Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
95 Chapter 95: Work On The Greenhouse
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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95 Chapter 95: Work On The Greenhouse

Yu Qi's greenhouse was completed for its building. Now the inside will be fulfilled with the plants. As for the worker, she managed to hire 5 of the worker with the help of Uncle Song Nan. Each of them had knowledge of growing and taking care of the plant.

There were Song Tao and Song Tai, a twin and nephew of Uncle Song Nan, Jung Lian, Lang Bing, and Yin Wen Ding. The twin, Jung Lian, Yin Wei were men. Only Lang Bing was a girl.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Yu Qi. This is my greenhouse. For this greenhouse, I want to grow many types of plants. Especially the Chinese herbs. If you don't know about them, it's okay. I will teach you." Yu Qi spoke for the first time with five of them.

"Miss Yu Qi, don't worry. We knew about the herbs. Uncle Nan taught us about that." One of the twins, Song Jin said politely.

"Really? Great. Owh, one more thing, please call me Yu Qi." Yu Qi felt that calling her 'Miss' was not right. She wanted to interact more with the employee.

"We can't, Miss Yu Qi. You are our employer. We have to treat you politely." Lang Bing rejected.

"That's right. Even our Uncle Nan called you, Miss Yu Qi." Song Tai also argued with that idea.

Yu Qi seemed surprised. She sighed. Seem she could not change their mind on not to call her 'Miss". She gave up. They could call her whatever they preferred.

"Okay, I don't mind. But, I will call you brother and sister. Brother Tao, Brother Tai, Brother Lian, Brother Wen Ding and Sister Bing, welcome. Hope we will get along." Yu Qi bowed a little bit to them.

For five of them felt this girl was mature in thinking. Bowing like this is the form of respect. As they know, the employer doesn't bow to their employee. This made them thought she worth their respect.

"Yes." The five of them answered.

Then they started to work. The greenhouse was divided into 4 sections. Herbs, fruits, vegetables, and lastly flowers. The largest section was herbs, followed by, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Yu Qi divided the five of them according to the section. Song Tai and Song Tao in the herbs section, Jung Lian in the fruits section, Yin Wen Ding in the vegetable section and Lang Bing in the flowers section.

Yu Qi took out the seeds and gave them to plant it. Some of the seeds came from her space, she brought them and Grandpa Tang also gave some to her.

She supervised them working. She told them, don't work so hard. If tired, take a rest. Don't force yourself until faint. That was improved her image between her employees.

"Yu Qi." Someone called her in a loud voice.

Yu Qi knew the owner of the voice. Feng Yue came and visited her.

"Wow, Yu Qi. You are a mess." Feng Yue commented on Yu Qi's appearance right now.

"My dear, I'm working on planting these seeds. Playing with dirt. Of course, I will get dirty." Yu Qi showed some seeds in her hand.

"Just speaking nonsense." Feng Yue laughed off. "But if Brother Hui looks at Yu Qi right now, he might praise you even you covered with the dirt." Feng Yue teased her best friend.

"How dare you tease me like that. Take this." Yu Qi rubbed her dirty hand to Feng Yue's hand.

"Yu Qi." Feng Yue wanted to catch Yu Qi.

Yu Qi ran away from Feng Yue. The chasing between those two occurred. Lucky the greenhouse was still had a lot of space for them to run. The scream could be heard during the chase.

Five of the employees smiled when they saw their lady boss looked like the normal teenager right now. When they first met and talked to her, they felt that their lady boss was a little bit mature than her age.

About 45 minutes, Feng Yue had been chasing Yu Qi. Feng Yue started to show some fatigue while Yu Qi still in her full energy. Feng Yue stopped running. She took breaths.

"Yu Qi, how could you not tired after all this running?" Feng Yue asked Yu Qi after Yu Qi also stopped running.

"My dear, if you train yourself every day, you will be like me too." Yu Qi said.

Well, she had been trained outside and inside her space. In the morning, she running about 2 kilometers. Then at night, in her space, she training her martial art. That made her body stronger than Feng Yue.

"Train? No, thank. I will train when my Brother Hui came only. I don't want to tire myself. Owh, speaking about Brother Hui, I heard from my maternal grandfather that he went to a mission. I worried about him" Feng Yue changed the topic to Long Hui.

"Yes, I know about it." Yu Qi also worried about him. The soldier went for the mission if they were not careful enough, they might lose their life. She just hoped that Long Hui managed to take care of his life.

"Huh? How did you know about that?" Feng Yue felt weird. She did not know about that until her maternal grandfather told her about that. How does Yu Qi manage to know it first hand?

"I heard from himself."

"What? When?"

"We meet in FIN City last week. He told me that he was going on a mission this week."

Feng Yue's eyes lifted up. It was a piece of news for her. Her Brother Hui took an advance on telling Yu Qi that. Her Brother Hui never told anyone if he went to the mission in the past.

"Hohoho...Young miss, is that something that I don't know between you two?" Feng Yue made a weird laugh.

Yu Qi thought she made a mistake on telling Feng Yue that she knew about Long Hui was going on a mission. Feng Yue would not stop pestering her telling about the detail. Yu Qi gave up on running. So, instead of running, she told Feng Yue about her meeting Long Hui during her outing with her two aunties. She made a little lie. She did not tell Feng Yue about her date with Long Hui.


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