Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
142 Chapter 142: Night Date
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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142 Chapter 142: Night Date

Training from the ancient martial arts in her space made Yu Qi automatically alert to her surroundings when in the darkness. Her eyes became narrowed. She was focusing her all on her hearing. The steps became closer. She prepared herself to attack the person if the person wanted to do something to her.

That person made something that Yu Qi wanted to hit that person. That person hugged her. She clutched her fist to punch him. However, something stopped her from doing so. Her nose picked up something. Lotus fragrance.

"Long Hui?"

"Oh, how do you know?" The voice confirming his identity.

Yu Qi's body became relaxed. She did not remember that she was still in Long Hui's hug. Lotus fragrance always the smell she smelled whenever she was together with Long Hui. She expected that Long Hui was wearing the perfume that gave the lotus fragrance.

"Tell me, how did you know it was me?" Long Hui was enjoying his beloved in his hug. The feeling was very comfortable.

The second question came from Long Hui's mouth making Yu Qi realized she was still in his hug. She quickly making Long Hui released her. Long Hui was definitely not happy when the feeling that felt when his beloved in his hug disappeared when his beloved made him released her.

"What are you doing here?" Yu Qi gave him a question to make the situation less awkward.

"I should the one be asking you, what are you doing, walking alone in the night like this?" Long Hui's contained a little bit angered.

Yu Qi felt like she was been caught cheating with another man by her husband. How was she going to explain this situation? She could not think about a suitable explanation.

Long Hui sighed. Look like he would not get an answer from Yu Qi. Yu Qi looked nervous. He wondered why she was here and what was she doing here.

"If you don't want to tell me, it's okay." Long Hui then smirked. " Then, tell me how you do know it was me at the beginning?"

"I don't know it was you at first but when you hug..." Yu Qi stopped talking when she realized her answers were embarrassing to speak out.

Long Hui was smiling. In the darkness of the night, he might not see her face. But he could imagine her face blushed when she answered his question.

Yu Qi was indeed blushing. She felt like an idiot when facing Long Hui.

"How are you?" Long Hui asked. It was two weeks since they met.

"Fine. You?"

"I'm okay. Just miss you."

Yu Qi was silent. Long Hui just smiled. He knew she was tried to adapt to him.

"What are you planning for tomorrow?" Long Hui wanted to spend time with his beloved. So, he wanted to know her schedule.

"Well, in the morning, I will be at my greenhouse. Then, afternoon, I will take the lesson from my grandfather." She told her planning for tomorrow.

"I see." Long Hui planned his schedule for tomorrow. He would spend his time tomorrow with his beloved. Even accompany her in her job would be called date with his beloved. "Let me send you home."

"No need." Yu Qi panicked. She sneaked out of the house. So, she could not get inside the house using the front entrance.

Long Hui felt something was off. She was panicked. Why?

Yu Qi had to make up something. At this rate, Yu Qi would be caught by her grandfather if she did not get Long Hui to cooperate. Long Hui would send her.

"I sneak out of the house. So, I..."

Long Hui nodded. He understood that. She sneaked out. So, she could not be seen by people in the house. Then, it was back to the beginning. Why had she sneaked out? What was she wanted to do that inquired her to sneak out?

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui. She saw Long Hui did not answer her.

"Alright, let me walk you back." Long Hui just dropped the topic. She just had the secret that she could not tell anyone.

Long Hui casually pulled her hand into his hold. He just walked without saying anything. Yu Qi blushed. In front of this man, she felt she acted like a normal girl that been courting by this man. Only he could affect her like this.

Feeling Yu Qi did not reject his hand, he held her hand tightly. His beloved's hand was very soft. It's kind of comfortable holding her hand like this. He would make sure that he would be holding more than this.

Lucky to him, Yu Qi could not know his thought. If not, Yu Qi would be trying to make sure Long Hui could not hold her hand.

(A/T: Our Long Hui started to become shameless in the real story.)

They walked in silence. Either of them wanted to break this silence. Even so, they like this silence.


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