Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
143 Chapter 143: Showing The Greenhouse To Him
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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143 Chapter 143: Showing The Greenhouse To Him

As usual, Yu Qi walked to the greenhouse together with Song Tao and Song Tai. On the way, they met Lang Bing and Jung Lian. Yin Weng Ding came accompanied by Kim Hai Yu.

Kim Hai Yu gave an arrogant look to Yu Qi. She still remembered that her application to work here at the greenhouse was rejected directly by this girl.

In front of the greenhouse, the man was standing alone. His presence was very majestic.

When they first saw the man, everyone was stunned by his appearance. Well, for Yu Qi, she was stunned for a different reason. 'Why is this man doing here? Is he wants to seduce me, right?'

Kim Hai Yu managed to wake up from the shocking state. With a smile on her lips, she went to approach the man.

"Hi, Mister. What are you doing here?" She used her body gesture together with her smile.

The man did not open his mouth to respond to Kim Hai Yu. He also keeps icily expression. With a little movement, he glared to the Kim Hai Yu who greeted him with his sharp eyes making the Kim Hai Yu shivered.

Then Kim Hai Yu saw the icy expression suddenly cracked. A genuine smile appeared on his hot lips. She never saw a handsome man like him before.

However, she was snapped back to reality. That handsome man smiled at someone else. She saw that man went to someone. And that someone was Yu Qi. 'Why is this girl again?'

"You are here." Long Hui greeted Yu Qi.

"Morning." Yu Qi smiled to Long Hui. "What are you doing here?"

"Courting someone." Long Hui began to tease Yu Qi in the morning.

Yu Qi became redder on her cheek. She controlled her expression back.

Feeling satisfied with his tease result, Long Hui said, "I came to see your greenhouse. Yue said something about your greenhouse like beautiful and cool. So, I came." He just used his younger cousin's name to get closer to her beloved.

"Owh, come inside." Yu Qi chuckled.

Song Tao opened the gate. The temperature inside was a little bit warm. Long Hui could say that he was impressed with this greenhouse. His beloved could make something like this.

Kim Hai Yu became angry when she realized that the handsome man did not pay any attention to her and only looking at Yu Qi. She already forgot that she was here because of her cousin, Yin Weng Ding. Her eyes were locked on the handsome man.

Yu Qi saw the look on Kim Hai Yu's face. She already could predict it. Kim Hai Yu was falling in love with the man beside her in first sight. She confirmed that falling in love, at first sight, do exist. This man, without doing anything, he managed to make girls fall in love with him.

"What are you doing here actually?" Yu Qi asked the question with a serious tone.

"As I told you, I came here to court someone which mean you." He lashed his smile with a slight seducing look to Yu Qi.

When Yu Qi looked at his face, her heart flustered. Her cheek shown a faint red color on it. 'This man always seducing me with his smile. Calm down my little heart.'

Looking Yu Qi like this, he knew this girl would be his and only his. He just needed a little bit more hard work to make this girl fell to him.

Yu Qi avoided looking at Long Hui's face. Because Long Hui came to the greenhouse, she might have to give an explanation to Long Hui about her greenhouse.

She told him that this greenhouse consists of five sections. Well, she did not sure to add more section. Maybe she would add after the greenhouse expand. But that was in the future.

She wanted to use this greenhouse as a side income. Right now, herbs just used as medicine. And the younger generation nowadays did not like to take traditional medicine. The herbs would be more popular in the future. A lot of herbs would be used in everything. Drink, food, and medicine. Because they wanted to keep their health good using nature not chemical.

Because it was harvest time, Yu Qi brought Long Hui to see the sections of the fruit. All of her employees were here to harvest the fruits.

"Here, taste it." Yu Qi took a mulberry from its tree and gave to Long Hui.

Long Hui gladly accepted that. However, he did not reach for the mulberry instead he grabbed her wrist and brought it to his mouth. He took the mulberry using his mouth.

Yu Qi's fingers got licked by his tongue. She quickly immediately removed her fingers from his mouth.

"Hmm...Sweet. I like it very much." Long Hui said while looking to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not know whether he was talking about the mulberry or her fingers. She got attacked again with his seduction.


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