Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
138 Chapter 138: Arrest her
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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138 Chapter 138: Arrest her

Ping Bi Xia shocked when hearing Grandpa Tang shouted at her. Grandpa Tang really angry with this woman.

"Grandfather, please calm down. We can't let you fall sick from this matter." Tang Jung Wen calmed down his father. His father already an old man. He could not let his father's blood pressure increased. Many problems would appear.

"Miss Ping Bi Xia, may I ask you something?" Yu Qi looked at Ping Bi Xia. Without hearing a response from Ping Bi Xia, she continued, "Why are you doing this to me? This is the third day since you meet me. From the information, my aunties told me, you are a newly hired maid. What's the trigger you to do something like this to me? I don't remember that I offend you anyway."

Ping Bi Xia suddenly laughed. She laughed for about two to three minutes.

"Offend me? Of course, you have offended me."

"What, where, when?"

"You convert my man."

Now, Yu Qi was shocked. Her man? Who? "Who is your man?"

"Him." Ping Bi Xia pointed to someone.

Everyone followed where she had been pointed to. Tang Jin Wei.

"What? What? I? Your man?" Tang Jin Wei flabbergasted.

"Yes." Ping Bi Xia lowered her head. There was blush on her cheek.

Everyone gave a questioning look to Tang Jin Wei.

"When did I become your man?" Tang Jin Wei gave a question to Ping Bi Xia.

Tang Jin Wei felt wrong. Even though he was classified as a playboy, he would not mess with his own home maid.

"I...I..." Ping Bi Xia could not give an answer.

"See. Even you did not know yourself. How can I become your man? I do like to flirt with women but I would not mess with my mother's workers. It is my promise to my mother." Tang Jin Wei said in a serious tone.

This was the first time Yu Qi watched her brother, Tang Jin Wei spoke seriously since she met him.

Ping Bi Xia looked so desperate when she heard Tang Jin Wei saying like that. She was confident with her beauty. She was confident that she could tame Tang Jin Wei the playboy.

She looked at Yu Qi and Tang Jin Wei back to back. She knew it was this bitch's fault. She then was looking at Yu Qi with great hatred.

"It is your fault, bitch. Seduce him. If not, he will be my man." Ping Bi Xia snapped. She pointed angrily to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes. Aoi in the danger because of her stupid reason. Yu Qi walked closer to Ping Bi Xia. Tang Jin Wei wanted to hold her but Tang Han Lee blocked him.

Ping Bi Xia was standing confidently. Compared to Yu Qi's petiteness body, Ping Bi Xia looked mature. She sneered to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi raised her hand and slapped Ping Bi Xia. That slap was really looked like had no power on it. However, Ping Bi Xia fell down said something else. Ping Bi Xia's face immediately swollen. There was a trace of blood appeared in the corner of her lips.

"You." She screamed in pain.

"Because of your stupid reason, you tried to harm me. Because of you're delusional, you are harming my Aoi. You are really an idiot woman. You know I'm Tang Jin Wei's sister. Which eyes that you see I'm seducing my brother, huh? You need to replace them." Yu Qi brought out her handkerchief and wiped her hand.

"Sir Ji Xun Pei, you can take her away." After a long time silent, Ming Yue opened her mouth.

Ming Yue really disgusted with this woman after she found out Ping Bi Xia's motive on attempted to harm her niece and puppy. She was an opened minded person. She would accept any woman that her sons loved if her personality was okay. But not this delusional woman.

"Madam, please help me. I love your son." Ping Bi Xia begged Ming Yue.

"Even though she is not my daughter, I love her like my daughter. And you tried to harm Yu Qi. Why should I let you stay here? Am I stupid?" Ming Yue mocked her.

Tang Jung Wen made eye contact to Ji Xun Pei. Ji Xun Pei understood that signal.

"Arrest her." Ji Xun Pei ordered his subordinates.

The police officers held Ping Bi Xia. Ping Bi Xia struggled for the last time. The police officers had to hold her stronger.

"Tang Jin Wei, I love you. Why don't you love me?" Ping Bi Xia screamed loudly while looking at Tang Jin Wei.

The police officers forcibly brought out Ping Bi Xia.

"I will bring her to the police station. I will need Young Miss Tang for your statement tomorrow." Ji Xun Pei left.

Everyone was silent. They were overwhelming with the whole situation.

"This incident will serve as a warning to all of you. Dare to hurt my family member, you will get the retribution." Grandpa Tang was eyeing all of the workers.


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