Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
146 Chapter 146: Memories
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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146 Chapter 146: Memories

They went to do the snorkeling. It was the first time for the ladies to do snorkeling. Bai Shu Jin did it a few times already. So, he was more clear about what to do.

He instructed the girls what should the girls do for snorkeling activity. The girls excited to try the snorkeling. Yu Qi was getting comfortable around Bai Shu Jin. They interacted with each other like a new friend. Same goes to Fung Meng Xuan.

Fung Meng Xuan felt Yu Qi was a lucky woman that engaged to Bai Shu Jin. She could see that Bai Shu Jin was quite a gentleman. He did not make any move when helping her wearing the equipment for snorkeling. Yu Qi was excited to see the marine life in front of her own eyes. For the guide, they found the beautiful coral spot.

After two hours of spending their time inside the sea, they went up. They went to their room. Cleaning themselves for dinner. Because they were at the beach, they decided to have seafood for their dinner. Yu Qi, Fung Meng Xuan and Bai Feng Jie herself were fans of seafood. Having fresh seafood was heaven to the girls.

Bai Shu Jin made himself as a serving boy. He peeled the seafood that difficult to peel off their skin. Unknown for Yu Qi and Bai Feng Jiu, Fung Meng Xuan and Bai Shu Jin made a few interactions together. Because of Yu Qi obsessed with seafood, she missed seeing the interaction between Bai Shu Jin and Fung Meng Xuan.


Yu Qi woke up from her nap. She remembered what was she dreamed about. It was her memories of her past life. She felt like she was watching the drama. She saw her past life like she was not the owner of the memories.

It was the first time that Fung Meng Xuan met Bai Shu Jin. Bai Shu Jin was interested in Fung Meng Xuan when he first met Fung Meng Xuan. She could see it from other people perspective. Her past self could not see it because she did not pay much attention to Bai Shu Jin. And most likely she believed to her best friend. That was the start of their relationship, she guessed.

She laughed at herself in her mind. She laughed for not seeing what had happened between the two of them. They were interested in each other for the first time they met.

How she could not see it? If she saw it, she might volunteer herself on redrawing herself from the relationship that called engagement. Then perhaps she might escape from death.

"Master, why are you in a daze?" Bo Ya asked when he saw his master looked down. He noticed her mind was not here.

Bo Ya and Aoi already standing beside her. Bo Ya and Aoi noticed the time. It was about time to wake up their master. So they went to their master. They saw their master already woke up. However, even though their master opened her eyes, seemed she was in a daze.

Yu Qi snapped out. She looked to Bo Ya and Aoi that watched her in worry.

"My dear, I'm fine. I just thinking about something." Yu Qi patted both of their heads.


Song Tao was arranging transportation to transport the fruits that they harvested. Song Tao also the one who went to the markets to promote their fruits. Their fruits were well received to the customers. The fruits tasted so much delicious after watering them with the water lake.

Kim Hai Yu still wandered around. She was gathering information about Yu Qi. Yu Qi was an orphan. She did not expect that. She was adopted by Wang Family. However, she had been ungrateful toward the Wang Family. She left the family and the Wang Family suffered.

But the more she heard about Yu Qi, she was impressed with Yu Qi's luck. One of the people told her that Yu Qi was sure lucky because Yu Qi found ginseng that aged one thousand years old. Yu Qi managed to sell the ginseng that worth 5 million. 5 million was a lot of money. No wonder Yu Qi was the owner of the greenhouse despite her young age.

Kim Hai Yu also asked about Long Hui. They did see a young handsome man around Yu Qi sometimes but they did not know he was. She needed to ask the greenhouse worker. Maybe they got something about Long Hui.

"Brother Yin, do you know Long Hui?" Kim Hai Yu asked the cousin, Yin Wen Ding about Long Hui.

"No. Why are you asking about him?" Yin Wen Ding looked suspiciously to his cousin. Then he continued, "If you want to know about that man, you can ask Miss Yu Qi herself."

Kim Hai Yu frowned. How could she ask Yu Qi about Long Hui? Looking from their interaction yesterday, she could consider Long Hui currently pursued Yu Qi and Yu Qi seemed to defend her heart.


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