Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
131 Chapter 131: Want To Harm Aoi
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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131 Chapter 131: Want To Harm Aoi

"Just get up. It's nothing. She doesn't know me." Yu Qi was lazy to drag this matter longer.

"Get up." Ming Yue ordered them

The woman and those two girls stood up. The woman repeatedly said thanked and apologized on behalf of the girls. The girls looked at Yu Qi with hate.

Yu Qi replied with a smile. Honestly, she did not care about the girls. She could handle this matter without her aunties help. But had someone defended her was a happy feeling. So, she just let her aunties handle everything for her.

Yu Qi and her aunties already lost the mood for window shopping. So they just left the mall and went back home.

"Meeting that family makes me lose my mood." Ming Yue said in the way back home.

"Do you know that aunty?"

"Yeah. Their family was working at our hospital." Ming Yue told her.

"Those girls really said something like that to you?" Su Xiao asked her.

"Yeah, maybe because she did not know me."

"Even she did not know you, she can't say anything like that." A disgusted tone could be heard from Ming Yue's voice.

"Aunties, don't tell our family about this. I don't want a family destroyed because of the small matter like this. That girl might insult her but the family was innocent."

"Sigh. Yeah. Don't worry. I would not tell others about this, especially your grandfather." Ming Yue chuckled. She knew anything can happen to that family if Grandpa Tang knew about it.

They arrived at the Tang House. Su Xiao asked Steward Hang Ji Chang to prepare lunch for them. Yu Qi wanted to go to her room first. When she stepped into the room, she knew someone had entered during her absence. Her nose picked up some scent like perfume. Her sensitivity toward the smell improved after she spending hours smelling the herbs and another thing.

"Aoi?" She could sense Aoi here.

'What?' Aoi turned visible to Yu Qi. He just sitting under the bed.

"Are you here all the time?"

'Yes, master.'

"So, you saw the person entered my room?"

'Yes. She was looking for me though.'

"Oh, she was looking for you? Why is that?"

'I heard she wanted to feed me some 'food'.'

"I see. Let's drop it for now. Let's talk about your power, Aoi." Yu Qi did not know that Aoi had the ability to turn invisible.

'It's one of my power. My mother said I will awaken my powers along with my growth.'

"I see. Let's go and eat." They walked out of the room and went to the dining. There were some maids in the dining room.

'Master, she is the one who entered our room earlier. The one standing on the right side.' Aoi's voice appeared in her mind gave the hint of the maid who entered her room.

Yu Qi's eyes turned to Ping Bi Xia and observed her. Ping Bi Xia met Yu Qi's eyes. She was trembling a little bit. She felt like Yu Qi could see through her, knew her plan that wanted to do something to her dog.

Yu Qi moved and sat at the table. Ping Bi Xia calmed up herself. She was sure that that bitch did not know her plan.


"Master, that girl wants to harm you and Aoi." Bo Ya told Yu Qi who sat relaxing at the pavilion in her space.

"I know my dear. But we don't have the evidence to point her. We have to plan to get the evidence." Yu Qi patted Bo Ya's head. She knew he was worried about her and Aoi's safety.

"She will do something soon or later." Yu Qi added. "And the target was somehow Aoi."

"Maybe because I'm still a puppy," Aoi said unhappily.

"But Aoi, you are not a normal puppy." She smiled sweetly to Aoi.

"That kind of maid must be removed from the Tang family. It would be a disaster if we leave her alone." Now Yu Qi smiled coldly.

Aoi and Bo Ya looked at each other. Seemed their master already had a plan for that maid. Somehow they pitied that maid. She would not have what she wanted to have.

Yu Qi stood up and walked to the pagoda to continue her lesson.


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