"Humph! What is the first date? That was not a date. It just a regular outing." Grandpa Tang interrupted.

He did not like to hear Yu Qi date. Her granddaughter was still young. He did not want her to be taken by someone already.

"We just went somewhere and had dinner. That's all." Yu Qi explained it shortly.

"Good." Grandpa Tang satisfied with her answer.


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