Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
101 Chapter 101: Lost Consciousness
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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101 Chapter 101: Lost Consciousness

Her body was trembling so much. Her head was low down making anyone could not see her face. Her hands made a fist shape. She tried to control her body.

That face... that face...that face... Her body released the cold aura. The temperature around her seemed to drop making everyone felt cold.

Bo Ya and Aoi were alarmed in the space. They felt their master was consumed by the hate. That could be bad if this continued. They could not go outside without Yu Qi. They had to calm down through the telepathy.

'Master, wake up.' Bo Ya screamed.

'Master, calm down. Not let hate control you. Master!!!' Aoi also screamed.

They continuously screamed calling her master through their telepathy. Yu Qi still did not react to her cuties calling. In the mind, the last moment of her previous life was played. She remembered that she tried to beg the couple in front of her. Begging her life. But the couple just laughed at her begging.

They acted Yu Qi was like an animal that they wanted to dispose. Yu Qi did not mind if she would be killed instantly. However, they tortured her by cutting off her fingers first, followed by her hands and her legs.

"Bo Ya, the master was not responding to us. What should we do?" Aoi asked in a panic.

Bo Ya also panic. If they could get out of the space, they could get made their master woke up. But they could not. There was only one thing to make Yu Qi woke up but a lot of sacrifices would be needed.

"You have a way right to wake up Master?" Aoi asked when he saw Bo Ya in silent thinking of something.

"Yes, but..." Bo Ya was hesitated to tell Aoi.

"Just tell me." Aoi wanted to save his master.

"You are bounded by blood contract. If you injured, Master also could feel it too. But you have to gravely injured..." Bo Ya could not continue the sentence.

"Then let's do it." Aoi did not hesitate at all.

"But..." Bo Ya did not want to make Aoi injured.

"We did not have time to think anymore. It will be very bad if this continued."


Bo Ya took his distance between Aoi. He made a white light on his small hand. The white light grew big and big. The size became big as Aoi. Then he threw that white light to Aoi.

Aoi closed his eyes. He could feel some wave toward him. Boom!!! The impact was heavy. His body was hurt very badly. He could not describe the pain. Bo Ya ran to him.

"Aoi, are you okay?"


Meanwhile, Yu Qi coughed some blood the moment the white light hit Aoi. She received the same of the pain that Aoi felt. The people that sat close to her could see the blood that she coughed. Everyone became panic.

They turned to Yu Qi. Yu Qi's body was already laid back on the floor. She had lost her consciousness. Sheng Mei asked the others to give way for her. She tried to calm down. Panic would not help at all.

Bai Shu Jin picked Yu Qi's body. He brought her to the treatment room near the hall. He put Yu Qi very carefully on the bed. He did not know why his heart felt weird when he saw this girl coughed some blood. This was his first time meeting this girl. He was pretty sure that he did not meet this girl before. Then, why he felt like this? Bai Shu Jin had asked himself that question.

"What was happened?" Ting Quan entered the room and asked Sheng Mei that also there too.

"Quan, I don't know. We finished our slot. So, I let them talked among them. I was talking to Shu Jin. Suddenly, this girl was coughing some blood and lost her consciousness." Sheng Mei explained the situation.

Ting Quan nodded. " Let's call Professor Chu Yan." He asked another facilitator to call Professor Chu Yan. Gladly this university was also a medical university. They would not lack any doctor.

Professor Chu Yan came. He inquired what had happened. Ting Quan and Sheng Mei told him what had happened. After hearing it, Professor Chu Yan inspected Yu Qi's body.

"Bring this student to our medical facilities. I will look at her there." Professor Chu Yan asked. "You can continue your job. I will inform you later about this student."

So, Yu Qi was brought to another place. Professor Chu Yan tried to find the cause that made this student coughed the blood and lost consciousness. He made Yu Qi undergo some test. It turned out it was okay. He scanned Yu Qi's body but disappointed to find anything unusual.

Professor Chu Yan called his colleagues to help him found this cause. All of them did not succeed in finding the cause. Yu Qi still lost her consciousness. Professor Chu Yan and other doctors tried to make Yu Qi woke up but still fail.


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