Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
97 Chapter 97: Nice To Meet You Again, Bitch
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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97 Chapter 97: Nice To Meet You Again, Bitch

"Remember to take care of yourself. Don't forget your meal." Yu Qi had been heard about this since yesterday.

Her aunties keep repeating the same advice or some kind like that. Yu Qi just nodded and smiled to her aunties. They were worried about her staying alone in the room. Yu Qi had been asked by her aunties about that.

"Why are you staying alone in this room? Should the room consist of two people?"

"This is my request to have the room for myself. It was more convenient for me. I also brought Aoi here. A student who shared this room with me might not like it. So, I request not to share a room with anyone."

Yes, it was her personal request to have this room for her alone. Not sharing with anyone. This allowed her to enter her space freely in the room. If she was sharing the room with another student, it would not easy to enter her space. This was one of her conditions if Starlight University wanted to recruit her as its student.

Bringing Aoi and stayed with him in the room was also one of her conditions. The university permitted students to bring their pet but they had to take care of the pet carefully. If the pet made any trouble to others, they must leave their pet outside the university. Because of this rule, many students don't bring their pet to the university.

Yu Qi had no such problem. Aoi was not a normal pet. He possesses intelligent like a human. He could understand human speech.

Yu Qi started to unpack her bag and arrange her things into the proper place. She will live in this room for 4 years. She would decorate this room according to her taste. Aoi wanted to help her master but with his small body, it would not help at all. Aoi sat in the corner feeling helpless.

"Don't sulk like that. This is not easy for you. I will ask your help if required, okay?" Yu Qi coaxed Aoi.

'Okay.' Aoi answered but still in sulking.

"I will take you for a walk after this." She said.

Aoi became happy when his master promised him for a walk. Yu Qi smiled when seeing the change in Aoi's mood. Yu Qi also wanted to take a walk. She wanted to look at the university. Tomorrow, there would be starting for orientation week. She would be busy by then.

After one and a half hour, she finished all the work. She did not have many things from the beginning making her work finished faster.

"Aoi, come. We are going for a walk. Behave yourself okay?" Before stepped out of her room, she reminded Aoi.

'Don't worry, master.'

The master and the beast left their room and walked around the university. Starlight University was a big university. She just walked about 10% of the university. During their walk, they saw cafes, exercise ground, and many other facilities. Yu Qi also found a convenience store.

"Cute dog. Come here." A girl's voice stopped their walk.

Aoi did not move closer to that girl. He just stayed at the place where he stopped. The girl did not stop there. She moved closer to Aoi wanting to pet his head.

"Come here." Yu Qi called Aoi to come to her side.

Hearing his master order, he walked to his master. He took a glance at his master. His master face looked normal. However, there was some chilling feel on his master face. Like she wanted to kill someone right now.

The girl looked up at the owner of the cute dog she saw just now. She was surprised to see the owner of the cute dog was a beautiful girl. Look at this girl she assumed this girl was like her. A new first-year student. She was taken a like at her dog. She must befriend with this beautiful girl.

"Hi, you must be a first-year student like me, right? I'm Fung Meng Xuan. I'm studying Psychology Course." She introduced herself.

"I don't intend to become a friend to you. Excuse me." Yu Qi coldly spoke like that to Fung Meng Xuan who had been smiling like an idiot.

Then Yu Qi walked passed by Fung Meng Xuan. She had to stay away from her. Otherwise, she would kill that girl on the spot.

Yes, she was that bitch who had seduce her fiance, plotted with her relative to poison her grandfather, cut off her hands and legs while Yu Qi had to see her hands and legs had been cut off and threw the remaining body into the forest leaving her as the food to the animal in the forest.

Yu Qi also first met Fung Meng Xuan on the first day when she enrolled in the university as her grandfather in her past life requested. She also used that smile to introduce herself to Yu Qi. She also taking the same course as the past life.

Yu Qi was emitted a cold aura. While her face was smiling but not her eyes. Aoi was startled when seeing his master like this. This was his first time seeing his master like this. He wondered what kind of relationship that her master and that woman had before. He knew that after seeing that woman, his master turned like this.

"Nice to meet you again, bitch." She said while gave a cold smile.


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