Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
123 Chapter 123: Make You Stronger
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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123 Chapter 123: Make You Stronger

Day two in the military started. Like yesterday, Yu Qi woke up and followed the female soldiers doing their morning exercise. Yu Qi felt a little bit tired due to the weight band that she wore.

At first, Yu Qi did not feel bothered about the band. But after a few moments, she started to feel something. Something that bothering her movement.

"Is that the weight band?" Ding Guan Ye noticed the band that Yu Qi hand been wearing.

"Yes, our commander asked us to wear this band." Yu Qi replied to Ding Guan Ye.

"I see. It can bring benefit to you. I also used to wear it during my junior year in the military. You will feel your body became strong after wearing it for a certain time." Ding Guan Ye tried to call the old time.

"How long that Sister Guan Ye wear this?"

"Five months." Ding Guan Ye answered her.

"I'm was a weak woman. So, in order to train my body to become stronger. I ended up wearing this for about two years. So, what is the weight of the band that you was wearing?" Another female soldier joined the conversation.

" Two kilometers."

"Owh, it was good for the beginner. I'm also started with a weight of two kilograms. Then for the next 3 months, I added one-half kilogram. So, I ended up carrying about 24 kilograms on my body. It's strengthened my body." The female soldier explained.

"I see. I will try to endure. It only a week." Yu Qi nodded several times.


Yu Qi looked at the club members. She could see that they struggled to move their hands and legs. She smiled. Vice-captain Jung Xi Wan approached her.

"Yu Qi, are you okay?" Showing his concern face, he asked.

He was worried about the only girl in the shooting club. Worried if she wanted to leave the shooting club after this hell training. The club would not be fun anymore.

"Vice-captain, don't worry. I'm okay." Answering her senior's question with a smile.

Vice-captain Jung Xi Wan felt his heart skipped a beat. His junior was so cute. 'Sigh...But looking for the situation, I will not have a chance.' He remembered seeing the interaction between their commander, Long Hui and Yu Qi. Came between them, it was suicide.

Yesterday, when the club members mention about someone confessed to Yu Qi in the university, making the Long Hui emitted the deadly aura. The aura that would kill his enemies if they were in front of him. However, Yu Qi took control to calm down him by just grabbing and holding his hands. It showed how influences Yu Qi had on Long Hui.

Not long after that, an order to start the morning running had been issued by Long Hui. They began to run using the same route yesterday. The running today was very terrible. The club members using their full power to reach the pointed area. With the weight in their limbs, they felt their body were very heavy.

Even though Yu Qi felt tired, she managed to maintain her speed. As for Long Hui, he was very impressed to see his beloved determined look to catch keep in the running.

Arrived the pointed area yesterday, with Long Hui's order, the club members quickly lie down facing the sky. The sweats appeared and were flowing down.

Yu Qi also sat down making up her tiredness. It was also pretty hard for her. She could feel the shaking from her limbs. Her body still had to adapt to the new load on her body. Guess it was same as other club members.

"Tired? It was Long Hui who been asking her.

" A little bit." She already felt this kind of tiredness before. So, feeling once again would not going to hurt her.

"It will help to impress your body."

This made Yu Qi thought Long Hui was different from other men. Other men would not let the woman that he loved suffered this kind of hardship. They rather wanted to protect his woman by shielding her behind him. Long Hui, on the other hand, encouraged her to endure the hand. Yu Qi also did not want to just stay behind him waiting to the danger to over. She wanted to fight it beside him.

"I analyzed the data from yesterday shooting. Your shooting, your posture was very good. The bullet landed to the target very accurate..." Long Hu paused and looked at Yu Qi's expression before continued, "Just from the data and observation, it looked like the result was coming from the person that undergoes a lot of practices."

Seemed the conversation began to turn into some serious. Yu Qi keeps her poker face. Ignoring what Long Hui had been talked about. Long Hui still curious about how she became a good shooter. Maybe better than him if he was looking from the night where she managed to shot the person in the middle of their forehead.

This curiosity made her was attracting to him.


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