Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
111 Chapter 111: A Challenge From Someone
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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111 Chapter 111: A Challenge From Someone

Yu Qi found her friends together with Fung Meng Xuan. They just outside the shooting club ground. They were among the audience that watched Yu Qi shoot.

"Yu Qi, you are amazing. How do you know to shot?" Song Ha Ting asked about that.

Yu Qi smiled. "I learn about it before."

"I hear that you living in a remote area. So where are you learn about that?" Fung Meng Xuan asked. She felt that Yu Qi learned from Long Hui since Long Hui was in the military.

Yu Qi totally ignored Fung Meng Xuan. The atmosphere became weird. Fung Meng Xuan was embarrassed since Yu Qi did not answer her.

Liang Heng Pao spoke to Yu Qi asking the same question that Fung Meng Xuan asked just now. "Yeah, Yu Qi. Tell us. Where do you learn it?"

"The place that I grow up has a military camp. I sneak up once and saw the training once." Yu Qi lied to them. Of course, that was not true. It was the same excuse she used to Long Hui about her shooting.

"I see. But by only learn once, you can shoot very well. As expected genius." Song Ha Ting praised Yu Qi.

Fung Meng Xuan grabbed her hand behind her back. She grabbed so hard that she could feel the pain. Yu Qi ignored her again. 'Who do you think you are? If not because of that handsome man, I will not thicken my face talking to you.'

Yu Qi saw Fung Meng Xuan's expression by one glance. 'What? Angry? I told you from the beginning, don't talk to me. You are the shameless person who wants to speak to me.'

They walked around again. Yu Qi saw the second club that she wished to see. The martial arts club. Many students were gathered around the stage. The two men were waiting to fight. At their hands, they held two wooden sticks that its long similar to a sword. Then the match began.

Yu Qi knew quickly what kind of martial arts shown by them a few moments after the match started. It was Arnis. The martial art from the Philippines. She happened to know about this martial art when she went through a part of the martial art section in her space. She thought it was interesting so she kind of learns Arnis martial art with her instructor.

Ten minutes later, the match was finished. The referee asked if someone wanted to try to learn the martial art. Yu Qi was eager to try. She practiced it with her instructor but not with an alive human. So, she wanted to test.

One of the men that fighting before showed some easy moves for Yu Qi to learn. She pretended to learn it. Then she asked the men as her sparring partner. The man accepted.

Yu Qi began sparring with the man. She attacked the man with the moves that the man taught before. Slowly she increased her speed. The man shocked. This girl's speed increased. She became more and faster attacked the man. She used more complex techniques to attack the man.

Then she stopped when her weapon was right in front of the man's face. Yu Qi retreated her weapon and thank the man for the match. The audience was cheering for her.

"Come and join our club. You are talented to learn martial arts." The man invited Yu Qi.

"Thank you, senior. However, I want to check other clubs as well." Yu Qi did not reject them directly.

"Hey, that girl was at the shooting ground just now, right?"

"Yeah, I saw she shot the bullseyes. It was amazing. I bet that people in the shooting club want her to enter their club as well."

"I think she should enter the martial arts club. The way she fighting is beautiful. Like she was dancing."

Many students who came to see the clubs talked about Yu Qi. The one who been talked about was ignorant of the talk about her and focused on what she wanted to do.

"Where do you want to go next, Yu Qi?" Song Ha Ting excited to see what Yu Qi would do next.

"Archery. It should be fun." Yu Qi was also excited.

Students who been heard Yu Qi talked to her friend about she wanted to go to see the archery club spread among the students. They wanted to see what she was going to do at the archery club. Yu Qi went to the archery club.

However, she was totally shocked when she saw many students at the archery club. 'Do they all want to check the archery club? Archery club is very famous.' Yu Qi nodded. She thought it was going to be hard to check the club with many people here.

"I gave up. There are many students here. I will check them later." Yu Qi turned and wanted to leave.


Yu Qi heard the word but she did not stop. She did not think that the owner of the voice was referring to her.

"You, I said wait. Can you hear me?" Yu Qi was blocked by someone. Well, not someone. That, someone, had been followed by another two girls as well. There was a group of 3 girls.

"Sorry, I don't know that you talked to me just now." Yu Qi apologized.

"Humph. Excuse." The girl behind said arrogantly.

"She already apologizes." Song Ha Ting retorted.

"So, why you telling me to wait?" Yu Qi was still not angry at seeing their attitude.

"Come and compete with me in archery." The girl in front of Yu Qi smiled innocently.


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