Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
139 Chapter 139: Visiting Greenhouse
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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139 Chapter 139: Visiting Greenhouse

After having breakfast, Yu Qi packed her things to bring to the Shiwa Town together with Grandpa Tang. Grandpa Tang in the good mood since got to know Yu Qi wanted to go back to Shiwa Town.

The ones who got sad was her two aunties. They wanted to follow her but they could not. Even though they were opened minded but when came to their husband, they would follow their husband. It was not good when they left their husband alone.

"Remember to come here before you go back to the University." Ming Yue told her.

"Okay, Aunty Ming Yue. I will make sure to come here." Yu Qi held her aunties' hand.

The car moved towards the Shiwa Town. Yu Qi could not wait to see her greenhouse and ryokan. The greenhouse should be in the harvest time. She wondered the seed from her space would be worked the same or not.

Back to Ping Bi Xia's case, Yu Qi already gave her statement. She would let the law punished her. Ming Yue and Su Xiao harden their heart, made a new rule to the worker. Harming the family members would be given the harshest punishment.

They arrived home in the evening entering the night. The maid, Sister Chu Xiao greeted them with a smile. Yu Qi hugged Sister Chu Xiao. She missed Sister Chu Xiao's cooking.

Then she saw Song Nan, Song Tai, and Song Tao. Song Tao and Song Tai came forward to greet her.

"Miss Yu Qi, welcome home." Song Tao bowed.

"Miss Yu Qi, you choose the perfect time to come back. Miss Yu Qi's greenhouse is now in the harvest time." Song Tai told her.

"Really? I can not wait to see them." Yu Qi excited.


Early in the morning, Yu Qi followed Song Twin to their greenhouse. The area around the greenhouse was being secured with the gates surrounding the greenhouse.

"Miss Yu Qi, this gate was installed after a theft happened." Song Tao said.

"They came to destroy Miss Yu Qi's greenhouse. They were jealous of this. Luckily we came fast preventing any damage. So, to increase the security around, we installed this electric gate." Song Tao continued.

"I see. Owh, I can see my mansion now." Yu Qi saw the mansion beside the lake. She also requested to Old Man Feng to build a mansion here.

"The worker said the interior design will fully complete around two months." Song Tai's turn to talk.

Song Tao opened the key. "I will make a spare key to Miss Yu Qi in case you want to come alone."

"Thank you"

Aoi who came to follow them running around. 'Master, I want to play around.'

'Okay, be careful.'

Before three of them entered, they were greeted by someone voice.

"Song brother, good morning." Jung Lian shouted to them. Then she saw Yu Qi. "Miss Yu Qi, long time no see."

"Brother Lian, Brother Wen Ding, Sister Bing, long time no see too." Yu Qi greeted them and turned to one more person. She did not know this girl.

"This..." Yu Qi inquired.

"I'm a cousin of Brother Yin. Kim Hai Yu. " The girl gave an arrogant look to Yu Qi.

"Go home. You said you just want to send me to work. We had arrived." Yin Wen Ding told to that girl.

"But I want to enter too." Kim Hai Yu whined.

"I'm not here to play but work."

"Why I can't enter when she can?" Kim Hai Yu pointed to Yu Qi.

She already knew all the worker in this greenhouse. And this girl in front of her was not one of them. She suspected she was a friend of Song Twin since she came together with them.

"Idiot. Because she is the owner of this greenhouse." Lang Bing answered her question. She already felt annoyed by this girl.

Kim Hai Yu was shocked. She looked at Yu Qi up and down. Yu Qi was so young. Maybe no entering age of twenty yet. How can she was the owner?

"Well, you can enter if you want but be careful." Yu Qi entered leaving them.

All the worker together with Kim Hai Yu entered the greenhouse. Yu Qi went to the herbs sections. The herbs that they grew growing up greatly.

'Master, if you water the herbs with our water lake in your space, they will be the same as mine in the space.' Bo Ya's voice popped up.

'Really? I have to think about something to make it. To bring out the water and watering all of them at the same time. I don't want to water them one by one. That was really tiring."

'Master, you don't need to water them with our water lake all the time. Once in a while should be enough.'

'I see. Then it's great.'

She walked toward the fruits section. According to the twin, it was harvest time. Well, she could see it. The fruits section was very colorful. All of the workers were working here harvesting the fruits except for Lang Bing.

Understood that Yu Qi was looking for Lang Bing, Jung Lian told her that they took turned to finish the job at their own section before came to harvest the fruits.

Yu Qi was silent for a moment. Since the greenhouse was full inside, she was thinking to add some new workers to help around.

"I'm thinking of hiring new workers. Do you guys have someone in mind?" Yu Qi asked all the men here.

"I want to work here." Kim Hai Yu excitedly told her.

"No." Yu Qi rejected her straightforward.

"Why?" Kim Hai Yu looked angrily.

"Because I know you will not work instead wanted to be together with Brother Wen Ding. Why should I hired you since I know the reason?" Yu Qi looked differently to Kim Hai Yu.

Kim Hai Yu looked angry so she turned away left.

"We will have dinner at my grandfather house. I will treat you something delicious." Yu Qi smiled at her employees.


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