Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
126 Chapter 126: “Totally Dangerous“ “Totally Cute“
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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126 Chapter 126: “Totally Dangerous“ “Totally Cute“

All of the club members were waiting for the bus to come and took them back to Starlight University. Standing not so far from them was a man and woman.

Long Hui insisted to accompany Yu Qi waiting for her bus. He wanted to stay together. He had to appreciate the moment given to him.

"Do you have another job here?" Yu Qi asked. She did not want him to waste his time here for accompanying her here.

"Don't worry. I'm here in this camp to be your commander for your training. You are not leaving this camp yet. You are under my description of the job. So, to put it simple, it is my job." Long Hui slashed his smile.

Yu Qi could not let her eyes saw that smile. Her heart skipped a beat. 'Can he don't smile like that? My heart...My heart...' Yu Qi tried to clam down her heart.

Aoi just observed his master interacted with this man. Her master heartbeat always irregular beating fast than normal when coming to this man. Whether she talked or just thought about him.

Well, he did not mind because he did not do harm to Yu Qi. Not like that man, Bai Shu Jin. Only on their first meeting, he already made his master lost herself in hatred. However, he wondered what kind of relationship his master had with Yu Qi. He did not understand why did his master hate that man. But it was not his business. If his master wanted to tell him, he would lend the ear to her.

Long Hui felt someone keep his eyes on him. Felt been watched by someone was something normal to Long Hui. Long Hui could sense the real intention from that feeling. Whether killed or not. However, he could feel that this watcher only wanted to inspect him.

'Master, this man is really handsome.' Our cuties number one, Bo Ya appeared without notice.

Yu Qi just smiled. She already feeling hot. She knew that Long Hui was a handsome man. And that was very true.

'Master, what is handsome?' The cuties no. 2, Aoi joined their conversation.

'Handsome is a word that describes someone look. Handsome means that person has a good looking face.' Bo Ya gave an explanation of 'handsome' meaning.

'I see. So, this man is handsome.' Aoi seemed to nod from his movement.

Yu Qi chuckled when she heard her cuties talked to each other. And the topic was a little bit funny.

Long Hui saw Yu Qi seemed to dream day. The sudden feeling wanted to tease his beloved appeared. Long Hui poked Yu Qi's cheek. Yu Qi turned to Long Hui with a face with a little bit red.


"Just to want you to come back to me."

"What do you mean?" Yu Qi was a little bit confused.

"You are about to daze. You should focus on me. We would not see each other for some times. So, we must time wisely. Don't you think so?" Long Hui said in an intimate tone.

Yu Qi swallowed her own saliva. 'This man did he know that he was seducing me right now?'

"My dear, did I look so handsome that you can't stop looking at me?" Long Hui teased her again.

Yu Qi moved her face. So embarrassing. She did end up admiring Long Hui's handsome. 'Can this man ignore that? Why did mention that to me?'

Yu Qi's face was hiding from him right now. But he could imagine what kind of face she would make right now. He saw her cute ear was red.

Then he smiled when he saw something. He reached for it. Touching her ear together with the earring that he gave her. Looking like it was matched with her ear. Her ear looked very cute making he wanted to bite it.

Yu Qi felt Long Hui touched her ear. His touch seemed to have an electric shock on it. Making her ear became more and redder.

Moving closer to Yu Qi's ear, Long Hui whispered, "Your ear is so cute. I want to have a taste when the right time arrives."

'Kya!!!!!' Yu Qi screamed in her heart. 'This man is dangerous. Totally dangerous.' Touching her own ear, she moved a little bit far from Long Hui.

Long Hui laughed when he saw Yu Qi's reaction. 'Totally cute. She looked like a rabbit. Sigh~~~ When can I taste her?' Long Hui wanted to move further on their relationship but Long Hui wanted Yu Qi to accept him first. It was not a thing bad. He could tease her and enjoy her shy reaction.

"That blood jade earring look good on you." Long Hui praised her with the blood jade earring.

Yu Qi unconsciously reaching out for her blood jade earring. She wore this earring every day. Unlike the blood jade necklace that she brought, the necklace was not suitable to wear during this training. But earring was the different thing. It was small. So she liked to wear them.

"Thank you. I really like it." She smiled at Long Hui.

Those two keep flirting ignored the club members that sat not so far from them. They could see them and even heard some of the words that their commander and their queen said.

The first-year members looked embarrassing when they heard some of the conversations. They had been feed on the dog's food since the training started. And until the end, they still got feed with it.

They were determined to find their own girlfriend so that they would be the one who feeds other dog foods.


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