Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
99 Chapter 99: Orientation
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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99 Chapter 99: Orientation

Yu Qi woke up at six o'clock in the morning. Her body already had its own timer. She would automatically wake up at that hour. Refresh herself, then turned into the sports attire. She walked out of her room together with Aoi.

She was kind of forcing Aoi to join her for her morning exercise. At first, Aoi did not want to follow her. After she said she wanted to make Aoi as her genuine pig, testing her poison, Aoi more happily on joining her. He did not want to suffer that.

The female hostel was completely in silence. No everyone had yet woke up. Yu Qi walked soundlessly. Her train in martial arts was very useful. Stepping out from the female hostel, she started to stretching. Feeling her body finally warmed up, she was jogging slowly. She wanted to familiar with the path.

Using Bo Ya as her calculator, she knew how far she had been jogging. She had been jogging about 3km for a half hour. Thinking she still got time, she ran another 3km.

One hour completed for her morning exercise. She went back to her room to prepare for the orientation. She already got the schedule for the orientation when she was registered as the new student. The problem began at 8 a.m. She took a bath and turned to casual attire.

Exiting her room, she could see other students exited their room too. Because of the room designed for two students, normally the two students walked together. She walked alone. About Aoi, she sent him into her space. He could play with Bo Ya.

"Morning." A girl greeted her.

"Good morning." Yu Qi also greeted her.

Then from behind, a voice greeted Yu Qi.

Without acknowledged that greeting, Yu Qi just simply walked away. The person who greeted her was feeling embarrassed when her greet was not been answered.

"Hey, are you deaf?" A girl blocked Yu Qi's path.

"What?" Yu Qi asked.

"Meng Xuan said 'morning' to you. Why are you not answering her?" This girl might be Fung Meng Xuan's roommate.

"Then, let me ask you. Why should I answer her?" Yu Qi threw the question to that girl.

The girl who been asked Yu Qi was stunned to hear the question from Yu Qi. She could not understand. It was normal to greet back someone who greeted you.

Fung Meng Xuan pulled her friend's hand. "It's okay, Jan Di." Fung Meng Xuan was activated her white lotus character.

"But Meng Xuan..." Heng Jan Di wanted to retort.

Fung Meng Xuan was shaking her face.

"Can I go now? I don't want to be penalized because of you." Yu Qi was bored to see the drama now.

Without waiting for their answer, she passed by the two of them. She clearly told Fung Meng Xuan that she did not want to be her friend. Even did not want to talk to her.

Yu Qi entered the hall full with the new students. Their faces appeared in happiness and slightly nervous about the new environment. Yu Qi just sitting in the corner without talking to anyone.

A man appeared as the senior student walked up to the stage. He touched the microphone and tested. After confirmed the microphone was completely working, he started to speak to the new students.

"Welcome my juniors to Starlight University. I'm Ting Quan, your head of facilitator. I have about a hundred seniors students that acted as a facilitator that will help you to get know better about this university. First, I need all of you to form rows. On my left is the men and on my right is the women. Let's move." Senior Ting Quan quickly gave instruction to the new students.

The students move according to what they been asked to. Yu Qi also moved to the women rows. In 15 minutes, the students were arranged in perfect rows.

"Okay, thank you for dear brothers and sisters. Let's move to the next section. The next section is the speech from the alumni department. Make sure you don't fall into sleep, okay?" Senior Ting Quan made jokes making the new students laughed.

The person was walked up to the stage made his speech. Well, his speech was about the history of Starlight University. Also its achievement in the nation. Yeah, that speech already made the students sleepy. However, they tried so hard to make sure that it was not so obvious that they were sleepy.

After one and a half hour, the speech was over. The students made some noise feeling happy after hearing some boring speech. Yu Qi felt it was a waste of time hearing that speech. They should put some fun for the slot.

"Okay, wake up guys. The speech was over." That sentence gained a lot of laugh from the students. "We give you a 30 minutes break. There are some food and minutes outside the hall. You can get it. After 30 minutes, we will start our next slot." Senior Ting Quan said to the students.

The hungry students went out to get their food. Well, the boys conquered the food table first. Fortunately, the food table was divided into two. One for the girls and one for the boys.

Yu Qi walked slowly toward the food. Yu Qi also wanted to get some food. She was thinking to give some food to Aoi in her space. Her little puppy might also hungry as well. When she waited to her queue, she saw someone. She was totally shocked when seeing that person.


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