Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
136 Chapter 136: Waiting
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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136 Chapter 136: Waiting

In the morning, Yu Qi decided to bring Aoi to the hospital to check his condition. It was better for her for being cautious, her aunties suggested. Yu Qi just followed their suggestion even though she knew Aoi was not a normal dog. Bo Ya said it was okay for a doctor to check his body since his body was nothing different than other dogs.

Ping Bi Xia obviously unhappy to hear this news. How she going to conduct her plan if the puppy was not here. She tried to scoop the news when Yu Qi was returning home yesterday. Other maids said they did not know anything. They suggested Ping Bi Xia to asked Steward Hang Ji Chang because Steward Hang Ji Chang was the person that welcomed her.

How could Ping Bi Xia asked Steward Hang Ji Chang about that? He would be suspicious when she suddenly asked him about this. She could not make that mistake.

So, the puppy was out of her target. She could only make her move on Yu Qi herself. Well, that was not a bad idea. She already put something on Yu Qi's skincare. Maybe doing something more would be okay too.

Ping Bi Xia felt happy as she thought about it. She just needed to enter Yu Qi's room once more.


"There is nothing wrong with his body. He is okay." The veterinarian told her the result of checkup for Aoi.

"I see, thank you, doctor. Hum, doctor, can I leave him here for about a day? I will pick up him in the evening. I still have some matters to settle here." Yu Qi needed to see Tang Qin Hao to ask him about the scan result yesterday.

"Of course, I would glad to take care of him." The doctor agreed, not because Yu Qi was her boss's granddaughter but she kind of liked the puppy. He looked so cute. And also smart.

"Thank you." After thanking the doctor, Yu Qi left.

She went to Tang Qin Hao's room after confirming with nurses at the reception. She did not want to just go and found out he was on the surgery.

She knocked on the door. Hearing the lazy voice asking her to enter, she went inside. Tang Qin Hao leaned lazily to her chair.

"Oh, it's Little Sis." Tang Qin Hao said.

"What's about my result? Is it okay?" She just asked even though she knew anything was wrong with her.

"From the result that I'm analyzed, nothing's wrong with you. I thought I would see something like I saw before. How boring." Tang Qin Hao answered.

Yu Qi's mouth was twitching. Did she just hear that he wanted her to be sick? She sighed. Never mind. He was just a weird person.

"Is that so? I would tell grandfather about the result. Just go home once. Aunty Su Xiao probably misses her son." Yu Qi went out.

Her next destination was Traditional Chinese Medicine Department. When she stepped in today, she saw her grandfather inside.


"Oh, Yu Qi."

Yu Qi greeted others too. There were only yesterday doctor and nurse in the department.

"As you heard, this is my granddaughter and disciple." Grandpa Tang told them.

"We already met her yesterday, Doctor Tang." Doctor Lim stated.

"You came here yesterday?" Grandpa Tang turned Yu Qi and asked her.

"Yes after meeting Brother Qin Hao. Oh, about the result, Brother Qin Hao said there is nothing wrong with me, so that, he lost interest." Yu Qi conveyed what Tang Qin Hao told her.

"That brat, did he want his sister to be sick?" Grandpa Tang sounded his thought.

Yu Qi laughed. "I also think the same thing. Well, Brother Qin Hao just a weird."

"It was a long time since I taught you, right? I will give you a lesson today." His Master switch was on.

"Okay, Master." Her Disciple switch also on.

"Humm, can we join too?" Doctor Lim asked on behalf of him and his nurse. Lesson from Legendary Doctor Tang would interesting.

"Up to you." Grandpa Tang said.


At six o'clock in the evening, Yu Qi took Aoi from the Veterinary Department to go home. Grandpa Tang said he would be waiting at the main entrance.

When she wanted to take Aoi, the doctor earlier seemed did not want to let go Aoi. She already fell in love with Aoi's charm.

On the way to the main entrance, she met Tang Jin Wei and Tang Han Lee who also wanted to go home.

"Did you have night duty tonight?" Tang Han Lee asked his brother.

"I switch with my friend for today. How can I miss the interesting thing about to happen tonight, right Little Sis?" Tang Jin Wei obviously talked about yesterday's matter.

Grandpa Tang already received the call from the police station about the evidence that Yu Qi brought yesterday. The police officers would be coming to the Tang House tonight.

Tang Han Lee sighed. His brother always like this. He could not stop him.

"Where is the grandfather?" Tang Han Lee asked Yu Qi.

"He said he will be waiting for me at the entrance. Maybe Uncle Min Jan already here." Uncle Min Jan was Grandpa Tang's driver.

"Brother Han Lee, I will go home with you. I will leave my car here." Tang Jin Wei grinned to his brother.

Tang Han Lee just let him do whatever he wanted. He did not have the power to reject his brother. If he tried, he knew he would not be success.


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