Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
100 Chapter 100: It“s Really You.
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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100 Chapter 100: It“s Really You.

Yu Qi turned to a better view. Unfortunately, that person was disappeared from her view. Impossible. That person would not be here. She convinced herself about that matter.

It was her turn to take the food. She went to someplace that hidden from anyone. After confirming no one was there, she entered her space. Bo Ya and Aoi pounced to her.

"Why are you here, master?" Bo Ya asked. It was unusual to her master to come at this time. From his knowledge, this was morning outside the space.

"I have a 30 minutes break. I have about 15 minutes to go. So I can spend about 45 minutes here." Yu Qi made a quick calculation. "Aoi, Bo Ya, here food."

Yu Qi shared her portion with Bo Ya and Aoi. The glutton Aoi quickly swallowed the food. While Bo Ya using his small hand, he grabbed the food and eat it cutely. Bo Ya liked to taste outside food. Usually, he eats something in this space only. Like fruit and vegetables. After Yu Qi became his master, he could taste something different than usual.

"Master, how about you cook here?" Bo Ya suggested.

"Here?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yes, you can cook here too. You can use ingredients here too. Well, for some meat, you can bring them from outside." Bo Ya was very excited. Why he did not think about this earlier?

"Well, I can cook here. But I'm not promised. I'm busy. You know my schedule." Yu Qi did not want Bo Ya hoping so much. It will be more disappointed later.

"Okay, master." Bo Ya nodded.

"I want to eat Master's food too." Aoi also nodded.

Yu Qi laughed when hearing a cute voice from Aoi. The breeze was very relaxing. Yu Qi wanted to sleep but she had to endure. It will be troublesome if she was late for the next slot.

"My cuties, I have to go outside now."

The two cuties made the salute stand. ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ.

Yu Qi saw that was laughing. She went out of her space. The next slot would start about 5 minutes more. She entered the hall. Like always she was standing in the corner.

"Hi, brothers and sisters. The break was over. Now we are going to introduce ourselves to our friend. Don't worry. We are not going to call you one by one up here to introduce yourself. Your facilitators hold some boxes that contained small paper. In that paper contains a number. The one who picks the same number is in one group. So please picks your number." Senior Ting Quan gave his order.

The new student went to the facilitators that holding the boxes. Everyone was picking their number including Yu Qi. Her number was number 10. She was looking around searching for group number 10. The students started to call their number. With that, she found her group.

However, she found out she was unlucky. That Fung Meng Xuan was in her group too. It was very unlucky of her. She sighed. In the group, there were about 20 students. She might don't have to interact with Fung Meng Xuan at all.

"Okay, I see everyone already in their group. I will explain this slot. You can introduce yourself to everyone. The first student introduces herself or himself. Then the next student, remember to say the student name before her or him before you introduce yourself, okay? You can tell anything about yourself during the introduction. But make sure it is not long. There will be two facilitators that will monitor you. Have fun." Senior Ting Quan ended his speech.

The facilitator began to introduce herself. It will be continued until Yu Qi's turn. The person before her was named Liang Heng Pao.

"Hi Liang Heng Pao and everyone. I'm Tang Yu Qi. I came from S Town. Taking a medical course. Nice to meet you." Yu Qi made a short introduction.

"Yu Qi...Yu Qi... Wait are you the one with the full scorer in the nation?" Someone called Ting Mong in the group asked Yu Qi.

"Well...yes." Yu Qi made an awkward smile.

"Wow, that 'Yu Qi' in my group. Never expect that 'Yu Qi' in our group. Nice to meet you, Yu Qi. Oh, sorry, can I call you Yu Qi?" Another student called Hong Jeng Ping, he asked her permission.

She smiled. It will be weird if she did not give permission about that. "Okay."

"Okay, guys, let's finish our introduction first. You can chat later." The facilitator, Senior Sheng Mei calmed her group.

Then the introduction continued. All the student finished introduced themselves.

"We still have time to finish this slot. You can talk among yourself." Senior Sheng Mei said.

"Yu Qi, what method you used to get the perfect score in all subject."

"Yu Qi, I admire you. I glad that I'm in the same group as you."

"Yu Qi, what are you used as your skincare? You look so beautiful."

Yu Qi was attacked by the people in her group. She was smiling and responding to each of them. Only Fung Meng Xuan, Yu Qi ignored her completely.

Facing Fung Meng Xuan like this, it triggered her past. When she asking for her reason on doing that thing. Her hate toward Fung Meng Xuan was increased. She could still remember that pain that she felt that time. Her hands...Her legs...Her desperate situation.

"Sheng Mei, I'm done the task."

That voice. She did not forget that voice. She remembered that voice. Totally remembered it.

'Bai Shu Jin. It's really you.'


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