Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
102 Chapter 102: Princess Of Tang Family
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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102 Chapter 102: Princess Of Tang Family

Professor Chu Yan and other doctors took other tests and still found nothing that caused Yu Qi's situation. Professor Chu Yan sighed. This must be informed to Yu Qi's relative. They could not hide the situation. It will be more troublesome if things became more and more serious.

Professor Chu Yan made a call to Grandpa Tang. He did not know that Yu Qi was the granddaughter of the man known as God of Medicine. He told the truth about Yu Qi. Grandpa Tang was shocked hearing the granddaughter coughed some blood and went into a coma. He threw his work aside and made a trip to the Tang House at FINN City.

Arriving there, he called all the family members including Tang Qin Hao and told the situation to his family. Others became worried when hearing Yu Qi's condition especially Ming Yue and Su Xiao. They made a trip to Starlight University.

Professor Chu Yan the one who received the Tang Family was shocked to see the legend here. He recognized the old man that lead the others. He was that Tang Jiang Man. He also recognized Tang Jung Wen as the current head of the Tang Hospital, Tang Jang Qin, Tang Han Lee, Tang Jin Wei, and even Tang Qin Hao was here.

'What is this? Why all of them were here?' He thought he called Yu Qi's family to discuss the condition of Yu Qi. Then he tried to recall Yu Qi's name. TANG YU QI. Is she is the princess of the Tang Family? He became nervous.

"Where is my granddaughter?" Grandpa Tang asked with force.

"This way." Professor Chu Yan leads the way to where Yu Qi was placed. That girl really the princess of the Tang Family.

They arrived the Yu Qi's room. Ming Yue and Su Xiao quickly entered the room and ran to Yu Qi's side. They saw Yu Qi seemed to sleep deeply. Grandpa Tang took Yu Qi's hand and tried to read her pulse. He took five minutes then he put away Yu Qi's hand.

"Father, how is she?" Tang Jung Wen asked his father.

"Her pulse is normal. Like she is just sleeping." Grandpa Tang answered.

"Did you do the Electroencephalography (EEG) [1] test? Let me see it." Tang Qin Hao asked Professor Chu Yan seriously.

"Yes, this way." Professor Chu Yan knew this young man's achievement. He was the best neurologist. He was a genius in his path.

Others also followed Professor Chu Yan. Only Ming Yue and Su Xiao were left at Yu Qi's side. They wanted to accompany their niece. It was not long after they received love from their niece. They did not want Yu Qi to leave them already.

In the other room, Professor Chu Yan asked another doctor to show the result of the Electroencephalography (EEG) test on the computer. Tang Qin Hao took a seat in front of the computer. He slowly analyzed the data pattern on the computer.

"What did you find from this data?" Tang Jin Wei asked her younger cousin.

"It was weird. That first pattern is shown she was sleeping then...Here, look at this pattern, it shows some activity in her brain." Tang Qin Hao circling the pattern in his finger and continued. "Then here, it shows many activities in her brain. This means chaos."

"Chaos?" Tang Han Lee asked the meaning of that term.

"Yes, she was in a dream. Most likely in a nightmare." Tang Qin Hao explained.

"Then, when she will wake up?" Tang Jung Wen's turn to ask.

"Should we wake up her, then?" Tang Jang Qin interrupted.

"I don't know when he will wake up. We could not force her to wake up. It will be dangerous for her. The best time was to wait for her to wake up on her own." Tang Qin Hao explained to them about the danger.

"So, she is in the coma state?" Tang Jin Wei wanted a confirmation.

"Yes." Tang Qin Hao nodded.

"I suppose you already make a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test [2], right?" Tang Jung Wen turned his attention to Professor Chu Yan.

"Yes, nothing was wrong with her body." Professor Chu Yan said and show the result of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test.

The Tang people took a look at the result. They could see that was nothing's wrong with her body. Then, the question pops up in their brains. 'Why did she coughed some blood before she turned into this state?' They went outside the room and with a serious face.

"So, what should we doing now?" Tang Jin Wei asked his grandfather.

Grandpa Tang did not answer his grandson's question. He was still thinking about his beloved granddaughter. It just only one day she parted from him. It had happened. He signed.

"Professor Chu Yan." Someone was called Professor Chu Yan.

Professor Chu Yan turned to the voice. He saw the students that in-charge of the new student, Ting Quan, Sheng Mei, and Bai Shu Jin standing behind him.


"Can we know the condition of the student, Tang Yu Qi now?" Ting Quan made inquiries about Yu Qi. It was already 3 days since that incident happened. Other students also wanted to know about Yu Qi.

Professor Chu Yan hesitated to tell the students about Yu Qi's condition. He had to get permission from Yu Qi's family. So he turned to Grandpa Tang.

"This is..." Tang Han Lee asked Professor Chu Yan about the three strangers.

"This is the senior students in charge of the new student. They are the ones who saw Yu Qi before the incident happened." Professor Chu Yan introduced the student to the Tang Family. " Ting Quan, Sheng Mei, and Bai Shu Jin."

"We are Yu Qi's family. Can you tell me how's Yu Qi before she coughed the blood and faint?" Tang Qin Hao asked.

"I'm the one with Yu Qi right before that happened. She was very friendly. Everyone talked to her when they got to know she was the rumor perfect scorer. Then my friend, Bai Shu Jin came and we talked for about 5-10 minutes, then that incident happened." Sheng Mei tried to recall the incident.

"She is now in a coma. We will only about one day more. If she did not manage to wake up here, we will transform her to our hospital." Grandpa Tang made a decission.

Other Tang Family members nodded hearing Grandpa Tang's decision.


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