Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
133 Chapter 133: Saving A Life
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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133 Chapter 133: Saving A Life

After watching the cleaner came out from the room, Ping Bi Xia entered the room. The puppy laid on its master bed. Yesterday she came inside the room looking for the puppy, there was no puppy inside the room. When that bitch came back and appeared at the dining room, she could see the puppy walking together with that bitch.

She got angry because of that. However, today, she would execute her plan. The puppy opened its eyes and stared back to her. She was shocked for a moment. Then she calmed down herself and took out the bottle.

She approached the puppy and spray the liquid at its face. The puppy loses its consciousness. She smiled wickedly. The animal is a creature without a brain.

The first thing was done. Now she wanted to destroy that bitch's face. She looked at the skincare on the small table. Opened one of the bottles, she poured something inside it. With this, that bitch's face would be destroyed.

She took the puppy and put inside the plastic bag that she brought. She opened the door and supervised around. There was no person at the corridor. She quickly fled from the room. She went into the kitchen. She saw a group of maid doing the duty.

Everyone seemed to be busy. She bet no one knew if she went outside for a moment. If someone saw her, she would tell that she just throw the garbage.

Returning to her room, she changed her uniform into something casual. She sneaked out from the Tang House. She wanted to throw the garbage far away so that bitch would not found her puppy anymore. She could see that bitch really love her puppy. It would be fun to see her face when she found out her puppy gone missing.

She went to a nearby river. This river would be going to help her transfer the puppy far away. She threw the plastic bag into the river. She saw the plastic bag moved following the flow of the river. Her job was settle.


Without Ping Bi Xia knowing, Aoi keeps updating what had happened in their room. Yu Qi smiled hearing Aoi with his cute voice reporting the situation.

'Master, she put something in one of the bottles on the table. I don't know what kind of liquid is it.' Then he became quiet.

'Master, she put me into the plastic bag.'

'Master, she talked to herself she going to throw the garbage. I'm not garbage. This woman, wait until I bite you.'

'Master, she going out now.'

Aoi became silent again. This time, it was quite long silent. Yu Qi decided to call for him. 'Aoi.'

Aoi answered but his tone was panic. 'Master, I think she throws me I'm the river.'

'What?' Yu Qi also panics when hearing Aoi saying that.

Yu Qi stopped whatever she doing and left. Before she left, she managed to thank the doctor for giving her permission to look around and said that she would be back soon or later.

'Bo Ya, Aoi in trouble. Can you detect his location?' Yu Qi called for Bo Ya.

"Master, I can't but you can. You can detect his location. It was your link." Bo Ya told his master.

Yeah, the blood contract between the master and the beast could be used to detect the location of them, whether the master or the beast.

Yu Qi started to feel the link. She could detect Aoi's location. And he still moving. She had to find him faster. She walked quickly.

"Little Sis."

Yu Qi turned to the voice. Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei were together. Her eyes lifted up. She ran to her brothers.

"Do you have a car?" She asked them in an urgent tone.

Sensing something was wrong, Tang Han Lee quickly nodded.

"Can you drive me somewhere?" Yu Qi asked again.

"Let's go." Tang Han Lee pulled his sister's hand.

Tang Jin Wei shouted. "Wait for me. I'm going too."

The three of them entered the car and Tang Han Lee drove the car.

"Where do you want to go?" Tang Han Lee exited the parking hospital.

"Go to the river near our house." She gave the location.

Without asking for any details, Tang Han Lee quickly drove to that location.

"Little Sis, why do you want to go there?" Tang Jin Wei asked out of curiosity.

"Saving a life." Yu Qi just gave him a short answer.

Sensing his little sister's panic tone, he did not inquire more. He would be asking her when the thing got better.

The car approaching the river. "Stop." Yu Qi said.

Tang Han Lee quickly stopped the car when his little sister asked. Yu Qi moved out of the car and stood the river bank. She looked around searching for something. The flow of the river was not so fast. She still could sense Aoi. He was somewhere around here.

Then she spotted a black plastic bag. Without waiting anymore, she jumped into the river. Her two brothers shouted to her. She did not care about them. In her head, saving Aoi was her priority. Luckily she learned swimming before. She swam to that black plastic bag and grabbed it.

"Aoi." She called him.

'Master,' Aoi replied her with a weak voice.

She swam back to the river bank. Tang Han Lee wrapped her with a towel.

"Thank you, Big Brother Han Lee."

Putting the plastic bag on the ground, she ripped the plastic bag. She saw Aoi in his weak state. Probably because of not enough air.

"Aoi." She cried.

'Master, you can give some of your energy to him.' Bo Ya said to his master.

'Really? How?"

'Put your hand on his head. The energy will flows you want.' Bo Ya guided his master.

Yu Qi put her hand on Aoi's head. She could feel the energy flow from her body into Aoi's body.

'Enough, Master. Giving him more energy would be bad for him."

Hearing Bo Ya said that she quickly removed her hand. Yu Qi took a breath of relief."

"Little Sis, what's happened here? Why Aoi in this state?" Tang Jin Wei asked about this situation.

"Let's go home. I will make that person suffer for what she did to Aoi." Yu Qi's aura changed. The murderous aura was leaking out from her body. 'How dare you do something like this to my Aoi?' She wrapped Aoi in the towel given by Tang Han Lee.

Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei could feel Yu Qi's changes. Their little sister looked very angry. However, they could understand. Her beloved puppy has been thrown into the river leaving its suffer.

Yu Qi left her puppy at their house. Why can the puppy happen to be in the river? What's that could they conclude, someone from their household made their move towards Aoi. What was their motive? And why Aoi?

While her brothers in their thinking, Yu Qi planned her strategy to make that person suffer. That person would not easily admit what she had done. She had to make her admit herself. The first thing to do was calm down. The thing she needed was the evidence. With that, she could not deny it.


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