Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
129 Chapter 129: Just An Orphan
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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129 Chapter 129: Just An Orphan

They ended up sleep together in Yu Qi's bed. Yu Qi woke up. Her aunties still in the deep sleep. When she tried to move, her two aunties woke up.

"What's time now?" Ming Yue asked with a husky voice.

"It's 6 o'clock." Yu Qi told her.

"Owh my husband must return home already. Telling you about my story love makes me miss him. I should go back to my room." Ming Yue woke up from the bed and left.

"Morning, Yu Qi. I will leave too." Su Xiao also left.

Yu Qi chuckled when looked at her two aunties. Aoi woke up when his master's auntie left. He knew that his master would be going to do the morning exercise.

Yu Qi went to the previous place that Steward Hang Ji Chang showed to her for her morning exercise. She did her exercise and then relaxing.

Aoi sensed someone was coming behind Yu Qi. However, he could tell who is that person. No danger sensed. So, he decided not to tell Yu Qi. Unlike Aoi, Yu Qi did not know who was that person.

That person came closer to Yu Qi to surprised her.

"Wah!!!" He shocked Yu Qi by patting her shoulder.

Yu Qi held that hand and do back throw to that person.


Yu Qi looked at that person. "Brother Jin Wei, sorry."

Yeah, that person was Tang Jin Wei. Same like that day when Yu Qi first time came to the Tang House, Tang Jin Wei came to hug her, she did the back throw to him.

"Don't say sorry when you don't." Tang Jin Wei stood sitting on the ground.

Yu Qi laughed. "It's your fault. Who tells you to surprise me."

"Brat." Tang Jin Wei stood and ran to Yu Qi.

Looking to Tang Jin Wei wanted to get her, Yu Qi ran entering the house. The running scene between Yu Qi and Tang Jin Wei was been witnessed by some of the maids.

A maid asked the other maid something. "Who is that woman? Being intimate with our second young master?" This maid was obviously new in the Tang House. She knew that Madam Ming Yue had two children and Madam Su Xiao had one child. They were all sons. So who was that girl? She was jealous.

When Ping Bi Xia first saw the second young master Tang Jin Wei, she had fallen in love with him. She quickly researched about Tang Jin Wei. A doctor, not married yet but a playboy. But she knew she could tame him. When Tang House wanted to hire some maids, she applied for the job.

"That was young miss Yu Qi." The other maid told her.

"Huh? Young miss? Who's the daughter she is?"

"Old Master Tang adopted her. She is an orphan."

"What? An orphan?" The disgusted looks appeared in Ping Bi Xia's eyes. 'Just an orphan? Dare to act closer to my man.'

The other maid sensed something. "You! Don't dare mess up with a young miss. Even though she is an orphan, all of our masters doted her especially Old Master Tang. If you want to keep this job, I repeat don't do anything to young miss." The other maid gave a stern warning to Ping Bi Xia.

Ping Bi Xia nodded without saying anything. But she would not back up. An orphan should be taught where is her place. She even did not remember her place either. She planned to do something to Yu Qi.

Right now, Yu Qi did not know someone was planning to do something to her. She still running from Tang Jin Wei. She looked back at Tang Jin Wei who already tired and slow down from chasing her. They arrived in the dining room. Others except Tang Qin Hao was there. And the one who Yu Qi did not expect to be here was her grandfather, Grandpa Tang.

"Grandfather, how come you here?" Yu Qi hugged Grandpa Tang.

"My granddaughter is here. How come I'm not here?" Grandpa Tang missed his granddaughter. Look like his granddaughter was recovered.

"Should you at Shiwa Town?" Yu Qi inquired.

"I have some matter at the hospital. You, on the other hand, why come here?"

"I came home. What's wrong with that?" Yu Qi wanted to tease Grandpa Tang.

"So, my home at Shiwa Town, not your home anymore?" Grandpa Tang made a sad face.

"Of course not. That was my first home. This is my second home. I wanted to spend about three to five days here and head up to my grandfather home to spend the rest of my break there." Yu Qi coaxed Grandpa Tang.

"Yeah. I agreed." Grandpa Tang immediately felt happy.

Everyone was speechless. This pair of a granddaughter and grandfather really looked like as a real one.

"What's wrong with you?" Grandpa Tang now turned to Tang Jin Wei.

"Ask your granddaughter." He sat on the chair beside his mother and drank some water.

"Brother Jin Wei, you should exercise more. Otherwise, it will affect your stamina down there." Yu Qi made a comment.

Tang Jin Wei who currently drank some water, coughed the water after hearing that comment came from his little sister's mouth.

"You..." Tang Jin Wei did not know what to say.

Su Xiao and Ming Yue laughed at their niece's bluntness words.

"Your sister is correct. Exercise more. Don't always chase some woman." Ming Yue added salt to Tang Jin Wei's scar.

Other laughed after that. The breakfast began with Tang Jin Wei was sulking.


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