Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
153 Chapter 153: How Weak
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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153 Chapter 153: How Weak

Fung Meng Xuan went to the toilet to calm herself. She admitted she was jealous of hearing that Yu Qi was able to spend time with her boyfriend. She must hold back for the sake of having Long Hui.

She remembered about the show that she planned with Bai Shu Jin. This was planned after she knew that Yu Qi wanted to go outside the university.

Her phone was ringing. Fung Meng Xuan answered the call. It was Bai Shu Jin.

"We going to do as planned, Senior Bai Shu Jin... Yes, don't worry. It will not hurt her." She talked to Bai Shu Jin.

After answering the call, Fung Meng Xuan went back to their table. Yu Qi and Yi Ren Shiang already finished eating while Ding Na An still filling her stomach.

"How long you want to eat?" Yi Ren Shiang put the disgusting look toward Ding Na An.

"It is up to me. Besides I still have my food left. It was not easy to earn money to eat." Ding Na An answered Yi Ren Shiang.

"I forget. You are poor." Yi Ren Shiang mocked Ding Na An.

Ding Na An paid no attention to what Yi Ren Shiang just said. Like it was not her that Yi Ren Shiang talked about.

"Ren Shiang, don't talk like that." Fung Meng Xuan reprimanded Yi Ren Shiang.

"I'm done." Ding Na An said. "Let's go."

Yu Qi stood up. Followed by Ding Na An.

"Yeah. You should go back. We are going to go to buy some clothes. Well, not like the clothes that you buy." Yi Ren Shiang sneered throwing some look to the plastic bag that contained some clothes that Ding Na An just brought.

Ding Na An took the plastic bag ignoring Yi Ren Shiang that insulted her. Yu Qi gave Yi Ren Shiang some cold look. When Yi Ren Shiang saw that look, she shut up her mouth. She felt scared to Yu Qi. She saw that look when she tried to snatch Yu Qi's dog. The look that made you think the person will kill you right away.

Fung Meng Xuan texted a message. 'Start the plan now.' She clicked the button send. She smiled when looked at Yu Qi's back that walked away from her.

"You know this Yi Ren Shiang for a long time?" Yu Qi asked Ding Na An.

"Well, to be honest, according to blood connection, she is my half sister. She was born three days after I was born. But in an official document, we are not related to each other. Her father made us signed the document that my older sister and I are not related to him." Ding Na An told her the truth. "I don't really care about my father since I never meet him before. I meet him when he together with Yi Ren Shiang's mother came to my mother looking for us to sign the agreement."

Yu Qi was silent during Ding Na An's story. That why Yi Ren Shiang always picked up Ding Na An and insulted her. Because Ding Na An was her stepsister.

"Hello, my ladies."

Yu Qi and Ding Na An looked around. Six men gathered in a circle around them and trapped them.

"My ladies, can I have some honor to accompany you?" One of the men seemed to be a leader talking to Yu Qi and Ding Na An in a weird tone.

"Can you speak normally? Don't imitate the tone that a gentleman always used. It is not suited for you." Yu Qi stopped for a few moments and continued back. "A gentleman will never use this tactic to accompany a lady."

The men seemed to dumbfounded hearing sentences from Yu Qi. Normally, a girl should be scared in a situation like this. Why this girl behaves differently?

"Hump, bitch, let's see if you can talk like this when you are beneath me. Brothers, let them submit." The leader shouted.

A man approached Yu Qi, wanted to grab her. Yu Qi gave a punch. The man instantly knocks out.

"How weak." Yu Qi complained when saw the man already lost his conscious.

The men once again dumbfounded in what they saw. Why this girl is so strong?

"Grab the other girl." The leader shouted.

Other men ignored Yu Qi and rushed to Ding Na An.

Then the men heard Ding Na An said. "You should not underestimate the girl." Ding Na An used her other hand to punch a man and kicked a man at his crotch.

The man that been kicked at his crotch went down holding the place that Ding Na An kicked. Other men instantly placed their hand on their crotch. Only men know this pain.

Yu Qi rushed to attack the leader. Because he did not have time to react, Yu Qi could easily beat him. Besides, the men did not have knowledge of martial art or self defense made them easier to beat.


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