Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
145 Chapter 145: I Want To Marry
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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145 Chapter 145: I Want To Marry

"Mum, I find someone that I want to marry." Kim Hai Yu talked to her mother.

Mrs. Kim, Ting Wen Pang, supervising her maids doing their work.

Kim Family recently moved to the Shiwa Town following Mr. Kim Man Di working as a supervisor in the construction work. Coincidently the place that he was working at, was the Yu Qi's ryokan.

"I know. That is your cousin, right?" Ting Wen Pang replied to her daughter.

"No. Not him. That was puppy love. I love someone else. His name is Long Hai." Kim Hai Yu's eyes looked very dreaming when she said his name.

"Long Hui? Who is he?" Ting Wen Pang asked Kim Hai Yu. She was asking for the sake of her daughter. She did not want her daughter fell in the man that just wanted to play with her daughter.

"Well, I just know his name." Kim Hai Yu played with her fingers.

"Just his name? And you want to marry him?" Ting Wen Pang raised her voice.

"Well, I met him at the greenhouse where Brother Yin worked." Kim Hai Yu asked.

"Is he also work there?"


"Then, what is his job?"

"I don't know."

"Then how are you say you want to marry him? Do you think love only can support your life? Food, house, clothes, everything?" Ting Wen Pang's anger made her voice raised to the high pitch.

Kim Hai Yu keeps her mouth silent. She really did not know what to say to her mother about this. She just knew his name. Even where he came from, she did not have an idea. The things that she knew was his name and his relationship with the girl, Yu Qi.

"There is no way I will let you marry someone like that." Ting Wen Pang really did not want her daughter to marry someone with the unclean background.

"If you want to marry your Brother Yin, I will 100 hundred support it." Ting Wen Pang continued. Ting Wen Pang did know that her daughter liked her nephew about 2 years old. It was continued until now. But here, her daughter telling her that she was in love with someone else already. Sh sighed.

"Okay, find out about the man you want to marry. His job, that was the most important thing, his family, everything. I will consider that when I know everything about that." Ting Wen Pang said to her daughter made her daughter's eyes shined.

"Okay, mum. Thank you." Kim Hai Yu was very happy. She would find out everything about that man.

Even though she knew that man liked Yu Qi but still it was worth to try because he was still not a married man. Now what she had to think about was how to find out the information about that man.

She met him at the greenhouse. Maybe she would get the information from people there.


Yu Qi sat on the pavilion take a nap there. She entered her space after dinner. Then she spent two hours learning about the poisons. The medicine could be poison by changing its composition of each herb or its procedure on preparing it.

Aoi and Bo Ya were playing together near the lake. They would act like Yu Qi alarm.


"Meng Xuan, come with me. We are going to have some fun." Yu Qi called her best friend. It was the weekend. Yu Qi wanted to go to watch the beach. It was time for them to relax.

Yu Qi already working at her grandfather's company. Meanwhile, Fung Meng Xuan started working as a counselor at the hospital. Because they were working in the same city, so they met a lot.

Yu Qi said that her fiancee and his cousin would be joining them. Fung Meng Xuan did not meet Yu Qi's fiancee once. She remembered Yu Qi said something like Yu Qi's grandfather wanted Yu Qi to get married, so Yu Qi ended having a fiancee.

Fung Meng Xuan did not know who was her best friend's fiancee. So when Yu Qi said her fiancee would be tagging along, Fung Meng Xuan agreed to join.

Yu Qj actually felt awkward when her grandfather told her to have some vacation with her fiancee. This fiancee was chosen by her grandfather himself. She met him once at the party hosted by her grandfather's company.

On the day traveling to the beach, they were in one vehicle. Yu Qi's fiancee, Bai Shu Jin was driving them to the destination. In order to make the atmosphere happy, Bai Feng Jiu sang on the way.

Arrived at the beach, they check-in into the resort that they already booked earlier. Well, it was not them that do the booking. Technically, it was Yu Qi's grandfather secretary. Each of them got a room for themselves.

Resting for one hour, Bai Shu Jin, Yu Qi, and Fung Meng Xuan received knocks on their doors from Bai Feng Jiu. She said it was time for them to snorkeling.


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