Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
115 Chapter 115: It“s Mine
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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115 Chapter 115: It“s Mine

Yu Qi brought chicken rice while Song Ha Ting ordered some spaghetti and Ding Na An brought hotspot noodles. They took their food and sat down at the table.

They began to enjoy their lunch. Ding Na An totally hungry eating the noodles very fast. Ten minutes, she finished her meal. She just had to wait for her friends to finish their meal.

"Hmm... Yu Qi, can I ask you something?" Ding Na An hesitated to ask the question.

"I guess you want to know why I act like that toward Miss Fung Meng Xuan." Yu Qi made a guess.

Ding Na An smiled awkwardly. Song Ha Ting also wanted to know the reason.

"Instinct." She answered in a single word.

Song Ha Ting: "Huh?"

Din Na An: "What?"

"I just find uncomfortable being friend with her. Just that reason." Yu Qi ignored the reaction from her friends. "I want to befriend to someone that I'm comfortable with. So I don't have to be on my guard."

Song Ha Ting and Ding Na An looked at each other. They thought it was very reasonable to Yu Qi felt that.

"I see. Well, I can't comment on that. It is your choice." Song Ha Ting nodded her head.

"Me too." Ding Na An also agreed with Song Ha Ting's statement.

"Woof." A cute voice of the dog barking at them.

'Master, I'm hungry.' Aoi appeared at Yu Qi's legs.

"Kyaa!! Aoi is here." Song Ha Ting behaved like a crazy fan. She always reacted like this when seeing Aoi.

A first, Aoi was putting a guard against her but after a while, he became familiar with Song Ha Ting. So, his guard was down. Letting Song Ha Ting do whatever she wants to do.

Ding Na An shakes her hand several times. She already knew that this girl had an extreme like toward Yu Qi's dog. Yu Qi's dog seemed a clever dog. She also likes him but not so extreme like Song Ha Ting.

"Aoi, wait here. I will get some food for you." Yu Qi finished her meal and went to buy food for Aoi.

'Master, please come back quickly. I don't like to stay with this girl. She is weird.' Aoi talked to her through telepathy.

"Don't worry. It's not going to take a long time." Yu Qi patted his head.

Sometimes Ding Na An felt that Yu Qi and her dog could talk to each other when seeing their interaction.

Song Ha Ting was playing with Aoi's paws while Aoi completely ignored her. She did not mind Aoi's attitude toward her. She already felt blessed that he letting her touched him like this. She had extreme like to dogs, however, dogs seemed to hate her. They ran away if they saw her. Not to mention patted them. So when looked at Aoi, she was grateful because Aoi did not run away like most other dogs.

"Ha Ting, what a cute puppy you have." The girl in the Fung Meng Xuan's group before came and looked at Aoi.

"This is not mine." Song Ha Ting denied it.

"Really? So can I have it?"

"Ren Shiang, please find your own." Ding Na An said. She knew the girl since kindergarten.

"Na An, mind your own business, okay. This puppy is not yours. Not her. So why can't I take it?" Yi Ren Shiang talked arrogantly.

"Why...Because it's mine." Yu Qi was backed with food in her hand.

"Woof." 'Master, she wants to take me.' Aoi complained to Yu Qi.

"Don't worry. I'm here. I will not her take you." Aoi smiled and patted his head.

"So, will you back out? He is mine." Yu Qi's sharp look gave a chill to Yi Ren Shiang.

"Same bird really packed together." Yu Qi commented before Yi Ren Shiang before the girl turned around and left. Yi Ren Shiang heard that comment. She really wondered what was Yu Qi meant by that comment.

"That girl always fond of the cute animal." Ding Na An paused then continued, "I know her since kindergarten. You should be careful. Look like she really likes Aoi."

"Hear that Aoi. Be careful." Yu Qi gave a meaningful look to Aoi.

'So if she wants to take me, can I play with her?' Aoi looked at Yu Qi. Of course, 'play' meant something else.

'Sure.' Yu Qi answered him through telepathy.

"Before I forget, this is your food." Yu Qi gave the food to Aoi.

Aoi was very happy seeing the food. He ate the food that worth for a big dog.

"I really wondered how can a small puppy took that big amount of food. Where did he store the food?" Ding Na An looked at Aoi.

"I'm also curious about that." Yu Qi also made that comment.

'Master~~~ I'm still growing. So I need many foods.' Aoi still did not stop eating while answering Yu Qi.

"Aoi is still growing. Of course, he needs to eat many foods." Song Ha Ting answered the two girls.

Yu Qi smiled. This Song Ha Ting really loves dogs. She wondered what will be her reaction if this girl knew Aoi was not a normal dog. Aoi finished all his food.

They heard some noise around. Turned out the noise came from the girls at the cafe. The girls made some noise when they saw that person came to the cafe. Their reaction looks like that person was a celebrity came over the cafe.


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