Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
114 Chapter 114: I“m Simply Hate You
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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114 Chapter 114: I“m Simply Hate You

Yu Qi woke up feeling refresh. Aoi also woke up together with his master. He was waiting for his master at the door to go out for their morning exercise. They went out of the room. As usual, the early morning at the female hostel was silent. Only a few girls already woke up.

Yu Qi started to stretch and jogging. She saw someone of the student that also do the morning jogging. After 1 hour of jogging, she went back to the hostel. On her way back, she saw someone that she did not want to see.

"Hi, Miss Tang." Bai Shu Jin greeted her.

Yeah, it was Bai Shu Jin. The last time she saw him on the day she checked the clubs. She gave an indifferent look to Bai Shu Jin. Then she turned to walk away from him.

"Wait." Bai Shu Jin grabbed her hand.

Then he heard some growl like an angry dog. He looked around and saw a Siberian puppy growled to him. It looked very angry.

Aoi growled angrily to this man. He remembered this man was the reason that his master was out of control. He could not let this man near his master. He would lose his master.

Bai Shu Jin quickly let go Yu Qi's hand and stepped back. He could see that the puppy was protecting Yu Qi. Even though it was a puppy, Bai Shu Jin could not take the risk of being bitten by a puppy.

"Miss Tang, I just want to have a little talk with you." Bai Shu Jin used his charm. He knew girls could not resist his charm. Yu Qi maybe likes them too.

"Senior Bai, there is nothing to us to talk with." Yu Qi was eyeing Bai Shu Jin with cold eyes.


"Let me tell you. I don't want to have any kind of relationship with you, not even friend." Yu Qi stated her true feeling.

"For what's the reason?"

"I simply hate you. Is this reason enough?" Yu Qi did not wait for his response left the place.

Bai Shu Jin stunned at the place. This is the first time a girl said that she hated him for no reason. He did not know what he did wrong. The first time he met her at the orientation program. But at the moment, he just saw she coughed some blood and faint right away.

The second time, at the treatment room. He became relief when he heard that she gained consciousness. He wanted to visit her but embarrassed. He was lucky that his friend wanted to visit her so he accompanied them. When he met her eyes, he could tell that he was unwelcome there.

Then when he saw a man ran inside and hugged her without any objection from her, he felt like his heart had been sliced. He felt very uncomfortable. Even he did not know why he felt like this.


The class for the first semester began. Yu Qi felt nostalgic. She already experienced university life thank his grandfather in her past life.

Song Ha Ting took the same class with Yu Qi sat beside her sighed.

"Yu Qi, I start to think whether I'm fit or not to be a doctor." Song Ha Ting said while sighed several times.

"It just a beginning. How can you give up?" Ding Na An said to encourage her friend.

"That's right." Yu Qi also agreed with that. "But let me ask you something. Is this your choice to study medical course?"

"Yes, it is my choice. I want to become a doctor to help everyone." Sing Ha Ting strike some pose.

Ding Na An laughed and Yu Qi sighed. They noticed sometimes Song Ha Ting behaves like a kid.

"Let go eat. I'm hungry." Ding Na An invited two of them.

So, they went to the nearby cafe. Well nearby...It took almost 20 minutes walking. They have to go to the outside cafe because the cafe inside the medical faculty building undergoes some renovation. The renovation might take about four to five months to complete.

On their way to the cafe, they encountered someone. Yu Qi narrowed her eyes when saw that person. Like other say, the enemy always bumped in a narrow way.

"Hi. Are you on the way for lunch too?" The cheerful voice belonged to Fung Meng Xuan.

She was together with her three friends. Look like she also on the way for lunch.

"Yes." Song Ha Ting answered her.

"What a coincidence, we also go for lunch. We can lunch together." Fung Meng Xuan invited them.

Of course, it was her camouflage. She wanted to see Yu Qi and have some talk to her. This would increase the relationship between them. With that, she could freely ask about Long Hui.

"No." Yu Qi quickly rejected that.

They were stunned especially the three of Fung Meng Xuan's friend. Ding Na An and Song Ha Ting already knew about her dislike toward Fung Meng Xuan, so they were not surprised when Yu Qi rejected that idea of having lunch with Fung Meng Xuan.

"But why Yu Qi?" Fung Meng Xuan asked in a hurt voice.

"Because I don't like it. And Miss Fung, we are not close. Please call me Miss Tang." Yu Qi answered her bluntly.

"She is kind to ask you to join the lunch. Why are you acting like this?" One of Fung Meng Xuan snapped. Fung Meng Xuan was her friend. She could not sit and do nothing when her friend was treated in a ridiculous way.

"So, if she asks, I have to follow her? Who you think she is? The princess?" Yu Qi retorted. "It is my choice to accept and reject." Yu Qi gave some cold look to that girl.

That girl felt like a knife had been pointed to her neck when she looked at Yu Qi's eyes.

"Let's go. I'm hungry. Sorry, Miss Fung. We can't join you." Song Ha Ting pulled Yu Qi from there. Ding Na An just followed them.


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